Andrew Wyeth ~ Art to me is seeing…

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. Andrew Wyeth


Art to me, is seeing. I think you have got to use your eyes, as well as your emotion, and one without the other just doesn’t work. That’s my art.
Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Newell WYETH ( July 12, 1917 — January 16, 2009), a painter of landscape and figure subjects in Pennsylvania and Maine, became one of the best-known American painters of the 20th century. His style is both realistic and abstract, and he works primarily in tempera and watercolor, often using the drybrush technique.

At the Kuemers-Andrew Wyeth
At the Kuemers

Andrew Wyeth maintained a style strongly oriented towards Realism when Abstract Expressionism was all-prevalent. Adhering to his own path, he was snubbed by many prominent art critics. However, his paintings have elements of abstraction in that the work derives from his strong feelings about his subjects, which often appear in unusual positions, juxtapositions, and with features highlighted for emotional effect. His work usually suggests rural quiet, isolation, and somber mood and is devoid of modern-day objects such as automobiles.

rada wyeth

In 1937, Wyeth’s first one-man show of watercolors depicting scenes around Port Clyde, Maine, sold out at the Macbeth Gallery in New York. In Maine, Andrew first spent his summers in Port Clyde with his family, but after his marriage to Betsy James in 1940, he and his wife went regularly to Cushing.

Christina Olson of Cushing, at the end of Hathorn Point, was his most famous model, but over the years, Wyeth formed close friendships with – and painted – several other Maine neighbors. His closest friend, Walt Anderson, gradually ages before the eyes of viewers in numerous Wyeth drawings and paintings that show life’s changes from the youthful Young Swede (1939) to the older man in Adrift (1982).

Around the Corner

The Olson House is the first property ever named to the National Register of Historic Places for being recognized as the site of a painting, Christina’s World, one of the most recognized paintings in American art.

After the death of Christina Olson, Wyeth used female models Siri Erickson of Cushing, and Helga Testorf of Chadds Ford. Depictions of the nude Helga, a total of 240 works, provided grist for an avalanche of sensational publicity. The Helga paintings were exhibited in 1987 at the National Gallery of Art, the gallery’s first exhibition of works by a living artist.

Andrew Wyeth_day dream

Andrew Wyeth passed on in his sleep at the age of 91 on January 16, 2009 at his home in Chadds Ford.
Andrew WyethA handsome man…



16 thoughts on “Andrew Wyeth ~ Art to me is seeing…

  1. there is a gentleness and softness to his work that I so love – a blurring or smudging of life’s sharp edges. Very cool sign – I’m working, don’t bother me – I think all artists/creatives would resonate with that. Do take care of you. you are often on my mind and I continue to send strength and healing energies your way.

    1. I’m glad you love his work like I do, joss. 🙂 I need a large sign like that if I ever get back to making art… thank you for your healing energies. xo

  2. Hi Linda, you educate us despite not feeling well. Thanks for the interesting Andrew Wyeth material.
    I like the painting you posted. Love your colors. Rlte

    1. thank you, my dear Silvia. I’m glad you liked! xx

  3. camilla wells paynter March 5, 2013 — 4:55 pm

    LOVE this stuff! I was in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) in 1987 and was very fortunate to see an unprecedented exhibit of Wyeth’s and his son James’ paintings there, where they were very well received (Russians are art-lovers. People lined up for blocks to see them). It was surreal…the pale light of the snow-covered pastel city made me feel I was in one of the paintings…walking around trying to read the exhibit notes with my fresh-out-of-classroom Russian, and realizing that many of the local viewers knew more about these quintessentially American artists than I did. A funny way to see them for the first (and only) time! This is a lovely post…brought back the whole experience for me!

