Buddha Thought for Today

buddha time quote

I leave you with these thoughts to live by ~ at least for today, no?

And a photo of Sophie, the wiliest, smartest, fastest, LOUDEST puppy in the land.
BUT… she is cute!

sophie the beagle

The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


9 thoughts on “Buddha Thought for Today

  1. Sophie looks full of mischief. An hour with a puppy is a whole day long!

    1. yes… i am now in bed with my heating pad! BUT she IS cute!! 😉

  2. Zackly the medicine the doctor ordered…huge smiles even in small doses, methinks. Heck, I even reckon Mr. Grumpy Buckets couldn’t resist that cuteness. And you wanted noisy. Hahaha…careful whatcha ask for, I’d guess.
    I like today’s thought. I certainly needed the reminder. I get caught up in my own whining and drown out the goodness….the joys that I get graced with day after day after day. I’m sure that’s pretty ‘human’of me…but as an alien, I cringe at the thought. LOL!!
    Rest…bond with a heating pad and celebrate the joys!

    1. Umm yes, I got that alright! The noisiest little pooch I’ve ever had the privilege of living intimately with, as in about 19 hours a day. Yep, it’s indeed lively around here. I’m expecting complaints from other mt. dwellers far & wide any time now! I startle well & have had to peel myself off the ceiling a few times when she let out this hoot thing she has. Haha, really, she’s very funny to a point and so teeny, can’t just put her out without being with her and the white yeti! She’s gotten stomped a few times darting to & fro between her and the tables. Oh, it’s a real circus here and apparently beagles fit right in there too, along with organ-grinders. 🙂

  3. And I rested today with the pad but…. It’s a bit wackadoodle to try methinks. 😀

    1. *laughing* “wackadoodle”…..now there’s a word worth stealing! LOL
      Oh, the pup is good for what ails ya–she’ll get ya up and moving and coming up with tales to tell the other mt. dwellers! Spirits of days gone past, maybe. Or a new horn on the tractor (they’ll all want one! Hahaha)…..or ‘what noise?’. That always works for me. 😉
      And folks wonder why Mr. Grumpy Bucket has developed a bit of a tic….. ROFL

      1. Isn’t it tho? I thought you might appreciate it. And you’re right excepting the fact she isn’t making my messed up back better. i’d dearly love to have a wee bit of peace and quiet as whining pups half the night do not allow for restful sleep. And sleep is something that is hard to come by anyway…. ah well. I had a laugh at mr. grumpy bucket with a tic…. poor dear. 😉

        Hoping you have a good day!

  4. Sophie is a doll! Feel better.

    1. Thanks Elena! I’m working on it by getting very bored! Have a grand weekend!

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