Beagle Smiles – Crazy Dogs vs Birds Story

Doesn’t Sophie look sweet?
She IS a sweetheart when SHE wants to be… She has a mind of her own, as independent as can be.
Even tho she’s tiny as she hunts the back 40 we call our yard, she’s mighty.
Tonight, as we sat out beneath the pergola in the warm evening light, a very large bird decided to cause a ruckus…

A large golden eagle had decided that hunting for mice about 7 feet from our rocking chairs was a good idea.
Suddenly there was the sound of a large animal falling from the sky.
By the time Sophie and Bella got there, it flew from the shrubs with it’s fast-food dinner held firmly in a claw.
It had a wing span of about 3 feet!

Golden eagle in gum tree

Both dogs gave chase, Bella determined to take that eagle down. (It was already 20′ up!)
Evidently there’s history here since most evenings, Bella has been racing around, barking “that” bark as Sophie ran in circles, not quite sure what she was supposed to be doing but quite sure that large pterodactyl might eat her for dessert!

Beagle Sophie
No Sophie, that won’t do it….

This post is actually about trying to get a photo of Sophie smiling. Yes, beagles do smile.
She even has dimples but she’s also rather plump!

 I’m working on a painting of her for my daughter and I’d like to capture her smiling.
These photos are what she gave me.


We moved to a stool and I got a half smile but do you think I could capture it?
More a look of “What do you have for me to eat?  Any treats?”

great pyrenees-Bella

Here’s my ferocious Bella… She is photogenic and never takes a bad photo. She is always well-behaved(except when eagles descend… or owls) and does whatever you ask her to do. In other words, she’s a human with fur and weighs 120 pounds so it’s a good thing I’ve trained her well.
You don’t want a canine this size who won’t obey!

The evening dramas ended with us overlooking the vineyard, watching independent Sophie making her “rounds”.
Trouble appeared as a Screech Owl that had decided to do a little hunting AND teasing. This noisy little owl could see Sophie in the far corner and hid on the lowest branch of the big gum tree, patiently waiting for Sophie to wander over to it’s perch.
It was silent as Sophie approached, completely oblivious to owl, apparently another nemesis to the dogs!

Screech Owl
Screech Owl – He’s kind of spooky with those eyes!

Finally Sophie arrived exactly below the creepy little owl. He made a little screech to get her attention and beagles being beagles, she looked up, jumped 2 feet into the air and screamed {literally} for Big Bella, who was lounging in the sand near “her” big rock on the lookout point. Bella raced over to the screeching owl, barking, huffing and puffing. Then the owl simply flew a little outside their realm and perched, screeching loudly… laughing at the dogs that now stood helplessly, bellowing loudly their irritation. They won’t ever capture these birds but they seem to enjoy the games!

I never did get my smiles from Sophie but we had plenty of laughter at our crazy dogs…. and birds!

Artwork, Text & Photography ©2007-2015. All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “Beagle Smiles – Crazy Dogs vs Birds Story

  1. Great fun! Birds can be very teasing – here too. But we don’t have those magnificent birds here…magpies maybe? Magpies are experts on teasing, and the neighbours’ cat is a dear object here…chasing her up in the pines and then jumping som centimeteres JUST out of reach all the time. They are very entertaining sometimes.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this silly little post. My painting is quite a problem when she won’t cooperate! We have ravens here but they seem more interested in the walnuts and grapes–very bad birds!! The raptors are fascinating to me, always have been but the dogs seem to think they are the enemy… since Sophie likes these little critters that they like too, maybe I understand her consternation. 🙂

  2. Wonderful account of your animal life both wild and tame. Animals and nature……beautiful healers.

  3. Oh, I had no problem visualizing what you shared–and it made me smile. NOT that I’d actually want to see an altercation between either bird with either of your pups. I have a feeling they could do each other a bit of damage, and we couldn’t have that.
    Eagles are very spiritual birds in my life. They always take my spirit with them as they soar over the fields and woods. They’re so beautiful to watch–until it’s dinner time. LOL I’m not about fast food or a good Sunday dinner when it comes to eagles. *shudder* Pass on that one! But–I do love them dearly.
    No puppies in our home, but the photos of both of yours make it tempting to add one. Himself has allergies so it’s disallowed–so maybe that’s an okay thing. I know they steal time and your heart. I’ve got a big heart but not that much time. LOL

    Here’s hoping the beagle cooperates with the photo. I’ll be awaiting the painting–which I’m sure will be just awesome! 🙂

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