My Neighbor is Always Hungry

Neighbor Deer
My Hungry Neighbor

I can hear the “Ahhhhh”‘s from those of you who aren’t acquainted with my hungry neighbor.
I know what you might be thinking.

But alas, he is greedy, pushy and tenacious.
He is sneaky and clever as he clears a 6 foot DEER fence with a single leap.
Standing on a downhill slope.
For those not in the know, that’s supposed to be impossible.

And is as silent as the last leaf slipping from the limbs of an oak tree.

fawn saying hello
Hello, fawn at my backdoor

Needless to say, not shy, this guy!

fawn at backdoor - countrywomanpaints©
A backdoor surprise furry visitor

In order to make progress, there is only
and the eye is turned through contact with her.

~Paul Cezanne

Orb Weaver in Weeds at Dawn
Orb Weaver in Weeds at Dawn~Another sneaky one…

Artwork, Text & Photography by L’Adelaide Scott, ©2007-2015. All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “My Neighbor is Always Hungry

  1. He is very handsome but I understand your point. I hope your roses have survived his grazing this year.

    1. believe it or not, they only got nibbled a couple of times. they seem to be enjoying the lawn, such as it is!!! 🙂


  2. a six foot fence…that is one determined deer! and probably ravenous every day.

  3. That… a persevering little creature! You must have ‘the good stuff’ in your yard. Yes, I said “awwww” when I saw the photo. But, being a farm gal, I’m well aware of the amount of damage they can do. This is why we plant some for the deer and raccoons and some for the harvest. LOL It’s just how it gets to be in this part of the country. Oh…but this one is a cutie with it’s fuzzy little antlers it’s got developing.
    And clearing that six foot fence…..definitely a talented deer!
    See–you should feel HONORED it’s chosen you. Hahahaha

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