A Paint Horse

horse of color
horse of color ~ watercolor, 16×12

Artwork by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.

It’s time to realize that if you haven’t done it yet,
you have very little time to do it…
Isn’t that good news? I knew you needed to read that!

So did I.
I’ve had a dreadful influenza for almost a month.
I’ve done very little toward our “Merry Little Christmas”.
It will be just us and while I miss everyone being home, this is a good one to be quiet, eat lightly, enjoy the good weather.
(apparently California is having another drought)

I would love a good storm but they all seem to blow right over us.
Each night the wind whips up, drying the land to the utter bone.
There’s hardly enough new grass for the cows to graze!

One word of advice from an ADHD OCD depressed … perfectionist.


Then you and yours receive the greatest gift of all ~
You + Time.

horse of color
horse of color

Artwork by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.

Be as delicate as possible. If communication accomplishes something on the gross but damages something on the level of feeling then it is a spiritual loss! The feeling is more important for life.

Maharishi Mashesh Yogi

Found Home
Found Home

32 thoughts on “A Paint Horse

  1. Beautiful horse! He has my eyebrows rising and wrinkles smoothen and head ache vaning…Thank you for lightening up my day.

    1. Hi Leya, It sounds like a perfect capture but somehow I don’t see him in your photos!! I’m glad I could lighten your day. Happy Christmas to you! ♥

      1. The same to you, my dear!

  2. What a lovely painting! I had a flu that lasted more than a month a few years back. Through the misery , it forced me stop and be present, a gift really. Merry Christmas to you!

    1. good morning… I’m happy you enjoyed my splashing efforts. Yes, illness seems to do that and for me, I do have to be forced to stop. Happy Christmas to you and thank you for stopping in today. ♥

  3. what an lovely painting. I always enjoy your use of colour. You + time is the best way to spend Christmas methinks. it`s what we`ve done the past few years. This year we are off to spend a few days by the sea with some friends and that will be lovely as well.

    1. Good morning Joss… spending time by the sea sounds perfectly lovely to me. Thank you for your lovely comments. I hope you have a wonderful holiday wherever you are!♥

  4. A wonderful horse. I love the flow and the colors. Did you notice that his head is both frontal and in profile? Maybe the worst of the illness is over and you will be able to relish your quiet. Many blessings.

    1. Good morning Gretchen,
      Yes I couldn’t decide and then liked him being sort of looking both ways… When you splash on as much color as I do, you have to accept what you get and move forward. It’s almost a practice for me because I could fuss for literally YEARS on one painting and have! ­čśë

      If I can just get up and get those presents wrapped, I shall consider my tasks done well. I will be very happy when this crud moves on because this has been the worst in years!! Many many blessings to you. ♥

  5. Linda love the freshness in your ability to paint and always enjoy the colours range which is very special to you. Remember it is not about the quantity but the quality so whatever is ready will do and trust me the people around you always understand and appreciate what you do. It is what we keep inside and show for the people we love and care for. Enjoy the ‘Relax’ and keep find time to paint, they say that alt and number 3 will do the trick.. I am trying ÔÖą

    1. Merry Christmas, Doron!
      Thank you for your kind comments on my random paintings… i seem to be quite rusty but keep on, keeping on…. and my first love is color actually, not always painting. ­čśë
      Be well, relax and have a good week!♥

      1. Rusty!!! if that is rusty I wonder what colours explosion we are going to see here next year!!! You take care and think, feel the best! xxx

        1. Thanks Doron, You are very kind… have a wonderful holiday!

  6. I like this one muchly–you do know the woman with the bob cut next to the horse is some sort of goddess, yes? (LOL I see all sorts of things in your works….that’s a fun thing)
    Happy Holiday to you and yours–I’ll hope the both of you are on the mend and getting a chance to breathe and find your feet.
    You + time is an awesome gift–this from the woman who didn’t have one prezzie to hand out last year, given the circumstances…….but I hear tell we had a happy holiday despite the whole ordeal. (mighta been drug induced happiness? LOLOL)

    It’s easy to let the ‘crud’ get more air time than the good things…..and when we start looking for crud, we’ll find it. Just as we’ll find good when we go looking for good.
    I’d trade a warm drought for a freezing snowcovered some days–but not today. ­čśë (ask me late January…LOL) For me, it’s all in how I’m looking at things.
    YOU+time…is an awesome gift.
    And you’re right–get it going while you’re here TO do it. Time is a precious commodity.

