Bella Notte~

I share one of my favorite musicians with you ~ Ludovico Einaudi.

“Peace” rose doing it’s thing… ­čÖé

roses in pink


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  1. Take good care….my thoughts are with you.

  2. Beautiful!
    Get well and feel better. Holding you in my heart x

    1. ah darlin’… you’re very sweet. i am about to toddle off to bed and try to brush my teeth with a mouthful of very sore infections. failing root canals from chelation and otherwise makes me a very uncomfortable hellion. ­čÖé


      1. Oh I can imagine. Not best pleased this end either with an infected surgical site. We’ll be back ­čÖé xxx

        1. k.. you think? not sure here tonight. still haven’t tackled teeth but am NOW going. xox

          1. I admit of no other possibilities ­čÖé Love and hugs xxx

  3. ­čÖé I have gorgeous, soothing music to listen to while I take my coffee in the study and stare at that gorgeous rose nestled in the colours spring brings. What a wonderful slice of creation you get to surround yourself with! Oh…pfffffttttt to all those annoying, bothersome things that happen when a body is revolting. (maybe I intended that pun? LOL) Makes for unfun moments–but I trust those are sprinkled into the joys that happen. And there are joys, undoubtedly. I mean, look at that feast of colour you have! And you had time with grands and kiddos…which was a joy to begin and a joy to end for today. (love ’em when they come, love ’em as they leave..LOL.. Or is it just me that collapses after all that activity and ‘stuff’?! Not good to have mouth sores, not exactly something you get to put a bandaid on and ‘just keep moving’. They suck! But I’m hopeful that’ll get different for you, SOON. You just hang in there, take the time you need to catch your breath after that whirlwind of activity and some quiet time to regroup your head. It’s all good–even when it’s not as I’d like it, in the grand scope of things–it’s still good. LOL If I keep chanting that, I’ll stop kvetching, yes? ­čśë
    LOVED the music!

    1. mel, so glad you enjoyed that delish coffee with that delish music. it IS delish. i have it on my stereo with the ceiling blasters and it’s stupendous! ­čśë drives everyone crazy! heehee..

      well body is and was and still will be revolting i’m afraid. i’ve had so many infections and now the teeth. the TEETH! well the mouth is more like it. OUCH… very depressing actually. i detest going to the dentist and it makes me very ill besides. just sick of it all.

      yes, love ’em when they come and love ’em when they go too. this time was too much for me. i wasn’t well because i had a breast infection… weird i know… and the antibiotic made me sick and weak. and let me tell you that those 4 kids are something to feed and keep busy…. very very tired.

      hoping all is going as can be expected with you. when is the doc? xoxo

  4. Linda we are always here watching you as we also have this monster chronic pains but we are not going to give up. Tomorrow is another day of hope.. take care.

    1. thank you, my dear! lovely to see you…. and do take care. xx

  5. Take care dear Linda and I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day ÔŁĄÔŁĄÔŁĄ

    1. Thank you, dear violet. i am hoping it will be. ♥ to you too. ­čÖé

  6. Ludovico Einaudi’s piece was breathtakingly beautiful – and along side your rose photo… – touched me. I hope you are holding on Linda — know you had the family there visiting and you were so excited, but also know how taxing it can be to participate even in our greatest joys when coping with this demon. I hope the infections are being treated…. so much we need some peace. Holding you in heart as always — Love and gentle hugs ~ Robyn

    1. Robyn, methinks you a mind-reader. but i’m holding steady enough, my dear. it was very taxing for me this time. no idea why excepting i am not well. gee, wonders never cease… i got sort of tired of being the chief cook and bottle washer too. especially cook…oy vey, not my thing anymore!!

      holding you too my dear… keep well and at peace as possible. xoxo

  7. I hope the best for you on your road to recovery. Take care of yourself. I too like Ludovico. Between his music and the beautiful rose, you are surrounded by soothing healing energy. Peace and Light.

    1. walter,
      i am happy you enjoyed his music. it is bliss. i keep moving thru each day, focussed on now. i am very blessed in the beautiful space i find myself. those roses just happened. ­čśë

      namaste my friend.

  8. Ah, the Peace rose! You have brought back forgotten memories of my own Peace rose from so many years ago. She is a beauty. And an enduring one at that. My mother kept this rose in her garden. So, I kept her too. Thank you for sharing her!

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