Hummer “the Hun” Hummingbird in my Tree Rose

Spring is when life’s alive in everything. ÔÇĘChristina Rossetti

hummingbird in nest

These hummingbird parents are as feisty as wet cats over their nest in MY rose bush. I was minding my own business yesterday, trying to make a dent in the rose pruning I’m trying to get caught up on. Woefully behind am I and getting “caught up” really won’t be happening, just keeping one step behind instead of 7!

As I was pruning a tall tree rose…

I was continually “buzzed” by a very aggressive hummer. I don’t have feeders out so had no idea what the problem was. This hummer even lit on my back, my hat and almost my hand, to see if she could grab a chunk and chase me away.

Finally after an hour of pruning this monster tree rose, I was finished.
Then the squawking really began.

hummingbird + English rose ┬ę
hummingbird + English rose Charlotte

She was opposite me in the olive tree, making all kinds of complaint. Still I was a stupid human,
not catching onto the problem.
{I was also tired, sore and thirsty, unwilling to move from my old rocker…}
She flew to the scantily clad rose, circling, landing, then up and around again.

FINALLY the stupid human got off her chair to see what the problem was and discovered a tiny little hummingbird nest in the crown of the rose bush. It is so small, it looks like an extension of the rose crown.
Had I not known what they looked like, I’d not have seen it excepting for the Hummer Hun who wouldn’t let me forget! But sure enough, there it was…

Courtyard flowers

I couldn’t see into it because these tree roses are over 6’tall. I’m 5’3″.
I couldn’t take a photo today because she is still all ruffled over things. I stuck back branches, geraniums, leaves, more sticks for her to feel comfy and at home again.
But I didn’t dare try flash photography on her or her babes today.
I’ll sneak in tomorrow if I can catch it without anyone on it. I am not sure if it’s both parents or not.
They seem to be everywhere at once so I now suspect they are both setting the eggs. We’ll have to wait and see.
I do hope all is well and she hatches them!

new-dawn climber
new dawn-a monster that is finally tamed{pruned}

In case you’re wondering, the above flowers are not NOW in existence in my courtyard. These are last year’s photos. The garden is quite nude right now, having gotten such a late start on things. I think everything will bloom, just a little later than usual.
The rains we had really slowed us up!
Tho they were a very good thing as can be seen below!
Those are delicious narcissus blooming wild.
Also coming up are daffodils, calla lilies and that crazy old wisteria!

greening pastures and wildflowers blooming

In the meantime I was helping farmer plant three Yokoshimo flowering cherries in the side yard.
They WILL look like this someday… And of course, farmer always manages to break a pipe when using the post hole digger for the holes. It’s not the easiest thing to keep going STRAIGHT down!
No amount of figuring, studying old photos or stepping things off {his way of accuracy!} averts the inevitable.
Now my side yard has 3 tree holes as well as a large open trench with new plumbing.
But nothing planted yet.
Always something….


And a full moon rising tonight!

moon-rising- ┬ę
full moon rising

Adopt the pace of nature…
her secret is patience.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


20 thoughts on “Hummer “the Hun” Hummingbird in my Tree Rose

  1. I want to live in your garden!

    1. I would certainly love a few lovely female neighbors i might relate to… seems to be a theme thru my life i am running against the grain of the expected. ­čÖé and that’s perfectly OK with me! as for my garden, I am yearning to get my flowers blooming. Spring is always a very busy time! xox

  2. Echoe the abaove remark. I, too, want to live in your garden. Such a beautiful place to be in which to be alive and see the Spring.
    Happy for you.l

    1. silvia, i would welcome you with open arms! and i am glad you were able to leave a comment. hoping that this new template allows NO issues with that now. xox

  3. These tiny birds are so ferociosis. Such a wonderful glimpse into the land where you live.

    1. Thank you Gretchen. they are very ferocious, it makes me smile every time i watch them protect “their” territory, that could well include the entire space they happen to be flying thru! xxx

  4. I’m even more glad today I always make a point of coming to visit.
    Your story is as wonderful as the magnificent pictures.
    A nest! You lucky, twice blessed woman ÔÖí

    1. Good morning Susan-it’s always lovely to “see” you and your words left me from earlier. come everyday! one of the nice things of this internet connection is there can actually be one.. .. at least most of the time! mine is rather unpredictable, a teaching i suppose.

      i hope to snap some photos of them as they progress if they don’t bite me or poke out an eye. btw, that little pkg was mis-addressed by ME! so now i have it all set to go out again with a proper printed address from your email. hoping this time they don’t again OPEN it, help themselves and then paste it all back together…….. i also put everything into a plastic bag so no fragrance(i hope-are there bomb-sniffing dogs at your post office up there? ) sort of kidding… and i’m NOT calling it what it is! sigh…

      happy day to you! xoxox

      1. Yes, it is nice having the connections open. I always love seeing the pictures you post and reading what accompanies them. Besides, you know how much I like hummingbirds so I’ll be sure to return for the nesting pictures. Maybe you should wear goggles for eye protection.

        It’s so sweet of you to have sent the parcel to me not just once but twice. I’ll look forward to receiving it. The hawk feather and painting you sent me some time ago are still amongst my most treasured possessions. The rose petals will simply add to my riches.

        I hate that we have to write such detailed descriptions on international packages now. Just over a week ago I sent a set of heirloom silver teaspoons to a cousin in England (she may as well have them as my son will likely never have a tea party) but a part of me will worry until I hear they’ve arrived safely. It cost me $50 to mail them and that was without prime service or tracking. sigh..

        The best we can do is pay the postage and keep our fingers crossed.

