Walking Seeing ~

I live in a spiritual place, walked by Native Americans centuries before me.
I am continually surprised by a small spotted fawn, hidden behind the pickup’s tire or the coyotes, howling in unison, a patch of Naked Ladies in blooms of deep pink, just-fledged blue birds, wire-walking.

At least once a day I wish I had tucked my camera in my jeans…

deer skull

hot air balloon




Eagles Flight at Dawn

deer + birdJust saying hello!


20 thoughts on “Walking Seeing ~

  1. I really need to come stay at your house for a while a rest and paint.

    1. dear benjamin-of course you do realize you are always welcomed here at my home… we’ve plenty of room for all your needs with room to spare… and besides, wouldn’t that be fun! xox

      1. After this winter if we’re both up to it maybe I can come watch the spring blossoms bloom, that would be nice.

        1. Are you still planning a trip to northern Calif. in Nov? Otherwise spring blossoms will surely come and that would be lovely… it’s a quiet time here then. xox

          1. Yes still planning Nov 8th-11th in Pasadena. Weather and funds permitting I’d love to bye and say hi on my way back up north. If not then I would come special in the spring. Maybe do small spring collection to leave with you as a token of gratitude.

            1. ah,, i see…. well perhaps november will work fine… i am flexible. no worries about long-range plans.


  2. Wow.
    I’d never get a lick of work done. Seriously–
    The photos are phenomenal. And how graced you are to be surrounded by the huge vistas and little details. It’s a small jaunt for me to capture the hugeness of where I make my home, just minutes actually. A walk would get me there if it weren’t for the darn brokeness. But getting in the car and taking myself to those places is an option, so I’m grateful. And those details are right outside the door–so I’m equally graced. But I don’t have grapevines OR a big fluffy puppy. Ah, but I do have the sea of corn, the rustle of the breezes and the warmth of others concern for me, no matter where I am, eh!
    (((((((( Linda ))))))))) As do you!
    (I’ll bring my folding chair and just hang around in the vineyard!) ­čÖé

    1. dear Mel,
      We seem to be online at the same time or thereabouts but it’s my guess you have had a night’s sleep, that i haven’t had yet. i am glad you enjoyed my little wander around the place. i needed some peace and quiet as we are still in the thick of things here. ­čÖé

      hoping you are doing OK. i don’t like the word brokenness but hope you do not feel that way in Spirit, dear heart. the rustle of a large stand of corn and yours must be enormous beyond my imagination, is truly like music… beautiful and peaceful. take advantage of it all while it’s there because soon the seasons turn again. we are rushing headlong into harvest here, a month too early or not, depending upon your workload and frame of mind. bring your folding chair and i’ll get mine along with some cake and tea. and i shall meet you there…. i am sure you will know the place. xoxxo

  3. Absolutely stupendous beauty! That pic of your beautiful dog is breathtaking. Glad you are steeped in such beauty and that you share so wonderfully. Thank you.

    1. Kathryn,
      I am happy you were able to come take a stroll on the mountain… it is lovely even during this “brown time” of year, my very least favorite…at least the weather has been relatively cool. xxx

  4. Your visions are truly beautiful.. just like the photographer who happens to carry her camera at the most propitious times.

    I’m glad to know the weather there has cooled enough for you to be comfortable again. It did so here too just as August rolled in and the builders left. It’s wonderful to have the windows wide open and a blanket on the bed (for security as well as warmth, you know).

    I hope you’re feeling better in every way, sweet Linda.

    1. I’m so glad you finally are done with that awful intrusion and course, the blanket on the bed is a must! for me too… the kids have toddled off today so I am returning to a slower pace again-very necessary I might add! phew….. love them to bits but glad to have my house back for awhile!

      I will send some photos when I get them uploaded. soon.dont suppose you’d like my g.daughters first attempts… at nine, she needs some practice but even now she’s got a very good eye as has my oldest little darling, who finally got his iPod with camera! lots of fun for me! xxx

  5. camilla wells paynter August 19, 2013 — 11:39 pm

    Gorgeous tribute the Land you steward!

    1. I am very fortunate but I do wish I’d never forget my camera! xxx

  6. grannyfiddler@gmail.com August 20, 2013 — 11:34 pm

    it’s such a long time since i stopped by – and look what was waiting for me! it’s like a bedtime story picture book. just finished the monthly financial reporting for daughter’s business, and thought i’d wander a bit. so glad i did. many blessings on you and your lovely spot on the planet… and those grand babies.

    1. hi there… sorry, i’ve been offline and didn’t know you had popped in. it’s so nice to see you again. i’ve been wondering how your garden grows and hope it is!! much love to you ♥

  7. Linda, your pictures are so gorgeous! You live in such a glorious spot.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. blessings back, wendy…such a lovely comment and so appreciated. yes, i am very blessed.xx

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