OK, Just Checking New-New Post Editor

chicken peeking
chicken peeking

Methinks this NEW editor is even more wonkie on my IPad than the previous version, that I also disliked! 35 minutes is rather a long time for a short post, no?!

speckled chicken

Back to drawing board-Not me!
Illustrious WordPress….

But I did get to share these wonderful chicken pictures!
Alas not mine but nevertheless and not to be deterred, they’re sure cute…

silkie chicken


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4 thoughts on “OK, Just Checking New-New Post Editor

  1. Very cute chickens. It is always challenging to use different devices to post and to view posts. Lately, I have been going back to using my laptop, not the most convenient, but easier. Hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Yes, they are tho not mine… i found them looking for some for us but never got them… at least no yet. i try NOT to use my laptop because of pain but using my IPad on this is getting ridiculous. i am having a harder time staying with my blogging, partly due to the difficulties just to do it!! I hope the same for you. đŸ˜‰

  2. Pretty chuck-chucks! Ive not been posting – barely reading (bad stuff going on at home). I also exclusively use an iPad, so I hope it sorts itself out by the time I have some breathing space.

    1. haha, chuck chucks… i’m sorry to read things are not good on your side of the marble. i hope things do improve soon, sooner than soon. we all need breathing space! i join you in waiting for some myself. :-/

      i hope they sort it all out too but after so much time of them tinkering around with stuff that ends up being worse than before, i’m beginning to think that won’t ever happen. ah well, there ARE worse things. đŸ˜‰

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