With Flowers~

This night these words say all there is.
With flowers in my hair I am not far away.
From anywhere…

White Tara, Buddhist Goddess of Compassion
White Tara, Goddess of Compassion
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14 thoughts on “With Flowers~

  1. With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair…
    Oh dearheart–it’s a promising but sadly familiar place this tune of yours. There’s a wandering we all do when there are struggles, to places in our heart and in our head. Fields of flowers, warmth and sunlight….that’s what I wish for you this day. No matter what circumstances surround you, no matter what you hear…..fields of flowers, warmth and sunlight.
    It’s all so very non-important, the things that get my attention sometimes. What’s important is what live in my heart.
    You have a place there. ((((((((( Linda )))))))))))

    Rest. Take care of you, eh?

    1. So glad to have you have back posting. Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful times. Beautiful song . Love,Rlte

      1. hello silvia and thank you so much. you are so kind and i bless the day i met you by way of accidentally posting your painting! đŸ˜‰ at the time i felt so bad and little did i know our relationship would blossom as it has. much love, my friend. xox

    2. hi sweet mel~ it is good to find myself in front of my keyboard saying hello to my kind readers like you. thank you for your support throughout our heart’s touching. you are a dear…

      today i did spend the day with flowers literally in my hair as falling petals from eglantyne, my sweet english rose. đŸ™‚ so all is well, i am happiest puttering with nature, even with the little critters that somehow make me smile. we have some rather deep ditches dug right now for the sprinklers to be moved as we are doing a little bit of re – “landscaping”… ahem. anyway the moles can dig 100ft in a day so they are rather tricky little blind devils. today i followed their tunnels as they went directly into the ditch! but no moles… i looked more closely to see the tiny little paw prints as they must have made their way back up to the tunnel’s opening and away they went all over again backwards! still makes me smile. đŸ˜‰

      blessings to you of spring and sunshine!

  2. “And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears.
    And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
    Get over your hill and see what you find there,
    With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.”

    These words really touched me Linda — you are a testament to strength, and inspiration to all of us who struggle more than seems necessary or fair. Like you, I hold on to the vision this day – “there will come a time….” — In the meantime we must keep faith that it will be for you, and me … so much love ~ praying you are making some progress. Holding pattern in many ways for me — likely needing to explore surgical avenues again… dreading. Love and Blessings ~ xRL

    1. dear robyn–
      isn’t this lovely. the lyrics so touched me. and you too are a testament of all we can be despite our bodies getting in our way. you are an inspiration to me. even with surgery raising it’s ugly head, if need be, you will get thru it. and i will continue to be nearby, always keeping you in my heart.

      i was going to post about my “health” today but didn’t so maybe tomorrow tho probably not much depth as i don’t feel like it. i am sure you know what i mean. đŸ™‚

      much love and light, dear friendxxx

  3. This is such a beautiful song. You are so in your heart.

    1. dear gretchen,
      i am so warmed to know you liked this too. it touched me deeply for some reason. and yes, i do try to be in my heart as in my heart lives my mind if i am able to keep it there… it can be so hard to not go up into that head of mine and then get lost…. meditation one way or the other is the answer for me, be it sitting or gardening or gazing at deer and cows… love much. xox

  4. May Tara watch over you, my friend, and may the sunshine warm your heart.

    Write down how many things you want.
    Meditate on how many things you need.
    When you write them down
    You will see
    That you want millions of things.
    When you meditate
    You will notice
    That you need only one thing
    And that is God the Compassion,
    God the eternal Compassion.

    ~ Sri Chinmoy

    1. oh susan, this is so true, isn’t it? desire is not much different than clinging however it can get much accomplished given one’s motivation. strangely…. it is looking into motivation that disturbs the purity of desire methinks.

      compassion is so needed in our world today, everyday but seems lately more is needed. hoping your strolls on the atlantic are bringing you much lovely light. much love to youxxx

  5. After two days of rain with two inches of water added to the flood stage rivers and creeks–yup…..flooding! LOL It’s always an adventure ’round these parts. Oh, but the sun is up, shoving the clouds out of the way, and I’m invited to play in…mud. LOL Well, at least patio sit and stare at the mud! And watch for our ground squirrel and tree squirrels. They’re out and about–and no amount of grumbling from my kindly neighbor will give him permission to introduce a chemically laced peanut to them. He assured me he wouldn’t DARE–cuz I know where he lives. LOL
    I’m glad you’ve been digging in dirt and putzing around the garden, letting the sunshine and outdoors do what it does for the soul. Moles are funny creatures, which we don’t have at this moment. But we WILL get a ground hog, I’m sure! Fat furry things that know no fear of humans, they wobble across the patio to get to the beets the neighbor will eventually plant. đŸ™‚
    Geoffery the ground hog! (I name ’em all!) I think you should name yours and feed ’em and have a new pet–though I’m not so sure the puppy will take kindly to him. Or….maybe they could be buddies?
    Staying out of the head…..a very good thing! Well done, you. Constant battle for me, I swear, but one worth engaging in–afterall, I have a day to enjoy and STUFF to play with…..why would I wanna give that up?!
    You just keep doing what makes your soul soar.
    That’s all folks want for you. Well, that AND for your body to knock it off.
    *huge hugs*

    1. good morning mel and happy mom day! weekend. đŸ™‚
      so far i’ve eaten about 2# of Sees candy in form of peanut butter cups and mints GF should you be wondering… so good to be so bad.

      YAY on that rain tho sorry to hear of the flood stage being so high. how’d i miss that? had no idea it was so crazy out there where you are. at least you see the sun today and i’m hoping that’s a good sign of the rest of the weekend without actual floods.

      i wondered how your leg is doing? i’ve sort of not caught up with you yet in that dept. are you just now with/out the traveler? i abhor squirrels, they are a nuisance, rats with bushy tails. HATE THEM! most think they’re cute but thinking they just don’t know their devilish ways yet. do NOT feed them! you will never have another thing growing… and more besides as they invite all and every relative they ever had.

      yes digging and digging. my fibro is really acting up but as one old wise woman doc said “you’re gonna hurt so do what you like to do and hurt and feel good at the same time.” wise words, no?

      ground hogs…… pondering those. not sounding too positive . and no i am not going to feed my fat little moles etc. they are just fine and plenty plump given the immense road building project being conducted all around my house. that’s one big project with a cement pad besides they’ve managed to conquer with mini-dynamite is all i can figure.

      “Body”, Mel says ‘knock it off!!!'” there… that should do it. đŸ˜€
      xoxox much love you.

  6. Vesak day is just the corner, I think I should Blog something related!
    Thanks for the reminder! May peace and calm be with you! đŸ™‚

    1. hi Sydney and thank you. the same right back to you. xo

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