Watercolor Wednesday

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courtyard deer

Artwork by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.

I had fun painting these visitors to my garden a few years ago.
They came into the courtyard to enjoy my newly planted AND blooming roses as if they owned the place!

Sophie would be very indignant at this LARGE intrusion on her territory.

And here’s some photos I found of the REAL event!

First It Was Turkeys, Now It's Something A Little Bit Bigger and Braver Than Stupid Drunk Men in a Pick Up!
A shadowing figure checks out the amazing delights contained within!

First It Was Turkeys, Now It's Something A Little Bit Bigger and Braver Than Stupid Drunk Men in a Pick Up!

One of three young bucks.  All of them were happily at home feasting on the rose buds…

Ah yeah, country livin’.


8 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesday

  1. It is so wonderful that they venture into your territory. I’ve had them look in my studio window. I stayed very still so as not to alert the dogs who would certainly barked a very noisy objection to the visit.

    1. I believe that mine would be right up asking for hand outs as if I were offering take-out, if I let them. Their only issue for me is the ticks they carry…ugh! Oh, and their size in my small garden courtyard! There were three young bucks! Good morning ! They were saying, munching happily! 😉

  2. Hahaha…if the showed up here I’d invite ’em to come back…and maybe offer up some variety to their cuisine? Dandelions and petunias maybe (both of which I could do without). Oh but it musta been a poor hunting season around here– on the way back from an adventure we stopped so I could try to capture the HERD in the hilly, snow covered fields. It was amazing cuz there had to be near a hundred. I kid you not. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
    I’d just like one or two visiting.
    I’d name ’em of course. LOL
    Nice tribute to your visitors. I like the mystical little fella in the back. And I’m sure he doesn’t eat too much.

  3. Some friends of ours who live just outside Nelson, BC had a young bull moose get stuck when he poked his antlers through the kitchen door. The husband had to grab, twist a bit and push.

    This is such a lovely picture ♡

  4. Linda popping over and seeing what I miss the colours recharge me back take care xxx

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