Watercolor Wednesday

watercolor horses
ghost horses

Artwork by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.

Man, all music is folk music.
You ain’t never heard no horse sing a song, have you? ~Louis Armstrong


4 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesday

  1. Okay….THIS is way awesome. I had to magnify it and look from a distance ( damn bifocals)…which led to he-who-is-nosy asking “what’s that”, which led to me bragging about your birdie water colour, which led me to telling Mr. Nosy Butt about the synesthesia, which led to showing off a few more paintings which THEN led to showing off your puppy and Mr. Nosy Butt concluding you’re a really cool person.
    Coulda SWORE I’d already TOLD him that(cuz I had!). Mr. Nosy Butt doesn’t retain information well….age, dontchaknow(yup…told him that, too!!). ROFL

    1. Thank you, sweet Mel, I’m glad both you and “he who Nosy Butt” ­čśë … liked the painting. It’s far from done but i am pretty happy with it as far as that goes. i am never happy with my work so go figure. i did like the ghostly quality tho. i’m trying to hold back on the saturated color, and it’s damned hard!

      i don’t retain stuff much either so go figure… thinking i’m not that old but not that young and keep dumping in the supps. xox

  2. They’re just the kind of shadowy yet magnificent creatures I’d imagine you see in a celestial dreamscape. Beautiful.

    1. Me TOO!! How cool is that?! Not quite sure I am in love with them yet but they do have some potential. Trying hard to paint with a lighter palette and touch. Damned hard as I adore color. These horses were a nice pay-off… thus far. ­čśë


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