    *sending hugs and warm thoughts*
    Enjoy that holiday of yours, ma’am. Bask in a bit of sunlight and warmth and remember just how very special and cared about you truly are.

    1. Hi Mel…. you see a goddess? Hmmmm, well… it’s entirely possible but rare for someone other than me to see these things! ­čÖé however knowing you, I can totally imagine it. I hope she’s about to take a gallop thru Camelot.

      As for mending, husband and I are barely puttering along here. Between this bug and his surgery, he had the bug before/during surgery, we’re not getting much done. It took a fortified boost to get us all wrapped and under the tree this morning but we’re done excepting he didn’t want to just give me my prezzies… ­čÖé I’m sure the wrap is probably rather hasty but wrapped just the same.

      You and yours have a lovely holiday… I am not sure if I’ll be back before the end of the year or not. I might just take a break from online living for a week. I’m a tad tired and want to spend more time getting back to my painting. Have to choose where to put the limited energy right now, depressing as it is…

      much love and hugs to you! eat chocolate and let everyone else cook. xox

      1. Happy Christmas Eve!
        Ya had me laughing with visions of you and himself wrapped in paper under the tree, sipping hot lemon and honey and moaning out your Merry Christmases.
        We’re doing a ‘laidback’ version tonight–getting together with the Bug, ordering pizza in and making a mess of the house while she gleefully tears into prezzies that he-who-spots-something-she-MUST-have-every-shopping-trip-he-makes has diligently placed under the tree. We’ll have a paper wrapping mess–and I’ll be wading through that for a cuppa coffee, no doubt. LOL
        It’s all easy..and fun. No expectations, other than a good time. And off they’ll go to await Santa at the Bug’s house. It’s something I’ve endorsed since the Bug came along–they’re HOME for the eve’s eve and morning of Christmeas so Santa can come, dontchaknow.
        So we’re all set! ‘Cept for the making of snack plates………that’ll give himself something to fret over since he doesn’t do ‘laidback’ well. ROFL

        Happy Christmas to you and yours…..gotta love that ‘wrapped’ is gonna happen, flu or not…it’s GONNA happen. LOL

        1. Pizza sounds so good right now, being 3 in the morning and me still pittering about, feeling rather yucky… we had a quiet, nice little Christmas Eve here, just us 3 mice and one lumbering UPS man very late on his way… much hot tortilla soup-and tea to sooth the beasties for awhile. And yes, it’s did happen, all done EXCEPT ONE!! Yes, I actually forgot a present!!! Had to go running to the closet where I’d hid it quite well and deliver it to my daughter who’d seen the box(it’s name emblazoned … stupid!) so knew it had to be here SOMEWHERE, MOM!! ­čÖé

          Lots of love to you! I think I might be off for some HOT cocoa again. xox

  7. I used to get very depressed as the holidays approached, but now that I seem to have learned to stop having expectations about particular calendar dates I find myself so much more able to recognize the grace of miracles that come when they may.

    I do hope you’re feeling better after that month long illness. The painting you’ve posted is charged with beauty.

