Sunday Thoughts and Music


Sunday is a day of subtle differences for me.
We spend so much precious energy in the pursuit of things.
Time, people, appointments, outcomes, to-do lists that are always too long….

We race along without seeing the beauty in which we live. We may take for granted the ones we most love. We may forget we don’t have all the time in the world to waste. jasmine
Pink jasmine

Sunday is my day to stop.

I putter, walk my garden, check buds, gaze at the vineyard, the fields, the baby fawns across the meadow.
I suppose it is a day to see…. To be… Not do…..

And meditate upon life as it is, as it continues, expands and contracts, life as it simply is. A day to appreciate what is life.

A day to rest, nurture, notice and ponder…

quote fruit loop

As I’ve said before, nobody making music today beats Bono for the ability to say it as it should be said.

There is no them. There’s only us.
There is no them. There’s only you. There’s only me. ~Bono

“This isn’t about charity, it’s about justice.” ~Bono




8 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts and Music

  1. Likewise in this household, somehow Sunday’s are the slow down days, the quiet days, the days of introspection and, somehow, a broader brushstroke. Yup, loved the tune…I’m not my fathers child and I’m not invisible. And there is no ‘them’, though there ARE days when I want there to be….unless you’re talking about human beings vs aliens. :-/ In which case, yup….definitely a ‘them’!! LOL!!

    Oh….and I’m not the least bit envious of the jasmine! *sob*

    1. with apologies mel, i’ve been ill and not online… i wish you had jasmine there. can you grow star jasmine-it’s tougher but snow, not so sure…. much love. xox

      1. You don’t ever have to apologize for your absence here, ma’am. I’m one who assumes that folks are simply out there, doing what they need to do to take care of themselves. And you do need to take care of yourself. Sounds like you need a good week or two of ‘Sundays’…..don’t we all.
        I know jasmine can happen here if you can get a good growth going before the winter sets in. I fear we’ll lose a lot of our pretties with the 4.5’ ground frost we had this winter. *sigh* More opportunities to plant something new, eh? Mind you, I’m not concerned about the pretties here–more about our local ‘gardens’ that I frequent for a moment of peacefulness.
        Take care of you—always!!

  2. I like the picture you chose as an opener and I’m wondering if it’s one of your own? It’s not colored in the usual vibrant style I’ve grown to expect of your work, but it’s a wonderfully mystic image just the same.

    Yes, there is a bit of slowdown on Sundays here too as there are no chores or appointments to be considered. Still, I think if I had your garden I’d be found basking in its glory for a little while every day. We must make time for beauty.

    much love

    1. no, it’s not mine. it’s actually a weaver who made rugs in the 20’s. her name escapes me just now. 😉 and to make time for beauty is something i seem to innately do. i guess it’s my muse… hoping to feel better soon so i can enjoy our spring weather. xxx

  3. I love a “no have to’s” Sunday. Here’s to one this week! Great post and terrific images.

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