    1. Camilla, I’m so glad this post brought you so many happy memories, all of them sounding wonderful too! interesting they liked an American artist like that, not what I would have expected! I do love his son’s work too! xox

  4. Amazing to look at these Linda… I am not well-versed in Andrew Wyeth’s work ~ I love the concept of “realistic abstract” —
    Hang on dear friend — I am glad your doctor is back in town ~ did not realize it was he who you meant when you said “he” was going sailing – thought maybe hubby. I am keeping you in heart — praying with each passing day you feel improved and stronger… as these toxins are dismissed from your body… One moment at a time is best we can do … Wrapping up here this week – with tools and insight but no cure (as we’d known would be case)… Will give it some time and and I guess have to consider more surgery if nothing changes… Much Love to you dear friend ~ Robyn

    1. no issue here Robyn! and won’t be back til next week either…sigh… now fighting off diverticulitis attack and am not surprised w all the crap I keep dumping into me. I wish things had come out better for you and certainly hate to read the word surgery … we do what we must however but keep a positive thought for yourself as will I. xox

      1. thank you so much Linda ~ I have no regrets as I could not have asked for a more caring and brilliant team with regard to the biomechanical training…just not sure what else is lurking – as you know – there is often more than we know in cases like ours. You are in my heart and prayers– diverticulitis is not good — i hope they can get that managed asap.. you poor dear soul.. you have had enough and i so just want you stable and feeling better. Huge hug — xo – ps: tomorrow is my departure ~

  5. Lovely, lively painting of yours, my dear. I hope you’re well enough soon to return to your studio.

    The Wyeth story is a remarkable one, isn’t it?

    1. hi dear susan…. I am missing our emails back and forth! sigh…will this ever end? thanks for popping in like always. yes his was a remarkable path. much love to you. xox

  6. What amazing use of light and shadow in his works. And what a LOT of work he gifted the world. Water colours are amazing–and he seemed to have the knack of how to make them work for him. Yep, I’m liking the buildings and the freckled women–and the shadows. The video was wonderful–and AT&T thanks you! 😉
    Ah, whatever works to make things a bit easier, I say.

    *sending warmth and prayers*
    Another week of sailing for the doc means he’ll be centered and focused on return. (I’m sure! LOL ME too…..darnit I shoulda thought of that!) And I’ll remain hopeful that the process will start to get different. OH my gosh….seems like it’s one after another for you–even though I know there are moments of joy and beauty. *sigh* Hang in there–moment by moment, one moment at a time.
    NO obligations–remember?

    1. I’m so happy you liked!
      he’d better be on his BEST BEHAVIOR! 😉 today’s been a not so good day for my belly. ah well, it feels like I have to get this done but…. GI doc thinks my years of UC and now diverticulosis too, may have been caused by lead. and now damage is done, sort of like robyn, it’s sometimes too late to reverse the damage. hard to hear but acceptance is absolute and unwavering. I’ll survive to play again…. 😉

      thanks for being there, melXo

  7. There’s something familiar with the little girl in the field–I think it hung at the family home. I’ll have to ask the sister who knows things. LOL In the meantime, I’ll hope for a better belly day. I know about the ‘sometimes it’s damage done’–truly, for me, an answer was welcomed, even if I didn’t LIKE it. And you’re right–you wrap your head around it, embrace the acceptance–and keep moving. Still–regardless of damage done–NO MORE damage by letting it keep house in your body would be a darn good thing, I think. Oh, that’s just me wanting to dig out my voo-don’t doll to stick pins in the lead and cure you of all that’s ailing you. Bit impatient with modern medicine, I’d guess…LOL Well, that and we all know I’m a control freak.
    I’m going to hope we’re done with snow for the week (yes……again!!!) and for the sunshine to melt the snow on the patio(–or at least the sidewalk?) so I can escape and have an adventure!! It’s either that, or I’m resorting to carrying the salt shaker and emptying it every time I open the kitchen window for fresh air. :-/
    Oh wow…..that is such a GOOD plan!! I’ll add salt to he-who-keeps-“now, now-ing”-me’s shopping list!

    Oh……if you’re feeling better–a bit of dirt digging is good for the soul! (add water–make mud pies!)

  8. August 20, 2013 — 11:57 pm

    must learn more about Andrew Wyeth…. breathtaking! thanks for the webinar :0) prayers and blessings

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