    1. Happy happy, susan… i hear you and agree… i am slowly getting to this point as i realize now that while i love my kids and grands, they totally wear me out. throw in a holiday and all the fixings and there’s no way just now. thanksgiving was a blast and an exhaustion that ultimately gave my husband this awful bug within a few days of their leaving and it’s been downhill ever since. i say this now-no more holiday visits while the kids are carrying every germ known to civilization, but we’ll see. i’ll probably stop being so scrooge-like when feeling a bit better. ……….maybe… ­čśë

      please do enjoy the week, the peace and beauty of the snow and perhaps a quiet dinner, some good chocolate, wine, champagne whatever… much love to you too. xox

  8. Hey ­čÖé
    Sometimes that’s the best gift: time, peace and quiet. I’m resting this one out too; and looking forward to it.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

    1. Hi miche…. it’s been awhile but i’m glad you have been doing so well. i read your blog in my email and am so happy for you. have a wonderfully quiet, peaceful holiday! much love to you too.. xox

  9. Beautiful painting! Love the colors and how every time I look at it I see something new. Hope you are feeling better soon. Merry Christmas and wishing you a wonderful New Year.

    1. Merry holidays, Janell,
      Thanks for popping in and your kindness about my painting. i hope to be feeling better soon as it seems impossible that won’t happen as it’s been so ghastly. ugh… You have a wonderful New Year!

  10. A fantastic mingling of color! I so agree with you-the gift of time:)

    1. Dear Elena,
      I hope you are feeling better but if you have the same bug I’ve had, you aren’t. Drink lots of fresh lemon juice, honey and hot water tea for the throat and cold … seems to sort of help… ugh. the gift of time is something we all seem to forget we need to give ourselves, no? Have a wonderful year to come! I look forward to learning from you. xox

  11. Just found your site! Gorgeous horse…I hope to use it in one of my future postings: may I? (with full attribution/link to you of course). I’ve been heavily involved with horse rescue and now horse therapy with Wounded Warriors; such a relevant combination of color and emotion.
    The syn-phenom is new to me…in naming it that is. I have always been able to ‘smell colors’ (ie-‘ that smells purple ‘) And ‘feel’ beauty, music…your blog is opening the door to greater understanding of this active ingredient in my life…thank you.

    1. Hello Laura and welcome on this Christmas Eve, late, almost Christmas morning… ­čÖé
      I am thrilled you enjoyed the painting and your work sounds compassionate and fulfilling. I imagine the horses are quite healing as are dogs. My Bella would heal just about anyone with her brown eyes, very horse-like.

      I taste color, my wires are crossed into gustatory-visual synesthesia and it’s a weird beast but also quite fun once tamed down a bit. “a bit” being the keywords there… interesting even more to smell color I would think…. there are so many others and i do smell color in certain foods as they cook, etc.

      I hope to become better acquainted as I haven’t met too many who share this path with me. peace and joyous blessings to you and yours.. ♥

      1. There’s alot to research on this new- to- me subject…but one easy thing I can share with you is that one of my longest lasting aspects to this has been the fact that I always had pictures in my mind as I talked. This made learning other languages easier as my ‘translation’ point of reference was not based upon words…however, the past few years I have noticed this has faded from my realm of every day life…a bit disconcerting.

        1. Laura,
          Good evening to you. Hoping you are finding the season full of peace and joy. I didn’t even know i was different until the last decade or so. I happened upon a show about it on TV and was astonished. Since i’ve learned quite a bit more than i knew, of course. I don’t always enjoy being this way as there are millions of colors and not all make me feel good. most greens make me quite ill, in fact.

          My sensory perception hasn’t changed to my knowledge but i have tried to make better use of it in my work. one day soon i plan to paint something simply based on what tastes good but it’s harder than it sounds as with watercolor, my method of choice, it mingles with other colors and changes into entirely new ones, not always to my stomach’s liking! xox

          1. A quick response: ‘seafoam green.’ Now that’s one color that makes me very ill. I discovered that quite by accident one time while in a hotel room surrounded by that fashionable designer color…it’s like I absorb color, sound and my environment deep inside my being…yikes!
            I’m working my way through your links on this subject…
            Yes, this season is filled with peace and joy. I wish the same for you…check out my site and see what you think!

    1. Thanks so much and happy 2014!!!!

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