Golden Eagles Play

Golden Eagles
Golden Eagles above Fog Bank

A summer morning before the sun burns away the fog.


14 thoughts on “Golden Eagles Play

  1. A perfect nod to freedom ~

    1. Hi Mary.. I responded to this this morning and am glad I checked. I hate it when WP does that.

      It’s nice to see you. I’ve not been around much of late but maybe that will change. Much love…

  2. A joyous affirmation of living freely in the moment! Hugs!!

    1. Hi Rebecca, so glad you liked and most happy to see you tonight! Hope your summer is lovely.

      1. Every day is special!! ­č卭č卭čĺŤ

  3. Hello, my dear! I wish you the happiest of summers with thanks for this lovely image of freedom and purity.

    One day a week or so ago a man we see at the park now and again stopped to show us pictures he’d taken of a pair of deer grazing on the grass by the sea the evening before. It was lovely.

    ­čĺĽ Susan

    1. Hello my dear Susan… What a stunning image of deer by the sea. I can see them perfectly. Hoping for your summer all things luscious and warm, perhaps with the scent of roses, dare I say!

      1. Ah yes, there are new roses in the Public Gardens this year, pretty ones but unscented. The ones that truly have the delicious aroma we associate with those marvelous varieties of old roses are the beach roses that grow here like weeds – with just a few petals and colored white or very dark pink. They can’t be picked, only admired on their very thorny branches until they produce their unusually large hips.

        Much love

        1. I always feel a tug of sadness when I reach for a sniff of a beautiful rose only to find nothing is there. A bit like being tricked but I personalize all things! ­čśî

          The beach roses sound like very old roses, those thorns can be vicious! Much love right back!

  4. they are so magnificent and always make me smile. We don’t have them here in Ecuador, at least not that I know of.

    1. Hello joss.. There must be raptors there, of some sort. Beautiful to see you. Have a lovely Sunday!

        1. Well joss, talk about spectacular! Do you see them ever? I’ve never seen one but they usually aren’t in this area that I know of xxx

          1. They are spectacular indeed and are in the mountains that surround our city.

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