Wallpaper ~ Mudroom Surprise

Wallpaper in Mudroom
Back wall wallpapered

Recently I promised to share the mudroom we finally finished. {10 years later!!}

This is where that sweet little buck bedded down til he found his friends!

Now they’re all up by the oaks around the barn, no longer IN the barn!


red door + deer head - countrywomanpaints©
Red door + deer head

This is the perfect spot to hang my little wooden deer head with his sky blue antlers and crystal eyes!


Wallpaper mural closeup of favorite red shoes
Wallpaper mural closeup of favorite red shoes

I adore these red shoes! Don’t you?


Mudroom + desk with Red backdoor
Mudroom + desk with Red backdoor

I barely fit my desk in but was happy when I hung one of my favorite clocks ~ Bears in a Boat!
I collect them and this is a sweet one.


Detail of painted door moldings and deerhead
Detail of painted door moldings and deer head
deer head's crystal eyes
deer head’s crystal eyes


Poured paint on deer head
Poured paint on deer head

The deer after he got his many acrylic paint pours.
Now he’s sporting Swarovski crystal eyes to match his fancy-ness perfectly!

Well, in my opinion anyway!


Is not life a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves? 

Friedrich Nietzsche


22 thoughts on “Wallpaper ~ Mudroom Surprise

  1. Now that is special in so many ways: the deer, the colors and the admitted procrastination (on someone’s part). Beautiful

    1. Thanks Switters! I’m happy you liked… ah procrastination. Of course, you do realize whose the procrastinator, right? 🙂

      1. Yes, indeed. I know how it works…or doesn’t. Such is life. A gracious wife is a treasure.

  2. what an absolutely delightful space you have created. I am in awe of the beauty, the colours, the love. yes, so much love.

    1. Oh, I was just to turn this off….much too late, as always. It is so nice to see you, kind friend. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Yes, much love… ♥

  3. Oh this takes my breath away. Extraordinary. Far out creative. The deer head is the crowning glory and the entire operation has been blessed by the little deer who rested here. What an amazing talent you are. I could live the rest of my life in your mud room. I bet that you would serve little mouse cakes and oat straw tea. Many blessings, Gretchen.

    1. Thank you dearly, Gretchen. I’m so happy you liked my little room- emphasis on little! 🙂 Your tea party ideas are perfection and consider yourself invited! Maybe my deer will visit along with all the other critters so busy around here. Raccoons have found my coveted tomatoes along with Sophie balls, oh my! xo

  4. It seems to me the place can’t be called a mud room any longer as it’s all far too pretty for such a drab name. The wallpaper is quite remarkable, isn’t it? Where on earth did you find that? The clock is great, and most of all, it’s delightful to see your wonderful deer head has found its perfect home.

    Nice job all around.

    1. 😊 thanks so much sweet friend. I will always think of it as a mudroom because that red door leads OUT to the messy garage! I found this mural on anthropologie. Technically it’s a painted mural put onto paper. There are 6 9′ strips but they’re broken up in my room to fit. It’s rather ingenious how they’ve done it so it can be so versatile for those like me who like to “customize” rather than follow rules.

      After my little buddy visiting, it was obvious to hang in memory of that magical time. I don’t know what it is about deer but… And they touch me poignantly just now as deer season is around the corner here, a time I detest. And the pointless killing happening specifically in Gaza. I’m whispering that as don’t want to get into the political issues surrounding this not to mention contentious craziness.

      He is just what’s needed and I wish I had more, they symbolize much for me… A wisdom and gentleness I wish for myself and all other sentient beings. Much love to you. Protect your dear deer-self from sunburn too! XO

      1. Yes, it really is an ingenious design. I particularly like the bits where the snail and the rose have wandered to the door frame. Your dear deer sculpture really is a fitting centrepiece for the whole design.

        I like them too. I also am very unhappy about the madness in Gaza. We are ruled by craziacs.

        1. Agreed…. sadly and today’s news seems even more so, if at all possible. I’m glad you liked my little bits of painting on the moldings. I couldn’t leave “well enough” alone… 🙂

          I do wish I could find more of those little heads but since this came from a discarded very badly made clock, I’m out of luck. xxx

  5. Ah Linda, I could sit in your mudroom all day long daydreaming! I’m mesmerized by your creativity and sense of fun – love it. Have a beautiful week!

    1. 😄 thanks Mary, you’re very kind!

  6. Love that special wall in the mudroom it looks as if it is taken from a beautiful story… ashamed the red shoes would not be a good idea for me… but would love to have any shoes and jump into this story any time. Good day my friend xxXx

    1. Ah, maybe they’d be a new and “fitting” style for you, dear doron! well, maybe not… 🙂

      I’m happy you enjoy my whimsical crazyroom… it is a bit of an “alice” kind of room, come to think of it. xxx

      1. It is probably is… don’t we all want to be in such a room some time.. Some more than others Hope you are well and all is good in the Alice kingdom xxx

  7. What a beautiful space! Your gift with colors and decorating and the whimsy of your house are a wonder to me. I cannot create anything like this in real space – my own skills seem tied to the 2 dimensional surface. So I marvel at the assembly, the details which make the whole thing breathe and live, and the color choices, in particular, which feel like your paintings escaped the paper and took over your house. Color means so much more to you than to most of us – that’s quite apparent.

    1. Well, Hi Steve!
      Thank you kindly, my friend. It’s nice to see you over here again. Yes, you are quite right that color almost feeds me somehow. I don’t really get it but i’m too old to care now. I really just make my surroundings for us anyway without much worrying over what others think. guess if husband detested something, i’d have to change it…. maybe! 😉

      this IS a mudroom leading up to my studio so not seen too much. HOWEVER, i’d love to do it similarly on the other side of the house where it’d be appreciated(maybe, maybe not….) much more by others besides just me.



  8. Wow… WOW! I could sit on the floor and just stare for hours. (as long as there was coffee involved….LOL) And every time I look at the photos, I see something more! It’s amazing. I wouldn’t want it in a large room or maybe just a corner of it, but more would take away from the whimsy of the ‘looking glass’ feel–or maybe it’s the ‘wardrobe’. Never mind, it’s fairytale like and such perfect for the door and deer–and deer–and dear! LOL
    What a lot of work you put into getting it ‘just so’. It’s just awesome. I love the striped sea horses and the red shoes and the bird’s nest with the awesome bird in the tree’s top….and the ship sailing away with tea cups… OH my gosh there’s just SO much. I don’t know how you did it with that piecing it together stuff or the up and down and up and down to get the paper hung. But it’s so worth all the efforts.
    Well done, you!!

    1. Hi hardworking lady…..
      Firstly I must remind you that my husband did the wallpapering, not me…. are you kidding? i think it’d likely kill me. 🙂 yes, up and down and up and down and up and down… really, it’s a nightmare but we haven’t done any in years, over 2 decades since hanging any so it wasn’t completely out there tho we did wait a decade to finally finish it up. I’m happy with it and the red glows during the day as it’s so intense. VERY red! if you like red, this one’s for you. I adored this mural the second i saw it but waited as it was quite expensive then. it’s half as expensive now as there’s new styles out…. hmmmm, i just can hardly stand not doing it somewhere else in the house with another one tho… i’ve really loved this one and it makes me smile. that’s worth a few pennies!! 🙂


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