Hummingbird Babies

hummingbird nest in my tree rose
Hummingbird nest in my tree rose

I introduce you to two new additions to the hummer family that lives in my courtyard. In case you can’t tell, and I can’t, there are two little feathered birds in there. The eggs were the size of jelly beans! I wrote about Hummer the ‘Hun’rieta here.

┬áI was worried because we had a few days of cold, wet weather. I thought perhaps they wouldn’t survive as I didn’t see the parents around during the storms.
But they had already flown the nest.

hummingbird babies in nest
2 hummingbird babies in nest

 I am now watching for them in the olive tree across the courtyard where Hunrieta always sits and squawks at me.

I hope I can get a picture of them now that they are a little cuter and much easier to get a photo of… Maybe!

Spring has returned.  The Earth is like a child that knows poems. 

 ~Rainer Maria Rilke


16 thoughts on “Hummingbird Babies

  1. I love watching the hummers! We shouldn’t get them here for a few more weeks.

    1. Mine don’t seem to know that perhaps migration is in their genes! I guess they’re acclimated? I do love them and noticed today, i can hear the little squeaks of babies but can’t see them. ­čÖé

  2. Very cool, I’ll bet before too long you’ll be seeing the little guys.

    1. As i said to Suzi, i do hear them but can’t find them yet. Perhaps they are a little immature due to the previous nasty weather and the parents are watching over them. If i do spy them, i’ll be sure and “try” to capture them with my camera(i can never find!)

  3. What tendeer creatures.
    Love your Rilke poem line. We share another love, poetry.

    1. i have always adored this poem.

      aren’t they sweet? i am anxious to see them as fledglings and out of the nest somewhere nearby. Fingers crossed… ­čÖé

  4. Oh, how lucky you are! I sometimes see a few emerald ones in my backyard here in Chicago. But, not til it warms up and I have my bee balm flowering. I would love to have a nest — or maybe I do and don’t know it.

    1. I doubt they nest where it snows. it’d be impossible to keep the babies and the parents warm at the same time, i imagine. i’m glad they visit you in summer, they’re very special little creatures.

  5. I keep waiting….and in anticipation of their return I’m sending himself to pick up a new feeder. (k….only cuz it was on the agenda to replace…LOL)
    I’m soooooooo ready for warmth and sunshine and hummers and bees and all things (‘cept for thistles and creeping charley) springlike.
    I DID discover some green in the flower garden. But–given our neighbors up north just got 18″ dumped on them….I’m buying time and letting the green things stay snuggled in the leaves.

    I can imagine the excitement when you discover the wee ones. We DO get an occasional nesting around here (not in my yard, darnit). It’s fun to watch the feathers fill in and the colours get brighter on the immature ones. And boy, is it an adventure trying to get them to stay still long enough to snap a photo. Thank goodness for digital cameras! LOL You got a lovely one at the rose. I can hear them before I can see them (I think that’s a plot on their part!). Hopefully I talk at ’em enough that by mid summer they’re willing to sit pretty for me and not zoom off. And here’s hoping you can have a sit in the garden and just enjoy the warmth and the new family of hummers. How wonderful would THAT be?!

    1. Well, buying a feeder will SURELY bring them to your house! 18″!!!!!!!???? I cannot believe how the snow just keeps coming. Well, it’s hot here and I’ll assume spring is just around the corner for you too!

      Yes it will be, sweets. We’re expecting grand kids with parents in tow next week so, not sure how calm and peaceful it’ll be but we’ll get to find out soon enough! ­čśë I’ve never noticed them being at all shy! I’m hanging out my feeders tomorrow with hopes it draws them out… Hehehe!

      Stay warm! xxx

  6. oh how delightful. I always looked, but never found, a hummer nest while living in Nova Scotia. I’m not sure hummers even visit France so will delight in yours this year.

    1. Joss, no hummers in France? I’m surprised! I’m perfectly happy to share them with you and all who pass by here. I’m hoping to be lucky enough to get a photo soon… Famous last words methinks! ­čśë

  7. I’ve been staring and staring at that second picture and I’m still not sure I see anything but fluff. Yet the fluff is making chirping noises and the parents are nearby – feeding them too, I’d guess. How wonderfully exciting for you to have baby hummers in your courtyard. I’m thrilled for you, my sweet.

    1. Hello, dear Susan,
      Yes, it’s nearly impossible to make them out, clever aren’t they!? Now to catch them with my new camera that I’ve yet to begin to master … Ah well, times abundant!

      Much love to you! xxx

  8. How delightful, dear Linda!
    Love your poem too­čśâÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

    1. Thanks so much, Violet! ­čĺÖ

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