Rain Drenching in Northern California!

Yesterday afternoon we finally had a drenching of rain in our drought-ridden landscape here in Northern California.  There had been the rumble of very unusual thunder, blustery dark clouds, billowing white clouds and occasional HUGE drops of rain. As luck would have it…

farmer and I {and the dogs…} were trying to take down the “Blue Whale Pool” for winter at the time. With Sophie, we had lots of extra helping paws!

As time went by, the thunder grew louder, the wind began to blow cold and brisk and I breathed deeply.(that certainly felt good!) The sky darkened dramatically and suddenly we found ourselves in a huge downpour. We had to RUN for cover as it poured, thundering loudly. We were all soaked but felt like doing a dance of thanksgiving for the rain. And the dogs DID do a dance! 🙂

I grabbed my camera and tried to capture the huge drops that were now sheeting down. It was something I had never seen up here. Mixed in with the rain were enormous chucks of hail pelting the ground, brilliant rainbows as the sun peeked out now and then and great gusts of wind. The dogs freaked out and wanted to go inside, dirt, mud, muck and all. And they did… as did we. The Blue Whale Pool remains. (A much UNanticipated mess!)

The strange streaks seen in my photos are the actual drops of rain(or hail or both).

Afterward we were treated to a spectacular sunset!


Rain + Apples-©CountryWomanPaints
Rain + Apples

Rain Rain Rain-©CountryWomanPaints
Rain Rain Rain
Rain Drenching-©CountryWomanPaints
Rain Drenching
Rain Streak-©CountryWomanPaints
Rain Streak
Rain Sunset-©CountryWomanPaints
Rain in the Sunset

18 thoughts on “Rain Drenching in Northern California!

  1. I can sense your relief. (Where has your ‘like’ button gone? I miss it! And there’s no box to tick to make sure I’m notified of your reply.

    1. Thanks Sarah… It was lovely but fleeting. I can’t answer the questions but thanks for telling me. I’ll see if I can figure it out. Maybe WP is tinkering again…. :/

  2. I was so happy when it rained here in Santa Cruz. My girlfriend and I also got caught in the downpour. Your pictures are nice.

    1. Thanks Gerlinde. It really was a nice break from this continual dreariness we’ve had over here. To live in SC must be so lovely. We spent many nice vacations with the kids down there. A beautiful place. Let us hope we see more rain soon. I read only the opposite but they don’t know everything. 😉

  3. So I’m happy for you! And your photos are just gorgeous. I can see the hail – the little white ones heading heavily downwards…And I just LOVE that shot of your dear little one in the air, from behind – ears flapping and tail steering. Absolutely adorable.

    1. Yes, it was fleeting but nice. It’s long gone already… Won’t make a dent in the drought but was nice to clean things off and settle all this dust. So that’s hail, I thought it might be. As I said to Joss above, I found the beagle photo on google but don’t know from where. I couldn’t resist sharing it tho as it’s so “beagle!” 😉

  4. the pictures are a delight mirroring yours in the rain. And honestly that picture of Sophie at the top is contest winner worthy. It is amazing.

    1. I found that wonderful beagle photo online so cannot claim I took it. It is a winner… and so much like a beagle. Someone must have had a fast camera to capture that little one’s romp! I wish we were still seeing rain-no I don’t, we have to pick the grapes still-but it did settle the dust and THAT is also nice!! xox

  5. Wonderful. So happy it rained. Certainly cause for joy.
    You have beautiful pictures with a great write up.

    1. I just opened my email and saw your note. Thank you so much for letting me know as well as your kindness in writing. I so appreciate you. As you know, I am not online as much as I would like but have my settings set to email me for every comment, approved or held for moderation. I check my email first not my blog, so your words do reach me but won’t show up on the blog until i sign into WP and approve whatever comments are being held. Or discard, as in the case of the spam I seem to be getting more of recently. Because(I think this is why 🙂 your IP # changes with each comment, as I wish mine did, WP thinks you are a new commenter and will hold it for moderation. I believe there is a note but I’ve also noticed lately when I comment on some new blogs, I don’t see anything after hitting the reply button…. And I rarely go back to check, a problem with the reader as we are not on the actual blog. Probably this is happening to you on my blog.

      Putting “new” commenters in moderation was the only way I could figure out how to deal with this. I assume you use WP reader and see your words disappear, so not to worry. I do hope they figure out that simply dropping a comment until it’s approved without notifying the sender of what’s going on, is a stupid filter system!! No, I’m not fond of the reader…. 😉

  6. Your pictures of the rain pouring down are wonderful. I hope you get more – but maybe not until after the harvest. Such a beautiful place where you live 😀

    1. Oh, it was a really glorious little storm. Emphasis on “little” unfortunately. HOwever my photos are interesting… and it was wet for the rest of the day with some rumbles into the evening. The next morning it was as if it was all a mirage. Ah well, I guess we must accept what we cannot change… xxxx

      Oh and yes…. AFTER harvest as it’s on Thurs/Friday. So much excitement around here lately… 😉

  7. How refreshing was that rain! Loved seeing your photographs, I could almost smell and feel the rain. We are on record as the lowest rain amount of any September on record – .06 it will be a touch winter if we don’t get some rain this Fall, our lakes are 16 – 21′ below average levels. So our crisis is getting close to CA. I’m thrilled that you guys had some rain to replenish the thirsty land – I’ll bet it was quite a scene with you, the Farmer and dogs!!

    1. Mary, The weather is just plain scary… Our reservoirs are half empty (or more!) here now. And there’s been no rain of any depth. That little squall won’t do a thing. California relies on snowpack to refill most of the dams and reservoirs in the state and there’s been none for a couple of years. No snow, no pack. All I read of this coming winter’s rain forecast is there will be more drought. There’s not much we can do excepting not stress out over it. We’re all in the same boat, no pun intended.

      I think most of the Southwest is suffering in this damnable drought, including CA. Well, fingers crossed. xoxoxox

  8. We’ll have a record harvest, I’m sure. So after last year’s disastrous one, it’ll be well celebrated. I could smell dust as I read, and smiled at your rain streaks with dollups of hail. What wusses the pups were though…LOL. Can’t fault them for seeking shelter, but pffft that the dancing stopped!

    1. YAY! I’m so glad to read of the great harvest. That’s always a nice, sweet relief. The dancing continues as I’m staring at rainclouds out there as I type. 🙂

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