Rose Teaching

peace rose

The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy.

 Thich Nhat Hahn


15 thoughts on “Rose Teaching

  1. I so wish I knew how, taking care of me has never been somthing im good at. ­čśŽ

    1. i think it’s an acquired skill, to be honest. and your situation is a hard one…. be kind to you. ♥

  2. The word “allowing” is exactly right. The two roses are perfect. Thank you

    1. i am so glad you liked the quote. peace is my favorite rose of this type. so beautiful…

  3. When we see ourselves as connected beings inseparable from all that is, when we see self and world as inseparable mirrors of each other, then the feeling that our personal acts have cosmic significance is rational. When you love your flowers all flowers grow more beautiful.

    Thank you for your lovely roses.

    1. susan – this is such a beautiful comment. thank you for leaving it. and so true as well. i like to think that the small things offered on my blog somehow make the world a tiny bit more beautiful…. since it’s mostly flowers i post anyway, or bella. ­čÖé xoxox

  4. Love the contrast in this photo…and the quote is great, too!

    1. i am not a photographer so any time one comes out right, i’m always happy. this one worked because of the flash going off and actually, it made it more beautiful. and i loved the drying one as well. thanks for your kind words.

  5. Oh what a gorgeously wonderful photo. That the three are clustered, the budding, the new bloom and the aging bloom–it makes it even more significant….at least to me. (I’m the aging bloom!! LOL)

    *sigh* I complicate the simple. I really do. It’s a choice. Happy is a choice for me. In any circumstance, I can choose. And I do! I just don’t always choose HAPPY. Why, you ask? Cuz apparently I like to whine and kvetch and carry on? LOL Seriously–in my case, I lose perspective and I turn my eyes off of what’s good and true in my life…..and I focus on stupid stuff (which is equally true…..but really–why I give it so much air time is dumb. I really don’t LIKE being miserable for lengths of time–little bursts of it…yes…LOL Oy…..).
    It’s why I hang on to the people I hang on to. They have the chutzpa to put it out on the table for me and that helps me ‘get over it’ and move on. No, it doesn’t change the circumstances–but it certainly works (for me) to get me outta that MEMEME miserableME mode.
    Apparently you’re one of the messengers……little did you know! LOL Yes, I was having a MEMEME miserableME moment this morning.
    I can be done now! LOL

    ((((((((((((( Linda )))))))))))))))
    Thanks for the nudge!

    1. good eve, Mel, ­čÖé
      yes, it was meant to be significant. so happy you see the same! yay!!

      i gave your thoughts lots of pondering and realized how much i’ve changed due to my health. i’ve been chronically ill since a surgery in 2001, followed by the fusion surgery in 2003 in which i really went to pieces. during the years since, i’ve had to come to terms with so many of my own limitations that at one time, i wouldn’t have been able to accept. always wanting change, change, change or, in other words, MY OWN WAY…. you know? maybe there are blessings behind illness, enforced isolation, etc. i had to give up my own will and allow it all to be OK. i am far from it all actually *being* ok all the time but gaining on it. life maybe gives us what we need? i am not sure.

      well, apparently i am the messenger! in more ways than one. ­čÖé

  6. It is such a tender photo Linda. And the message – completely speaks to me — where I am right now. I actually just completed a post/poem that speaks so much to this. You will see – and I did a little educational piece with it that I has some foundation in Buddhism, and wonder if you will be familiar. I so hope you are managing ok my dearest friend — I am sending hugs and lots of love – x Robyn

    1. dear Robyn,
      i’m so glad you liked the photo. it was a complete surprise, as they always are. i take so many photos to get the ones i do, it’s really ridiculous!

      i look forward to reading your post Robyn… i have been a practitioner for many years so usually look first at my saved quotes in that vein. they speak most truly of who i am or where i am. strangely… sometimes i am surprised at that or won’t see it until later on.

      i am looking forward to a visit from my son and his family next week. it’s always nuts and so fun at the same time. exhausts me completely too but so very worth it. i am unable to travel to them so must wait til they can get home… it’s always a pure joy with the little ones! much studio time!! i will share when i can, sometimes not til after they go home and i don’t like to post many photos of the kids, nor keep them online for long, but will post something of the craziness when the time comes.

  7. Wonderful photo – and great that your son will visit. Have a great time!

    1. Hello my dear… a bit late on this and i do apologize. between my body and my connection… sighs..
      thank you so much-we are very much looking forward to seeing them all! xox

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