Painting a Rainbow Oak

acrylic painting-oak tree
Rainbow Oak

This acrylic painting has been seen before because it’s first incarnation was done years back. You can see it here.

I didn’t like it then and my feelings didn’t soften thru the years… It sat looking forlorn.  However painting a dark background, plain as dark dirt, was definitely not so simple given my synesthetic proclivities. {As you can see in the first borne!}

Finally I decided to just do it. I really didn’t think it would be all THAT hard but in reality, she didn’t want to give up her many colors without a tug-of-war.

After weeks spent repainting tree branches again after mystyeriously disappearing beneath inky midnight blue paint, I am actually happy with it!
This was almost a mystical experience for me to “keep things simple” for once in my long painting life.
If I’d done this to begin with, that is… Done over in “plain” was by no stretch of imagination, simple, the second time around.

Acrylic on canvas, 36″ 2010–2014

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the Eyes of others only a Green thing that stands in the way.
Some see Nature all ridicule and deformity, and by these I shall not regulate my proportions; and some scarce see Nature at all.
But to the Eyes of the Man of Imagination, Nature is Imagination itself.

William Blake

©2007-2016 Art & Text by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.


16 thoughts on “Painting a Rainbow Oak

  1. Gorgeous picture- i love it!! well done you!!

    1. hey, old friend! it’s so nice to see you here… i’m not online much of late, never where you are so lovely to find you here! thank you for your kind words too. 🙂

  2. She is all twists and curves, sparkling there in unexpected vibrant hues. It’s a powerfully beautiful painting, my friend, and one reminiscent of Blake’s vision.

    1. Happy happy, my sweet Susan…. thank you so much for your always kind comments. I do like her now and truly, she has just sat in a corner for years. But…. my my, she did put up a fight to keep those lovely swirls and curls of hers. 🙂 Don’t you love Blake?

      I hope your Eve is merry and filled with peace. Looking forward to the New Year, this past one has been rather tedious… xoxoxxox

  3. Very nice pictures and lovely colors and movement 🙂

    1. I’m happy you like it… I’m glad she’s framed and done!!! 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much! May your 2015 be all you desire and more. Thank you for your lovely comments, they are much appreciated.

  5. This is just an amazingly vibrant painting.🎆

    1. Thank you. It definitely vibrates against that dark background but I like it. It was a lesson for me to use a quiet color with my usual crazy synesthetic palette. 😉

  6. I quite liked her the first time around…this amazing energetic oak…now she seems so filled with magic that she takes my breath away. This post and going back to view the original painting, reminds me that the years bring a deepening and richness to our life that may, at times, seem less happy or cheerful than youth but I wouldn’t trade places at all, at all. Happy New Year to you.

    1. I am warmed by your comment, Joss. It means the world to me that you enjoy my painting… she certainly has come into her own with her new “look”… it isn’t like me to paint anything of one color and so that background was actually quite a leap and i was quite dismayed when i realized i needed lots of paint mixed in the same hue as i started with…. another something or other i don’t do much of… be organized. all in all, a good way to get thru a holiday i thoroughly do not enjoy.

      may your 2015 be the best and brightest, the warmest and most giving to you and yours…. xxx

  7. Glad you resurrected this piece. It’s alive!

  8. It’s a great new coat for the majestic creature….a coat of many colours!! 🙂

    1. Yes, she is surely a brightly lit tree against that midnight sky. She’s almost a hussy, isn’t she? But I do like her so much more and learned an important lesson in re-painting the background. 🙂


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