Mad Hummer

birds of cement

birds of cement

Apologies, my friends. I’ve been alternating between illness and fits of frenzied rose pruning! I MUST take photos of a little gem for you if I dare approach! She’s quite ferocious!

Hang on tight, I shall return!


4 thoughts on “Mad Hummer

  1. Wonderful photo – a study in courage!

    1. Yes, it is that for my little BLACK iron birds… they aren’t that now! 🙂 Thank you for your comment, my dear!

  2. Wow….talk about CHANGE!! I have to admit….I like it a LOT! Sometimes a change happens without our ‘permission’ and it turns out to be an awesome thing. I’m hopeful that will be my experience….and I’m hopeful I’ll become like your birds…beautifully weathered, touched by time, sturdy…. It’s a wonderful photo.
    Hand the clippers to the grandson and let him learn. What a gift to have him. I’ll keep sending good thoughts that direction and hold onto hope for happy times…with the grandson there, they’re sure to find you!! *hugs*

    1. Hi Mel,
      You know, I never sleep anymore… Oy… it’s the CFS/ME/FM I suspect. Anyway …. thanks for popping in tonight. I like it too and thank you so much for noticing. I’m not having to do much at all either in the way of behind the scenes, that’s nice. I decided it’s my birthday in April so I’d buy myself my first ever $$ template. It was well-worth it too! Everything is just a click! And a few things I wanted different were really pretty easy after years of messing with the codes on Blogger and WP.

      I am hoping you are doing well. I know that doc appt was in the offing somewhere soon. How did it go, if it went? I didn’t go to see my Popeye doc. I’m tired of them after the last neuro I saw a few weeks ago. I’m practicing mindfulness meditation for 75 minutes everyday or night—like i could do right now! AND it’s helping me settle down some anyway. I guess…. :-/

      Those little birds were once black iron. They’re still iron but definitely not black anymore. They are missing feet and legs and beaks but I still love them. I was going to get a few more every year [i’ve about 12 now] but never get over there to get them and if i do happen in(Sonoma), she’s out! I’ve never seen them online but haven’t looked this year. And won’t… I am looking forward happily to our grandson’s visit — he’s coming in on Tuesday afternoon. A whole week of just us is new for us and will be such a treat. 11 is a good age! We text almost everyday(have no idea why he likes to talk/text to his grannie but he loves to-probably because I’m a bit of a wacko… you think? And available to send little smilies back and forth for 20 min. 🙂

      Thank you for all your good energies. I’ll be around I’m sure. I have to get a painting finished, I just remembered so guess that’s something i’m doing tomorrow…. ah, the cherries… there’s always the NEXT tomorrow! 🙂 xoxox

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