Fun with Baa Studs

The guys and gals~
It’s a party!

pink sheep in camo
Pink sheep in camo

pink sheep

great pyrenees mixed in sheep
Bella and the sheep
Trevor and his sheep pals
Trevor and pals

6 thoughts on “Fun with Baa Studs

  1. Oh, dear Linda, I abso-posi-lutely loved the sheep ballet movie! It was wonderful and so amazing to see the skill of those dogs too.
    much, much love to you ♡

    1. i love it too… in fact there’ s a few of them so you might be seeing a few more baa studs before i’m thru… don’t you love that name? hahahaha:)

      the pyrs usually work in pairs and so we have decided to get a pup in the spring. are we nuts or what? TWO 100 lb doggies that eat about that much a month per belly is a tad ridiculous but still, we love her to death so if there’s two to love, how can that be bad? listen to all this justification for complete lunacy. that speaks to total practice, my dear. đŸ™‚

      xoxoxo and you have a hot toddy too.

      1. A little earlier today I read that although dogs do recognize their human’s faces they much prefer to look at each other. Makes sense to me đŸ™‚

        1. i know that bella knows who’s who here but am not sure it’s by sight. it seems like it but she’s the most intelligent dog i’ve ever had…. but if she see’s a reflection of herself in the window, she goes nuts and if the cowboy is in the fields with his cow dogs, she goes out of her mind. she seems to really HATE those dogs or both… maybe it’s the guy on the horse too…. who knows…

          dogs are special animals.. we’re so nuts for bella, we’re thinking about another one in the spring– a baby pyr this time. how crazy is that? no, don’t tell me… xoxoxoxox and have a good one, dear heart that you are to me. ♥

  2. Lovely! I’ve seen the baa-stards before but it was well worth another go! Our sheep here are usually painted shades of blue and red đŸ™‚

    1. They are?? I have never seen a painted sheep in reality but it cracks me up everytime I see it. Have a happy holiday! đŸ™‚

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