Orange Lust Distraction


Oh my…
I am now lusting after another rose I saw at my favorite nursery!

And it’s not pink!!!

Called “Va Va Voom”, this one is a big lush hot orange with an enticing, spicy fragrance.
They had two standards (tree roses), very pricey in great big clay pots; so gorgeous I almost fell for them anyway!
{ahem…Husband was with me on this trip…}

Alas, I am still lusting. And practicing “Distraction”.

They were too steep at $345,
even if they were the most amazing orange roses I have ever seen!

rose vavoom-
a gorgeous, scrumptious winner if you like ORANGE roses & I do!!

What was whispered to the rose
to break it open last night
was whispered to my heart.


girl and cat weaving
Gunta Stolzl, weaver and artist-1934

15 thoughts on “Orange Lust Distraction

  1. Glorious pictures and gentle artwork as ever. Thank you

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I am happy you liked my offerings.(waaay past my bedtime here in CA!) Lovely orange roses are so glorious. YUM


  2. Wow!!! I choked on my coffee. LOL At $345 a plant (better be WITH the pot at that price) they are lovely things. And unusual, which is something I rather like. A variation from the norm! I’ve no doubt they’re worth a good look or three….maybe even a trip to the Nursery withOUT the spouse…LOLOL
    Lusting to distraction isn’t an all bad thing. Anything as a distraction can be welcoming. *laughing* Which is how I’m visiting this morning instead of getting myself off to work! ­čśë
    Oh……buy the darn orange things! Life’s too short not to have pretty orange things! (which will be my excuse for a good dozen jack-o-lanters……feel free to steal it!)

    1. Hi Mel,
      You are most definitely on my mind today, my dear. I hope all is well there. Drop me an email, will you please? Like to know what is up, how you are, etcetcetc….
      I love your advice to go withOUT… yes but.. they were in HUGE pots and there would have had to be a pickup somewhere and I frankly don’t want to drive the ranch pickup all the way up to SR to pick up nor pay to have them delivered so…. need a bit of “cooperation” shall we say and let us face it. My money is already spent on these blankety-blank teeth of mine. And then some…. Sadly enough. Maybe one if I can figure it out and NOT look at my bank account dwindling as we get closer to harvest. Always a meager time for us farmer types.

      Yes i agree that distraction will be very good for you too… MUCH MUCH of it… not sure what that is for you but wish I could help by being there to help. Lif’e’s certainly too short for worry…feel better. Much much love and big hug for you. And a bundle of bright, big lush orange roses for YOU! xox

  3. camilla wells paynter August 27, 2013 — 9:48 am

    Mmmmm….boy, can I see why you were tempted! Astonishing! The price is over half a month’s rent for me…it’s all relative! ­čÖé I’ll be sticking with my orange rain jacket, then (and roses are hard to grow here), but wow….and it smells good, too….I am picturing it in what I imagine your courtyard to look like….Beautiful Rumi piece.

    1. Hi Camilla,
      Yes, too too expensive but very worthwhile in a smaller size. I don’t really need more tree roses anyway… I have two huge red ones in my courtyard and they are rather a pain to keep up with all the pruning and feeding. That’s why they live there, it’s easier. I would/could never pay that much for a plant either. And I’d love an orange rain jacket tho with my yellow tinged skin, it would look dreadful on me. ­čÖé

      Glad you liked the Rumi words… I need to move to Hafiz I am thinking. He’s a bit more chipper! But this one spoke to me as my roses are also my morning wander. xox

  4. OH the color! Sumptuous!

    1. yes, isn’t it luscious? ­čÖé

  5. Such a beautiful orange rose. It seems to be translucent. I love Rumi. Beautiful and thank you.

    1. Hi Gretchen,
      I’m so glad you liked my post. I hope someday you see this crazy orange rose-it’s gorgeous! XO

  6. Love it! An eye-popping $345, well that kinds of stops one in their tracks – but beautiful none-the-less.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Umm, yes, it certainly did and still does. But when bare-root season rolls around, you can bet where I’ll be! ­čÖé

  7. Besides missing Powell’s Books, the other thing I really miss are the roses of the west. They do grow here but are scrawny things compared to those. I can well understand your desire for the VaVaVoom ­čÖé

    1. Dear Susan,
      I can only imagine how much you miss the western side of the continent. Poor dear… nothing more sad than a scrawny rosebush. I am planning to send you some of my current potpourri when it’s a little more dried so you can have a bit of rose fragrance for your home from mine. The weather has been so erratic, it’s been hard to catch the buds and blossoms at the right time but I’ve managed to get some. ­čÖé


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