Animal Farm

deer in the courtyard watercolor-countrywomanpaints┬ę
deer visits

With great stealth, he checks out the place… A scenario that keeps repeating itself.
Deer, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, reptiles and rodents alike; they all have their beady eyes on my hard-earned flowers!


Snake in Rocker
Snake in Rocker

I am not Dr. Doolittle or St. Francine of Assisi and these creatures are asking too much and getting just a little too familiar! I am an animal lover as long as they don’t overextend their welcome, scare me as I’m enjoying my cuppa in my rocking chair or invite themselves into the house and poop all over everything…


Blue Tail Skink
Blue Tail Skink

(like the car, my lounge chair, rocking chairs, my floors!)
Or eat up my rose garden, flowers AND citrus trees.


Deer Peering
Deer Peering

However, when they overstep those few boundaries, there is no forgiveness for the entire crop of Meyer lemons being eaten or deadheading roses BEFORE they have a chance to bloom.

None, no mercy, no
“how cute is he with his big fat rump”
right smack dab in the center of a rose bed, chewing away without a care in the world and quickly ingesting my entire English rose crop (almost…).


Deer Shadows
Young Buck in Roses

It’s a good thing he OR HIS TWO BROTHERS hasn’t decided to feast on my lavender or there would be hell to pay!!!
Yes, I kid you not ~ TWO BROTHERS!!!
I had three young bucks, all apparently related, in my courtyard!

Is this coincidence or do they think they are smarter than the humans that live here?
(I would have captured all three bros but they were emptying my flower beds so fast, I had to put that aside and take matters into my ever capable hands!)


courtyard thru window
Courtyard thru window

Yesterday, as I was lovingly caring for said roses and noticing how I was missing buds from very high up AGAIN, about the height a deer can reach if it tries real hard,
RIGHT OUTSIDE THE FRONT DOOR, I wondered….. Is it possible?

Pushing away the thought, thinking they wouldn’t dare come so close
to the LIVING ROOM, where people live, laugh, watch TV, eat dinner??!!


Rabbit Knocks
Rabbit Knocks

No, of course not…
This also happened last year, everything but the evidence I present to you today. The same disappearing rosebuds, the same considerations and justifications (denials), the same sinking feeling of dread with the continual loss of MORE buds.

But as I looked for the usual evidence ~POOP ~ I found none thus thought I was safe from the furry, “doe-eyed” sweet faced critters.


English rose Tamara
English rose Tamara

in February …
Something came under cover of midnight and ate every single flower that bloomed, geraniums, morning glories, old hydrangea heads and rose buds just starting to swell.

I thought it was rabbits, still not thinking it could possibly be deer although rabbits don’t usually eat rosebuds until they bloom and get beautifully fragrant and heavy with petals (isn’t that sweet?)

Besides rabbits cannot reach that high.



┬áhow did they get in except when the gate was left open, which was often, but it’s so close to the “living room” …
Nope, it must be those “stupid” jack rabbits.
Or squirrels…


Jack the Rabbit

Now you begin to understand why I decided to get another dog, who happened to become a beagle.
My big yeti Pyrenees, Bella, the queen of the barn yard, doesn’t bark!
Not for any of the multitude of reasons she has as Queen of the Barn Yard!!

Maybe when we get those chickens next month… REALLY!



She only barks TO the delivery man because he will reward her with biscuits!
I never said she wasn’t smart!!


farm dogs

I needed a REAL dog!
And I got one, a petite, ferocious, REAL dog!


sophie beagle
Sophie beagle


If you can’t do it, give up. ┬á~Sigmund Freud


Art, Photography and Text by L’Adelaide, ┬ęCountryWomanPaints. All rights reserved.


13 thoughts on “Animal Farm

  1. let the critters beware! I love all critters, as you know, but NOT when they eat things I have so lovingly and with great effort and energy, tended. One year the deer thought my vegetable garden was their very own “all you can eat buffet”. Not fun or cute or funny or sweet!

    1. I love them too as long as they obey the few rules and there really aren’t many. It seems to be a continual battle with these guys and i’ve gotten sort of tired of having to maintain my vigilance. So far i’ve managed to keep them pretty much at bay. the raccoons got their way with my lemons earlier in the year, the deer have been grazing here and there but not had a huge impact and as always, we give up some of everything we grow to voles and gophers…. sigh, one wonders why we bother?? ­čÖé

  2. I must comment that Bella looks a bit guilty for falling down on the job. Beagle….useless? I guess it is a fence for you if that is possible. I gave up and only have a deck garden now. I know how you feel anf your gardens are so bountiful.

    1. i think that is primarily a very lucky capture of her as she’s gazing up at me…. she does look guilty but doesn’t feel guilty. there’s no making a pyrenees bark unless they want to! Sophie has taught bella to be more assertive with her deep, scary bark since sophie is a bit of a trouble maker and very territorial. it’s going to be fun when chickens get on the scene. stay tuned!

  3. Why am I envisioning you chasing deer away with a broom?

    1. probably because you are a very wise woman with the seeing eye and can see me running around like a mad woman ON my broom when not swinging it. ­čśë

      you would appreciate my water cannon i rigged up with the sink sprayer, that has a lot of pressure, squirting the nesting damned black birds! xxx

      1. I understand your frustration. We got a regular water cannon for chasing pigeons off the balcony at our other place (they leave poop that looks like tar and is just as hard to clean up).

        1. ok, now I want to know where and what a water cannon is! we are overrun with these blackbirds! ­čśë

  4. Wow – I’m suddenly glad we don’t have many mammals over here! I did lose my blueberries to one male robin – but I let him have them and he rewarded us by nesting in the hose reel.

    1. Yes, it’s really a problem but I’m used to it, living out in the sticks for decades! ­čśŐ

      One never wins the war, just a battle now and then. I guess I’m a poor loser! ­čśÇ

      1. I would be, too! I love bulbs and can’t imagine if I had to fight squirrels for them. Much less tall deer, or rabbits all over the place!

        1. OOOOOOh, don’t even get me started on those rats with bushy tails!!! ­čÖé

          1. Some ass imported American grey squirrels into Ireland – killing off our native red ones and multiplying like…rats. Not here yet but I will have to find a way to get a gun because I will shoot them!

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