Finished Painting of the Barn

Barn and Appaloosa
“Barn and Appaloosa”
Acrylic on board, 13×17.5″

It is one of the perils of our so-called civilized age that we do not yet acknowledge enough, or cherish enough, this connection between soul and landscape — between our own best possibilities, and the view from our own windows. We need the world as much as it needs us, and we need it in privacy, intimacy, and surety. We need the field from which the lark rises — bird that is more than itself, that is the voice of the universe: vigorous, godly joy. Without the physical world such hope is: hacked off. Is: dried up. Without wilderness no fish could leap and flash, no deer could bound soft as eternal waters over the field; no bird could open its wings and become buoyant, adventurous, valorous beyond even the plan of nature. Nor could we.

~ Mary Oliver, Home from Long Life: Essays and Other Writings

©2015 CountryWomanPaints by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.


12 thoughts on “Finished Painting of the Barn

  1. Love your piece. And Mary Oliver👏👏👏🔺

    1. Hello and welcome to you… seems we have some things in common and I enjoyed wandering about your blog this morning. I hope to see you again! Your paintings are lovely.

      1. Thank you so much~it’s fun to hear from you! 👏👏👏🔺

        1. You are welcome! It’s always nice to meet new friends thru this medium… An unexpected delight!

  2. I love the simple spirit of this but even more the way the colors remind me of the luscious photos you post of the place where you live. It feels like that light and color passes through you into the art.

    1. Thank you much, Steve. I am intrigued often by the light I see beyond my windows. I was just now looking outside at the deep overcast skies–fog? clouds? and an humidity reading of 94% on our little weather gadget. That can’t be since I went out and it’s not feeling nearly THAT humid. I was pondering a photo just as the sun emerged below those heavy clouds but…. Sophie had me by then. 🙂

  3. Congrats on all the followers. Love the painting, especially the horse. love the swishing tail. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Janell… Hoping your Tuesday was lovely. 🙂

  4. It’s a sweet and lovely image, my friend, one that made me think of the Buddhist phrase ‘Emptiness is form and form is emptiness’. I think it has something to do with that barn and its mysterious doors and windows. It’s magical and.. you painted an Appaloosa! He is so very dear and so very grounded.
    Much love

    1. Thank you, my dear Susan,
      I’ve been painting a lot lately and all in acrylic/casein rather than watercolor. I think I’m taking out my frustrations! What I did with the barn door and windows was deliberate and does harken to my Buddhist philosophy. Is it really there, what IS there or is it all just an illusion or expectation? Sort of needing to look at that in my life just now. That fat little Appy is quite firmly planted. I guess SOMEONE has to be! 😉


  5. you do wonderful work! you deserve the attention

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