Beagle Investigates Caftan

Recently I was outside enjoying the breeze under the oak tree with Sophie.
My caftan was billowing in the wind. (Gorgeous, no?)

Sophie thought perhaps I was hiding something interesting under there somewhere but….

It seemed just a little out of the ordinary.


Never underestimate the curious nature of a beagle.
Sophie will always follow her nose without hesitation!

Click to see photos enlarged!


22 thoughts on “Beagle Investigates Caftan

  1. Beagles are so cute and funny. I have a close friend who is part of a Beagle Rescue program. She always has two or three and never turns down a new one!

    1. They sure are! Unfortunately they are also quite a lot of doggy to handle and sadly, the rescues seem full of them here as well. I wouldn’t take on another one without my daughter being in charge but they are such charming dogs, they are a whole new world to me! 😉

  2. what a delightful series of pictures. I can hear you chuckling throughout the whole adventure.

    1. I looked at these goofy photos of her and realized there was a whole sequence of her brain working the “thing” in front of her. I don’t think she even was sure I was IN it! 😀

      1. totally caught up in the moment.

        1. I think a beagle only knows one way of being and that’s In The Moment! We adore her but I think my Bella is a bit jealous so today we had some quiet, just the two of us again. Intelligent, sensitives like her seem a bit confused by ones like Sophie. Just like people! 😉

          If I were a dog, I’d be very put off! 🙂

          1. Beagles are a very high energy dog for sure. Lovely to have some quiet time, always.

  3. They do make you laugh every day.

    1. I smile everyday with her around. She’s a precious, precocious bundle of hound! xx

  4. Doesn’t get any more precious – Sophie is so sweet!

    1. She’s a very busy girl! And a delight I didn’t expect either. 😉

  5. The grass looks so thick and luxurious, ready for her sweet self to have a good long roll.

    1. Heehee, yes exactly what she’s doing there! Such a funny pup! xxx

  6. Oh, I had to click and watch the ATTACK puppy. Geeze she’s gotten big fast! Hahaha…..I bet she was proud of herself to discover all was well and it was just a caftan. Such a busy pup–poor Bella must get annoyed at times. Must be a bit like himself with my incessant talking, exploring and joy at everything that catches my eye. LOL I need to have a good roll in the grass now and then, too! 😉

    1. Haha Bella & everyone gets a bit annoyed at times but almost all the time, she’s a joy! I’ve had a hard time capturing her on camera so took advantage! Afterwards I rolled in the grass too !

  7. Precious!! Precious!!! Precious!!!!

  8. I like those who follow their nose…!

    1. Hah, me too… She’s so lovable !

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