“Show Me The Place” as if there was one…

If there was a place, Leonard…
Somehow I think not.

Just look at this gorgeousness!

“Autumn Sunset” floribunda rose

floribunda rose-autumn sunset

Spring is here.
I am wearing myself out planting and digging in the wet dirt.
Nothing does my spirit more good than that.
And I cut my own hair.

Luckily I have curly hair so a snip here and there hardly matters.
It always does what it wants to do anyway.
Sort of like it’s owner…

And for the first time in 8 years, my cyclamen decided to bloom!
That’s a sign

8 year cyclamen appears-countrywomanpaints.com

“Show Me The Place”

~Leonard Cohen



24 thoughts on ““Show Me The Place” as if there was one…

  1. Breath deep dear one light is on its way.

  2. I like to keep thedoctors at bay as much as possible. It is my body after all. A tremendous ordeal for you. I think the cyclamen blooming is positive. It is very good that you think so. Much love.

    1. Gretchen,
      Me too but can’t seem to the past decade… very tired of it too. I think it’s blooming is a good sign too and nobody could have been more surprised than i! thanks so much, Gretchen. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving me your words of wisdom.

  3. Such beautiful flowers from a beautiful friend. Sure sorry that you are having problems with the medicines. Many good wishes,Silvia .

    1. Ah dear Silvia,
      thank you for such a kind comment. and you too, are a beautiful spirit of a friend. much love…

  4. ” Nothing does my spirit more good than that. ”

    You said it, Linda! Getting out within nature is one of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling out of sorts because it’s so HEALING. And you, being an ‘earth sign’ can truly identify with that. The earth is grounding.

    Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your white hair (as is) because when I was still a cosmetologist, I convinced most of my customers to just let hair go white without coloring it. I LOVE white/grey hair on both men AND women. I think it’s sexy!

    Sending ya a big HUG, my friend….

    (((((((((( You ))))))))))))


    P.S. gorgeous photos!

    1. Dear Ron,
      Yes, I do like my white hair but will admit that it came on so fast, it was rather shocking. But i hadn’t been to a salon in months so it was bound to come up “it’s true colors”-so to speak! ­čśë now sexy? hmmm, will ponder that one. xox

  5. Great photos and good signs. I’m glad you accept and love the white in your hair. That – is beautiful too.

    1. Thank you for your always kind comments. I have been enjoying your posts lately. I do like the white and am glad it’s not gray as that would make me look terrible i think… much love to you.xo

  6. Beautiful work my friend. Always stay inspired and in love with your self.

    1. Welcome back Walter,
      Thank you for your kind words, as always. And I shall! ­čśë

  7. Cyclamen blooms and gorgeous roses! Holy cow…amazing photos. And nice tune to accompany them, btw.

    Sailing, eh?
    Wow….must be nice for him and agitating for the patients? ;-/ Heck, I’m agitated and I’m NOT his patient. Mine went on holiday for a week, too. I shall ask if it was sailing next time I see the little fella. LOL Oh, I know–they get their time too. But for some reason, I get stuck in my head that the world oughta stop while I’m going through this silliness. LOL Yes, I know–me and my magnifying mind! Life, the world and doc’s with their vacations…go on. *insert rolling eyes* The obviously don’t know how important I AM! LOLOL

    I’m sooooooo with you on the white hair stuff. Not that I’ve coloured mine–I’ve refused. And I KNEW there were a few showing up–but GOOD LORD they decided to have a party and invite every friend and friend of a friend that they had! *sigh* And it’s long……and two colours..and when I put it up, as I generally DO–oh boy….looks like a hairpiece stuck on there, apparently. Or so says he-who-has-none. LOL Bless his heart–yes, he’s still breathing.
    You just keep playing in dirt and deciding for you…it’s what you do and who you are. And it’s your body.
    Gotta admit that the sound of that EDTA stuff isn’t real inviting–but seems none of the solutions they’re offering you is a walk in the park.
    Play in the dirt–buy some time…decide what works best for you. Let him sail boats. LOL And for goodness sakes, play in dirt LOTS. It soothes a weary soul-

    1. My Dear Mel,
      You always give me a smile when I read your words first thing in the morning. My, you do get up early don’t you! Makes for a looong day unless you go to bed with the chickens! Yes, I try to remember he has a life too and most are retired at his age anyway so i do feel blessed he is still with me. He lost his wife a few years ago to breast cancer-awfulness as you will imagine-and i thought he would cash it in but he came back stronger than ever. Now his daughter is there too and he’s opened another practice so….. as he jokingly puts it, it makes him a better human being and the way he speaks of his joy at being at sea is truly inspiring. I am rather scared of the ocean having almost drowned as a child but listening to his stories of whales and dolphins playing makes me wonder if i am not missing out on something…. maybe a cruise would do both of us good-husband and i.

