Drought ~ Photos Worth 1000 Words


Both these photos are taken in the same area.

The photo above was taken last year on the 14th of January.

The photo below is taken this past weekend.

Poor cows….



28 thoughts on “Drought ~ Photos Worth 1000 Words

  1. That is heartbreaking to see.

    1. Yes… i know… and what to do with hay so high we need to keep them “organic grass-fed cattle”.

      be well, my dear♥

  2. oh no :`( those cows need a drink or rain very sad.

    1. There’s no shortage of livestock water just now(yet), thank goodness, but isn’t the land sad? husband took these this past weekend and it’s even shocking to me. and no rain in sight… scary indeed!


      1. I’m glad those cows have water, that makes me happy. But mother does look a tad on the dry side đŸ˜¦

  3. may all have
    the moisture
    they need đŸ™‚

    1. thank you for your kindness and for your comment. i appreciate you leaving your thoughts.


  4. So Sad, Sad, Sad shocking and my ♥ is with you…

    1. dear doron,
      thank you… yes i know it’s shocking, especially in the comparison to last year at this time. it’s sort of freaking us out but not much can be done about it. selling a few head just now is all…. xxx

      1. Linda stay positive easy said when you look around. But it clearly your own fault doing. I am sure something will happen soon. It is very serious as we are not talking on someone life style change but suffering of all concern. It is not your problem alone but us as a society concern. I am sure you are doing everthing you can to look after the livestock but that is a survival. Your message should be everywhere so people understand what is going on. The world talking about many other places around the world but not looking on our doorstep and it is wrong. I wish something can change it. I am sorry to see it and hope someone is listening! xxx

        1. Thank you Doron… I agree. It’s everyone’s problem. In the not too distant future, wars will be fought over water.

          1. They already do I watched a program recently about India and that is what they already do there. The level of water go deeper and deeper and yet 21st century we fly to strange planets instead of making sure to sort us on earth where the majority of it is water! I am sure that someone is finding other solution and I hope yours is on the list very soon. Please don’t stop updating us and hope many are listening xxx

  5. It is sooo scary now. 90% of the orchards around us are now dead. The fire risk is terrible~

    1. how sad about the orchards… i guess they weren’t irrigated? here we haven’t had to do much in that way but the pastures are just gone. as you can see, we have nothing left to burn. this is after the cattle went thru, WITH calves(very bad timing there)…. poor dears. today they are just standing near the trough waiting for rain-it looks like that.

      they will be ok unless we have nothing in the next month. then we’ll have a problem. thank goodness we never irrigate the vineyard(you can see it in the background) but it should be covered in lovely green grass now. it’s as brown as the end of summer…. đŸ˜¦

  6. Your title says it all…

    1. yes unfortunately… sad, isn’t it.

  7. Oh boy….you need a good soaking rain to revive the grass there. Poor cows…poor youse two for more to contend with. We have good seasons, we have mediocre seasons and we have “egads this sucks” seasons. We had our sucky season 2 summers ago when we got hit with a drought. Thankfully, last year made up for that in our region. Ah the life of the farmer, eh?
    Yup….the picture says it all. And yup, pray for rain…sooner would be better.

    1. yes we need more than one good soaking… but doesn’t seem to be on the horizon til march sometime according to long-range forecasters. husband refuses to believe that. we’ll have to wait and see as we cannot change nature nor can we do much about our climate changing…. or maybe we can, eh? sheesh…

      i’ve never seen anything like this and i was born in sonoma so go figure…. it’s not like simply a dry year, i’m afraid. yes, pray for rain… thanks, my dear. xox

      1. March? March?! I wanna be of the same belief as the hubby–I have very little faith in weather forecasters, period. Mother nature does her thing and doesn’t go by their bidding, thank goodness. I’m gonna hope they’re wrong, pray for rain and stand in the middle of my freshly fallen snow and command the next batch to go to California! (in the form of rain, of course…LOL) Lemme know how that works! (yeahyeah….but it COULD work!!!)

    2. Today we’ve decided to stop cattle grazing the land. Many reasons but there comes a time when acceptance and patience MUST come over profits that we don’t make anyway. Let the earth rest, she seems to be crying for it! There are others involved who are losing their small minds over it all and refusing to buy $20 hay bales too. Well, can’t have your cake and eat it too. Stepping aside is wise. I feel greatly relieved if just a little sad. There will be other years and I want to run BLACK SHEEP on our land, since that’s what we are. đŸ˜‰ I’m over cows after all these years.


      1. Awwwwwwww….. đŸ˜¦ Tough decision, I’m sure. It’s okay to give it a rest (in more than one way). Since I adore sheepies I love the idea! But that’s a whole different ball of wool…..LOL I can see the black dots on the hillside and hear them bleating and joyfully playing. SHEEPIES!! Good plan. Maybe a white one or two in the mix just for fun. Ohhhhh….Bella could be a sheep dog! đŸ˜‰
        All kidding aside–tough decisions are tough decisions. I’ll still hope for things to turn around, rain wise–more sooner than later.

  8. Not funny! You guys need water bad – usually this time of year everything is lush.

    1. yes… this photo was taken last january during another drought year. this is the third dry year for california so who knows what’s going to happen. i’m just working on acceptance as things like jet streams and climate is something a tad outside my ability. xox and thank you.

  9. Oh, that’s such a huge difference and so very sad for you and the poor cows. I just had another quick look at the weather forecast for Sonoma and see little sign of rain to come in the near future. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, sweet friend.

    1. Hello sweet susan… Yes, it’s dramatic. Even I was surprised at the extreme dryness and I live here, seen side by side. Sadly the long range weather isn’t showing rain til late march. Not good at all. Some of these cows will need to go. Such is the life of a rancher. xoxox

  10. This is just shocking. It’s way too expensive to feed cattle when there is no grass. The comparison photos really do tell the awful story! I hope you get rain and lots of it soon!

    1. Yes, it’s quite bad here these days. I’m a native sonoma countian and have never seen anything like this. breaks my heart actually… the horses are suffering the worst. they are eating dirt in most places as they need to be sold but their owners prefer to “hope”. it is very sad… đŸ˜¦

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