A Peaceful New Year Be Yours

There is no them, only us. ~Bono
heart watercolor

On the first night of a new year here in California, USA, I’d like to wish anyone reading these words a peace-filled, happy and healthy 2015.

May all those who suffer be especially blesssed.

Thank you for blessing my life with your words, your offerings, your presence, your compassion.

We are so lightly here.
It is in love that we are made.
In love we disappear.
Leonard Cohen


22 thoughts on “A Peaceful New Year Be Yours

  1. Thank you!!! Looking forward to the adventures that are waiting for us in this brand new year. ­čÖé

    1. you always seem to see the brightly lit adventure on horizons i seem to miss… thank you for being in my life. ­čÖé

      1. So glad that you are in mine too!!!

        1. Rebecca, tho I see you rarely and I’m not sure why I miss your posts since I think I follow them all, I do always love to read your words. I sense there is a deep and thoughtful woman living within. xxxx

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and paintings with us. May the New Year bring you peace, health and happiness. I love the Leonard Cohen quote.

    1. dear gerlinde, in my mind, Leonard can do nothing wrong. ­čÖé have a wonderful new year as well, with all blessings of peace and happiness. xxx

  3. My Dear Friend. You always brighten my day, and I love your pictures and paintings. Thank you for being there – and my best wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year!
    The quote from L. Cohen is beautiful. And your blog – is the most beautiful of all the blogs I follow. I need beauty in this life – thank you for always giving us that.

    1. How lovely of you, dearheart. I’m so glad you enjoy my offerings. May your new year be the best and brightest. Your words about beauty and my offerings speaks to me deeply as I’ve been wondering of my purposes here. In what directions to go from here.

      blessings to you.

      1. Have you found a way to an answer?

        1. no and yes… if i were able, it would be easy but i am hardly able to do what i want. i am much limited by my health. thus i’m forced to choose from different options and even what to do for the next hour…. i’ve been blogging for so long, sometimes too, i think i have nothing left to offer. but i think that’s something all feel.


  4. And I thank you for your beautiful art and so generously isharing your thoughts. I wish you peace and joy in this new year.

    1. dear Gretchen… I thank you for your own offerings, your gorgeous art that speaks so deeply to my heart and soul. May your year be a wonderfully happy and healthy one.

  5. Wishing you a lovely 2015!

  6. Wishing you and yours a healthy, creative and Happy New Year:)

    1. And the same to you, dear Elena!

  7. What a wonderful wish for all of us entering the new year….thank you. I wish for abundant blessings on you and yours….more hugs, more warmth, and more goodness to find you in this new year.
    And, as always, I wish you peace.
    (((( Linda )))) What the year will bring– we have no control over. What you and I bring to the new year we will choose.
    We will choose bravely, passionately and with our whole hearts. We can do no less, eh?

    1. Thank you dear friend… I do really appreciate your philosophy. Your words are so true, we choose what we bring to each minute of our day. If only I could always remember that. I’ve learned this year especially, that compassion for myself must be there before I can truly give compassion to others. While that was eye-opening, it was a good lesson, a good teaching to once again, realize.

      May we both choose our best paths according to the compassion we hold in our hearts for ourselves and others. xoxox

  8. A day or two late but it’s still a newish year, isn’t it?
    I wish you the best for this one to come.

    1. I wish us both a wonderfully happy and exciting… no who am I kidding. I wish for us both, yes, happiness and PEACE. Of mind, of body, of finding the time to softly stroll our paths. much love to you, my dear friend who always hears me. xx

  9. Wishing you a woderful New Year filled with joy! Love your painting!

    1. A wish-filled New Year for you as well, Janell… I have been gone from here but returned tonight…Thank you for your kind words. xo

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