        1. I do think that goggles are a good idea(as well as someone to snap a photo of me taking them!!!) She is very quiet now, hunkered down, as if she isn’t supposed to fly away. I am giving her her space! ­čÖé

          The box is in the post today. We shall cross our fingers it crosses the border! It is really nobody’s business in my mind but I suppose in today’s climate, it makes sense to them. Just not to us…. ah well, i do hope with my not telling them it’s rose petals but rather something inane, it will pass. “potpourri” was apparently too hot to handle! Having to state anything of value…such as your lovely(i can only imagine they are)spoons off to the UK must be a worry but you have said goodbye to them, nonetheless-no, your son is doubtful to have a tea party but one never knows for sure ­čśë … I think they will make it. It’s OUR [usa] thing I suspect. I certainly hope you get it this time and I tucked some amazing jasmine in it just because… it’s heady right now and you would love it. I hope you have a hint of it when you open that box and I am thinking positive, with all kinds of visualizations, that you will!!!

          xox I MUST get out of bed!

  5. Wonderful story and pictures. I love your pictures and the flowering cherry is one of my favorite trees. So beautiful when the are blooming. Good luck with your plantings.

    1. Hi Janell! It’s been awhile. Thanks for saying hello. I too love the cherry, this one is the perfect shade of shell pink with white. And good sized too but oh so much work for my hubby and me. We need help but never bother… Too cheap I think! ­čśë

  6. Oh, what a blessed woman you are!! LOOK at that wee thing thinking she’s all that and a bag of chips. “This hummer even lit on my back, my hat and almost my hand, I am sure to see if she could grab a chunk and chase me away.” LOL I had to laugh when I read that. I’ve had that pleasure, probably under the same circumstances–too close to the nest, I’m sure. I’ve also had them yank my hair out (probably for nesting purposes…the little boogers!). Oh, but they’re such a joy to watch and have around. And the wee ones are so silly–they don’t know to be afraid as they blunder around.
    AWESOME photos and a wonderful moment in time that made me envious for spring and laugh at your humanness FINALLY getting around to getting up to check out the fuss. They are ferocious creatures…..and just plain fun.

    AND you’re planting trees and putting in new plumbing. LOL Ah yes, the ‘how many steps to the mains’….and are they heel to toe steps or giant steps? I’m asking only because, yes we measure in the same way. Must be a farmer deal…..or a pride issue cuz we can’t be bothered with carrying a measuring tape. ­čśë

    I LOVE the new digs. It was in process the last I was here. It’s simply wonderful! You’re such a gutsy gal to ‘reinvent’ your virtual surroundings as you do. *hugs* Here’s hoping that garden sunshine has helped diminish some of the uckiness.

    1. Ah, you are a dear! I’m awake today as my dear little boy is arriving and I must do some baking, cleaning, buying Legos and such. I had to laugh at ” all that and a bag of chips” as that’s so perfectly apt to describe them! And they have no fear whatsoever! Yep, even got me outta my chair! Amazing indeed! Pulled out your hair, eh? My goodness, you MUST feed them! In the courtyard THATS almost dangerous! ­čś«

      Of course they are TOO BIG STEPS! I made him go find his big tape on the wheelie thing, I’m not planting trees without knowing if they’re going to have a 30′ spread! So today, my yard still is open trenches since testing the lines still has to happen but in the meantime something broke in the vineyard … Spring is always a whirl of craziness! ­čśâ

      Thanks but it was easy, easier than what I was doing it just cost me $69! I thought it was worth it tho for not having to try and fix my messes! I certainly had some I couldn’t figure out!

      My grandson has lifted my spirits along with my body. Next month will bring the whole bunch! While it’s exhausting for me because CFS is exhaustion, I don’t care. For me, family is my most dear possession and because we are separated by miles, seeing them is a blessed time.

      Well, this is too long so i shall drink my tea that just arrived!!! Ahhhh…. I hope you are having a decent spring week! May your hummerS return home soon! xxxx

  7. Linda, what a delightful post and gorgeous pictures! Best wishes to the little family of hummingbirds.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ÔŁÇ

    1. Dear Wendy ~ Thank you so much. I am sure all will be well. xox

  8. I always love seeing your gardens – we lost quite a few rose bushes this past year, darn if the rosetta didn’t spread like wild fire. Wish I could walk one time through your gardens, I’d never leave. Wow those hummingbirds are interesting creatures right? I would have thought they’d leave the eggs and not return because of how close you were, but incredible that these little guys keep at you until you had them all setup again.

    1. Dear Mary,
      I wondered about you and your roses when I heard of this nasty you had. And that rosetta is really a problem in roses I understand. I am seeing a bit of it here and there here in well-established roses so am a bit at a loss as to what to do. Nothing I suppose. At least not today! ­čÖé

      Hummers seen not to be afraid here. She’s well used to me puttering around and probably thinks I am some bizarre plant she’d perhaps like to taste. I am looking forward to seeing those little babes if I can get close enough.

      1. Hi Linda, oh my we’ve pulled several bushes out already and probably two or three more (one is our David Austin) – we are so sad. This rosetta is really bad stuff and after all my research, the only agreement I find from all the experts is that there is no cure and you have to pull the rose bush, roots and all – because it spreads very quickly (w/n two years all but 2 of our bushes had it). And you are right, on top of that we had freezing temps after the rose bushes already had a flush of new leaves and all dead now. A real harsh winter for all our perennials as well. So disappointing, but now we have an opportunity to re-think the gardens and design. We’ll see.

        Amazing about the Hummers, such gentle creatures. Hope you are able to post more photographs, the babies have to be really tiny.

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