Pretty Pink Planet with Marie Antoinette ~

Sometimes one must take a vacation from everyday life.

The weather in Sonoma County has been glorious so I am pruning my dozens of roses, one a day, most days.

Courtyard Garden Roses

I thought it might be fun to share some of what I’ve found now that I can “go faster”!

And while we’re at it, let’s go to Paris.
This is my style of travel. FAST!

There’s something about Paris….

Marie Antoinette in muslin dress and wide-brim...

Marie Antoinette in muslin dress and wide-brimmed hat. By Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun (1783).

Love her painter was a woman!

A young Marie Antoinette in her hamlet, away from hectic life at the palace.MARIE ANTOINETTE

She is famous for having said
“Let them eat cake.”

In reality she was very aware of the suffering around her.
She had her hamlet created for both her sanity and to create dairy products and grow food for the starving population who hated her.

Sadly she was a misunderstood too-young woman. Finally one day….

Marie Antoinette's execution in 1793 at the Pl...
Marie Antoinette’s execution in 1793 at the Place de la Révolution

12 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Planet with Marie Antoinette ~

  1. What a delightful post. So interesting about your connection with Marie Antoinette. I majored in French twice and love all about French history. You give us great info.
    Hope so much your next treatment is tolerable as well as your med.
    And last but not least thanks for sharing the gorgeous rose. It warms the heart on a gray, NC mtn. morning with flurries.
    Have a great day. Keep enjoying your roses. Perhaps we will soon get to see color. Trees are starting to bud and the daffodils are been seeing. Rlte.

    1. sweet Silvia, I’m happy you enjoyed my small offering today! yes I was completely shocked to find such a close link to the Hapsburg clan. my son did the geneology on my fathers maternal grandmothers side and discovered it. once you find one you find them all since they wrote it all down!! no wonder we have some health issues in the family!

      I am feeling very up and down and so tired.. my brain is a bit recovered for now but I am dreading starting again….oh well, it won’t kill me. we’re waiting to hear on a son’s test now… fingers crossed.

      much love to you. xox

  2. Good morning, Linda!

    What a faaaaaaabulous post!!! That first vintage photo of Paris is beyond stunning! And I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the two clips of fast travel! The second one reminded me of when there was still the “Concord” and could get to Europe from the U.S in 3 1/2 hours. I would have loved to flown the Concord to Japan because it took me 27 1/2 hours – UGH!

    And thank you for sharing the movie clip of MA because I’ve never seen it. I was so delighted to see Judy Davis in the clip because I adore her. Incredible actress!

    I know you’re not feeling well right now, but your light and beautiful spirit still shine through within this post.

    Please know that I send you energy everyday….

    ((((((((((((((( You )))))))))))))))))


    1. dearest … thank you for your own sweet spirit, as always. I’m happy you enjoyed my offering this morning. much love to you, sweet Ron xxxxx

  3. camilla wells paynter March 1, 2013 — 9:22 am

    I’m stuck on the rose…YOUR photograph of YOUR rose?? Both the growing and the photography are an art, magnificently executed on your part! I’m duly impressed. Take care of yourself with the same artistry. 🙂

    1. yes it is…we have a courtyard here and my roses get extra attention and care inside it’s warmth during winter. we are rolling in meyer lemons and have been since christmas!! take care of you too. xo

  4. Me. Couch. Kindle. Until I’m fed up and stick my tongue out and just get on with it. Sometimes we just get up and do it anyway…or we build a guillotine in the livingroom….LOL. JUST a figure of speech dearheart! He-who-does-it-all is safely tucked in the basement, guarding the power tools. :-/
    I’m glad to hear of the bits you are getting to do cuz they replenish you even if they physically are draining some times.
    I’m going to be hopeful for what’s next. And yes, sometimes the cure feels worse than the disease. *sigh* I just want things better for you….and for your children. I send prayers for you all.

    Wow that you were able to trace it back. Wow that there’s that connection… awesome to get to know that. And rawrrr the the Kindle thingy won’t let me watch some things. I WILL figure out how to change that! Oh but I do adore that first photo…..
    ((((((( you. )))))))

  5. Ohhhhh……NOW I’ve watched the clips! And now I want paper, glue, string and the camera. 🙂 Oh my gosh, what great fun that must have been to be the one cutting and pasting. Not so much the one having to do the placement and snapping–but I could DO the cutting and pasting…and get covered in glue and string. *laughing* How fun! And the flight video with the northern lights was fantastic. But the movie clip made me laugh. I’ll have to see if I can locate the full movie/series. OH my gosh, I can’t imagine having to live in that environment day in, day out. I’d be kicked out of the royal family in short order. 😉

    I’ll hope today gives you a day of sunshine, warmth and peacefulness….lots of peace. And lots of trips to hold on to those roses and enjoy their presence. We’ve got white stuff, but I can feel spring coming. Robins are popping up all over the place and the sunrise if filled with birdsong. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. to hear after the silence of winter.
    *hugs* Be taking time to smell those roses, eh?

    1. yes i agree…wasn’t that cool what they created…somehow!! the movie is rather stupid but very stylish…. she’s a tragic stupid figure i am afraid. i am enjoying my spring, tho we have a bit of clouds today i think-sunday. thank you for your lovely little handmade card arrived today with a stamp that said-delivered OPEn in cedar rapids. !! 🙂 i think i got it all tho. oh lovely bit fat robins, love those … we have our blues and they are fun, many of them this year, mild winter meant they fledged babes all season long. poor dears. xo

  6. Oh such beautiful pictures you’ve posted, my friend. The old postcard of the Exposition in Paris makes me wish again I’d been able to see the world in a gentler time. My favorite way to travel is slow and in comfort. Imagine the great liners and the elegant dresses.

    Today my connection hasn’t been allowing me to watch some of the Vimeo HDs. I liked the fast trip one (think I saw my house flash by) but couldn’t run the other at all.

    I’m glad your weather has been glorious and I see the roses in your care are loving the sunshine. Hopefully, their beauty and aroma will help with your healing.

    1. your house?? hahah, of course you did! i saw mine too. 🙂 yes i agree on the ocean liner but for one thing. the ocean terrifies me. we have had beautiful spring weather-you know-and the roses are way ahead of us…maybe today. xoxox and much love

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