Full Moon Rising

moon rise ©2015 LAScott
Moon Rising

I’m a little behind here since the full moon was over last weekend, but I wanted to share this beautiful capture.
Sometimes I get lucky!

We have a wonderful world to be inspired by and each new day is like an adventure into the unknown, where things that require a second glance can be captured in time on a canvas for anyone to enjoy forever.
~Louise Corke


8 thoughts on “Full Moon Rising

  1. And thank you for making it possible for us to enjoy these sights that you saw.😊

    1. I’m happy to share a little of my world with you. 🌷🌼🌺

  2. Stunning shot Linda –

    1. Hi Mary.. A VERY lucky shot!! 🙂

  3. Wow……you did get a lucky capture (well, I call it lucky, cuz that’s what it’d be if *I* got one even close to this one). I watched the full moon rise on the patio–it was an awesome red, picking up some of the last bits of the sunset. Wish I’da thought about pulling the camera out, but I was too busy ‘ooohhh-ing’ and ‘ahhhhh-ing’ cuz it was just too cool! Thanks for having the brainpower to have your camera handy. LOL And thanks for checking up on me and leaving me all those notes, letting me know I was being thought about and prayed for. Musta worked, by golly! Here I am! 😉 I’m grateful, all kidding aside–it means something to me when others pray for me and hold me in their thoughts.
    Anyway…..I wanted to drop a note and let you know it mattered to me–YOU matter to me, and I appreciate you not giving up on me while I retreated (or tried to) from life and reality. LOL NOT that it worked..but apparently it was meant to happen, elsewise it wouldn’t have, huh?
    I’m grateful I have places to go, people who care about my life–and decisions that I can always make, regardless of the circumstances. And I’m grateful for photos of the full moon rising on the farm, the shadows and hues that only the eve of night can bring. Amazing photos by an amazing lady. I’m so glad you’re in my life.

    1. My dear Mel,
      I have no words that convey how happy I am to see YOU here today, dear friend. I have been worried sick about you but had faith that somehow you were being “You” somewhere and that all would be well. You do “sound” recovered and better now and I’m most glad to read your words. Do write me when you can and let me know how you’ve been doing? I’d love to hear from you but didn’t want to intrude further, if you know what I mean!! 😉 I would NEVER give up on my friends, and you are most definitely one of them!! (((Mel)))

      This is one lucky capture but indeed, it happens once in awhile when we have our cameras with us… rarely but anyway… Many hugs right back to you, dearheart.

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