Cosmos of a Rose…

eglantyne austin rose -- countrywomanpaints©

Just for you today…
Revel in Spring no matter the color of the sky.

My hard eyes broke and grew a rose

Whose one huge eye saw only you

Flowering in cosmos after cosmos

Laughing as we grew.


roses and lavender


11 thoughts on “Cosmos of a Rose…

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!

  2. A gorgeous rose and the Rumi poem is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I noticed you changed the areas around the blog. I like what you did. Have a great day. Rlte

    1. Silvia~ Thanks for always popping in to say hello and leave me a few words. I’m glad you noticed and like the new background. I thought the other was overpowering the center and i’m trying to “un-busy” it. I’ve a tendency to clutter 🙂 in case you haven’t noticed!!

      Hoping you have a good weekend. ♥

  3. Beautiful bloom ~ and so lovely, Rumi’s verse you chose.. I am thinking of you, and hope you are managing ok these days… Any insight from the Franklin imagery work? I am still trying – it’s not an easy task …. looks like I will be back to trying more injections soon–enrolling a local physiatrist to try to assess my case – just need someone here following me — very much on my own “private island” with my disjointed body these days…. Sending you much love and huge hugs~ RLx

    1. dear Robyn~ I’ve had you much on my mind but haven’t been online much due to my restrictions of this and that. Getting tired… literally and figuratively. I’m glad you enjoyed my offerings. To be honest i haven’t yet watched my dvd about the franklin work because i’ve been over my head with too much info regarding everything including new dental issues i need to deal with pronto. of all things, i do detest the dentist but found a “biological” one nearby that i think, tho it will cost me a fortune, she will work with me with my needs, pain issues, MCS etc etc… ad infinitum.

      I wish you didn’t feel like you were on your own private island tho i think that is prevalent amongst those of us with diagnosed “undiagnosables”. it’s really frustrating but the way it is. we are always seeking. that too gets on one’s frayed nerves quickly. i hope the doc you saw in chicago might help you with a doctor referral there. that would be a tremendous help for you since you were able to get so much from his program.

      i welcome your words anytime and am always here for you should you need a listening ear. we shall persevere, no worries, right? (she says with eyes rolling… ) 🙂 and if you notice my absence on your blog as to commenting, it is because i am so limited here in my ability to sit, etc. bodies fall apart (thank you Pema) and mine already did-at least that’s how it feels….

  4. Seriously?!
    *sigh* Well…..we had snow mixed with rain yesterday so nahnahnahnahnah! 😛 Betcha didn’t get THAT?! HA.
    *laughing* You can tell when desperation sets in, I start acting like I’m all that and a bag of chips cuz I have snow and you don’t. LOLOL Yes, you need to question my sanity cuz it would seem that it’s up for grabs.
    The background changed again! (I’ve decided it’s NOT me and it really DOES change so I can mention it….LOL) And you have roses..and beautiful words by Rumi (whom I’ve looked up and had a read on, btw…pretty heavy stuff) We have gray skies and….rain that hopefully won’t turn to snow today.
    And we have singing birdies–totally over the top that there are confused, half frozen worms hanging around. LOLOL I think I’m of that ‘worm’ mentality about now. JUST sayin’….
    If sunshine and warmth, the birdsong of spring, and the splash of colour was something I could order up–I’d order it up for you. Because it seems to do your heart good. Because I wish and hope good things for you. Because you’re worth it and you matter.
    And because I ain’t gonna get it til May anyway? LOLOL
    MEANT the other ones!! (might mean that last one too….)
    (((((((((( Linda )))))))))))))
    I shall go watch birdies make the most of the moment and whap myself into doing the same. 😉
    Happy Friday!!

    1. Mel, hi and happy spring!! 😉
      Poor dear, let me say that if i were you, my sanity would have already fled. too much of a bad weather winter. come on, it’s spring now!! has been for a month already almost. and YES, i change things quite frequently everywhere i live, including here. i was tired of that background and it was too busy even for me but hadn’t really figured out what to do about it til i took this painting, shrunk it and used it. i think it loads quickly enough. and i like it for now…..

      rumi is a heavy guy and weirdly weird for his time and this one. it depends on translations. i am reading a new one and like it better but think perhaps the essence of rumi is a bit skewed. he tended towards a depressive outlook and much of what i read i would never use here. so i think i know what you mean.

      (((mel))) have a good weekend!

  5. I hold my iPad close to my nose and imagine I can smell it’s sweet scent. Sigh. Humor me. Like Mel, my brain is frozen, and sanity up for grabs. I’ve put roses on my wish list for future additions to the yard around the B & B. just snuggling inside the pot pre bed. Holding on. Blessings

    1. Good morning from sunny Cal. my dear… geez everyone i know here is freezing to death. we have been enjoying our usual and i almost don’t want to discuss it anymore since so many are having such terrible weather. and tornados… ugh.. i’m always waiting for the “big one” so i guess that’s sort of like a tornado but we just get these little “reminders” shake us up once a month or so. I like on top of an earthquake fault, small but boisterous be she. 🙂

      I am so looking forward to watching your garden grow. it will be such fun. buy lots of garden book in the meantime, it will keep you sane. time will come and your sun will shine. thank you for always being inside the pot as i need the holding, sweet girl. Blessings back. xox

  6. camilla wells paynter April 15, 2013 — 8:54 pm

    These pale pink ones are my favorites! Lovely, lovely photo (and perfectly chosen words!).

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