      i got out the paper and pen and scribbled-literally-you a note in answer to yours last night. you will laugh as what it looks like but at least it got done. i explained it’s dreadful appearance. i had received your letter yesterday and since, for me, email, cold as it is, is much more efficient for me with all the pain, i wanted to send you one but didn’t . i scribbled on some UGLY paper and do hope you can read it. it’s gone already with he-who-rises-with-chickens! ­čśë

      yes i shall play in dirt and i wish you could too. i am getting worried now over that problem you’ve got and the snaps and pops. well, we will do what we have to, right? i have sent for the edta, speaking of doing etc, and will give it a whirl after husband’s suggestion.we shall see! onward and upward… xoxox

  8. Both of those drug regimens sound pretty intense to me as well. Industrial cures for industrial diseases, eh? Playing in the dirt seems to have worked out well for you over the years (they are gorgeous) so your plan to continue while your doctor goes sailing again sounds like a very good idea.

    Much love to you, my friend.

    1. dear susan… I need to email you… it’s been too long in between… time keeps sliding by and leaving me feeling behind…something. it’s an illusion, of course! and I shall write!

      yes it is industrial and I’m one unhappy camper for sure. I cannot even get clear answers to my many questions but have enough experience now (I think..hope!) to do it according to MY BODY’S needs and not a script! if this proves too strong,I’ll just go more slowly! it still gets the lead out..HAHA…just takes awhile! since it didn’t get there in a few months time rather years, it makes no sense to me that it can or should be rushed out either, especially given my reactions. but I am growing more skeptical of the wisdom behind chelation methods. I guess I’m creating my own!

      yes, I am happily keeping it simple and sticking with my mud! not too many “should” moments except pondering a dental appt. YIKES! hate that but must take care of the little suckers… seems they aren’t too happy of late either. I’m not so sure it’s coincidental either but going to find out! if not one thing, it’s another! I’ve had over 20 root canals and hoping they aren’t beginning to fail as apparently they do after several years! ­čśŽ

      much love to you xoxox

  9. After 8 years – indeed, it is a sign.

    ÔÇťBut for one’s health as you say, it is very necessary to work in the garden and see the flowers growing.ÔÇŁ
    ÔÇĽ Vincent van Gogh

    1. thank you rebecca… a lovely quote! xox

  10. Wow….if it was good enough for van Gogh….LOL I need to skip work and do some myself! Okay, okay…AFTER work…after the rain turned to snow. YES…..SNOW. *sigh* I think this is one of those years that we could be doing snow til May. I seem to recall growing UP in that weather cycle…..seems I get to grow OLD in it as well? And boy….do I feel old as everyone jogs past me and wishes me a ‘good day’. Me and my crutches and fake walking. LOLOL Ah well. He-who-has-humour suggested a sign on my back when I tried for a stroll outside. I think he’ll have time to construct it today. Silly snow….*sigh*
    One foot in front of the other. We’ll get there–wherever ‘there’ is. And I hope it’s okay to take a break from all the ‘drama’ associated with ‘that which ails us’…..cuz I do. There are days I look at folks and say ‘we’re not talking about my brokenness today–WHAT brokenness?’….and give ’em the blind look. I’m more than my brokenness, indeed.
    Oh, but I AM going to apply stickers to the brace! Silly thing….

    I adore scribbled notes, btw. LOL I send enough…LOL….receiving some is fair play! ­čśë I think I’m in a better position to scribble than thee–I don’t have plants calling to me, dirt wanting to be played with….clouds and sun to capture in photos. Well, I have SOME…….in between snow showers? LOL You just do what you need to to take care of you. And I’ll do likewise–and we’ll keep hoping and praying for the other. That’s what we do, eh?
    Along with consuming gallons of coffee……and terrorizing the folks we share a home with. LOL
    I LOVE to watch that one’s head spin! ROFL

    1. SNOW AGAIN? I see there were some tornados last night too! it was in the 80s here yesterday and warm again today! stickers yes… with that little one of yours, I hope! brokenness …. you know, since I didnt break anything, I don’t hear it either. I also see few humans other than those I live with so maybe its a normal state of being! who knows, life keeps going FOREWARD … me too despite this body of resistance I confront daily!

      terrorizing? of course I do! i have utility co. wary now! I’m proud of my ability to ” make myself clear”!!!!!! the weapon helps,that and my ability to make my head spin! haha! xox

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