Painting Horses of the Gap

Horses on the Gap acrylic on canvas
“Horses on the Gap” , acrylic & casein on canvas{in progress}, 24in.

We live in a rainbow of chaos. ~Paul Cezanne

My latest “horse love” painting {in progress},  including the beautiful moon lit meadows. This is heavily textured in acrylic and painted in casein with an acrylic underpainting. Casein is a medium I adore. It is opaque, very matte and dries like velvety ice cream. It is something that does take a bit of practice. I always do an underpainting in matte acrylic because the quiet look of it is a place I need to touch.

And the light, that quiet glow of the of moonlight upon the hills and valley, upon the fog that eventually rolls in most nights and in this painting once I finish it.  The only way I have found that captures nature’s soft glow is casein. The canvas is gessoed with a tint of vermillion to give it a soft backlight.

Apologies as the photograph does nothing much and the painting is not completed yet.

acrylic painting on canvas
A little more progress, like the moon’s smile

Painting is dancing with chaos.  ~Melanie Circle

meadow deer in casein


24 thoughts on “Painting Horses of the Gap

  1. I am going to like it when it’s done.

    1. Thank you… and I love yours! 🙂

  2. I thought studios were supposed to be chaotic? The feathers are wonderful magic. Like the horses in your painting.

  3. Great to see you painting again Linda – I feel a sense of peace in this painting, I like that. Wonderful to see your studio, lots of creative tools and supplies, and tubes!! Love the chandelier and feathers ~ have a beautiful and creative week my friend.

    1. Ah Mary, Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello. I’m not online much nowadays and have missed your offerings. I shall come by soon. I’m glad you enjoyed this little bit of my world. Hoping you have a lovely weekend upcoming, your roses are coming along and your art is feeding your soul like it does mine. xox

  4. I know for a fact you have one less hawk feather because you sent one to me (*o*)!! The painting is quietly beautiful and the hint of your studio is lovely and charming – like you, dear heart.

    1. Of course you do, dear heart. 😉 Would you like some more as I’ve got too many now … i can never just leave them laying on the ground!

      Glad you like this painting…. it’s big for me and has been fun to work on. It now has it’s foggy evening sky and a vacant barn off in the distance. Lots of fun to create…kind of a halloween image. 🙂

      I know someone else who is lovely and charming!❤️

  5. So beautiful. I love the simplicity, the gentle movement, and soft colors.

    1. Thank you kindly, mamie! Such a lovely comment. 💙

  6. This is an amazing painting. Very magical.

    1. Dear Gretchen,
      Thank you so much … I’m glad you like them! I think I’ve finally finished it and just have to get a photo, something I seem very slow to accomplish! 💙

      1. No worries. I too am slow and I suffer when I think I should be faster……which I can’t. Physical issues just simply slow you down. You are ok just the way you are.

        1. Thanks so much, Gretchen. It’s nice to read the encouragement and i’m bound to trip and fall down the stairs if i’m rushing anyway so no point really. 😊

          I’m going to have a print made of my horse painting from the place in Berkeley you use. Anything I need to know, size photo, etc? I’d like to use him if he’s reasonable and we can take the photo here and send the file down. I’ll be sure to say you sent me in case you might benefit from that. I’m working at getting prints made for now and am going to join ARtspan after researching many others. I think it’s the best for a storefront. I don’t produce fast but need a place to sell my prints/canvases that does a good job. If I can sell prints once in awhile for now til my inventory grows a bit, that little bit of money will help pay some very big dental bills i’ve created. what fun, no?

          Thanks for being there with wise words. xox

          1. The printer is Tony. Very nice man. He has a bit of a hyper personality, thorough, and will answer all your question about pricing, etc. The prints on demand feature of Artspan has been my source of revenue there. They have good support and offer many marketing options. Good luck. Remember…..there is no big charge for a site and you do your own uploading……no pricey internet facilitator.😊

  7. Beautiful Painting. And your studio looks wonderful! Mine is always a big mess, too. I have to see all of my supplies or else I forget what I have! I only clean it twice a year when I participate in the Altadena/Pasadena Open Studios. The rest of the time, I just shuffle things around. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment. I’m so far behind lately since I cannot be online here as before. I’m glad you liked looking at my messes! Today it’s even worse! Is that possible?? 😉

  8. Hello! I love your colorful paintings! Please allow me to nominate you to the Creative Blogger Award. This is the blog post: Best wishes! Mihaela

    1. Thanks so much for nominating me for the award. I no longer participate in them primarily because my online time is very limited these days. Despite that, please know how much I appreciate your thinking of me and my blog. If things change as to being able to participate, yours will be the first I respond to!

  9. beautiful colours, tones and design. the movement of the horses in the circular pattern suggests a nice calm collected canter …(to me!) lovely piece

    1. hello & welcome to you! such a lovely comment, thank you… it was fun to paint and given i was rather struggling, it provided the calm in a storm.

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