Watercolor Wednesday

dragon hill-watercolor by countrywomanpaints.com
dragon hill

Artwork by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.

First splashes… and looking like my hillside…( And realizing my IPad is not the best choice as a camera…..)

The artist’s struggle to transcend his pain can become the seed for many others’ hope, transforming a personal journey into a vision for us all.
Diane Cole


10 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesday

  1. Like your Watercolor Wednesday. Hope you have had some rain. Best.

    1. good morning, my dear silvia… thank you! i’m inspired to share a bit more this way. no rain yet but perhaps tomorrow? who knows… best right back to you. xox

  2. That beauty can come from pain always seems to me, to be one of life’s miracles.

  3. A great splash of beauty!

  4. Yup–hill and tree.
    Or….tractor wheel and seat!
    Moonrise and Venus, even.

    I like the beginnings–there’s always so many places to go!

    I need to get out the fingerpaints and just get MESSY! With the paints I mean. LOL I’m always a tad messy, no matter what. ­čśë

    1. Yup ­čśë

      Please get out those messies and “dig in” … Course that’s no figure of speech but since setting up a too small table on which to splash around that is right next to my bedside, there has been no end to my self-expression. Not always pretty, especially the spills and drips and drops popping up but extremely necessary to purge the demons and other meaningless obstacles. I was taught long ago how to use what I have to “process” and it is indeed, very good for the heart.

      I hope you show me your “mess-makings”! xxxxxxx

  5. Really nice splash of color, Adelaide! I see the cutest hippo in there… ­čÖé

    1. Really? haha, there is one in there but hadn’t seen him! xox

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