A Long Night with Tragic Lovers

Artwork & Text by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.

watercolor angel

watercolor and gouache on watercolor board
{first splashes are here}
This started out looking differently.

watercolor-birds-wings-negative space painting

Somehow as I painted, pouring more and more color,
a catharsis, she stepped out from the mists.
And I kept her.


Photograph of Amedeo Modigliani (1884 - 1920)
Photograph of Amedeo Modigliani (1884 – 1920)

Modigliani and Jeanne ~

A tragic love…
Upon learning of Amedeo’s death at 35, she walked backward into an open window and fell to the streets below, killing both herself and child in her womb. She was 22.
They were laid to rest together.

Grave of Amedeo Modigliani and Jeanne H├ębuterne
Grave of Amedeo Modigliani and Jeanne H├ębuterne
Jeanne H├ębuterne (1898-1920)
Jeanne H├ębuterne (1898-1920)

11 thoughts on “A Long Night with Tragic Lovers

  1. im so sorry for your lost sleep my dear friend, please try to stay strong. such beautiful music it makes my heart weep.
    Much love

  2. Good morning dear Linda~

    First, your watercolor piece is stunning. It has such a wonderful ‘movement’ to it. And your use of color (as I’ve always shared with you) is stunning. So vibrant and alive!

    The video clip was so beautiful. Between the music and the visuals, it brought tears to my eyes. What a bitter-sweet love story. I really need to look for this film in the video store, because you’ve shared about it before and it really intrigues me.

    That final photo of Jeanne is breathtaking. Her eyes were so piercingly beautiful. WOW!

    “And so it continues with a bend here, a twist there, a very slow procession towards some sort of resolution. I have no idea where it ends or when.”

    Just know that I’m sharing much energy with you, my friend…..

    ((((((((((((((( Linda )))))))))))))))))))


    1. dear ron,
      glad you enjoyed … she was beautiful as was he. ­čÖé much love to you! xxxooo

  3. Linda, Love every splash of paint you did here, and others who followed too, enjoyed the Video and the great music while watching it. Thank you.

    1. welcome! thank your for your kind comment! please return again. I’ve enjoyed your paintings too.

  4. camilla wells paynter February 21, 2013 — 10:08 am

    Gorgeous! Haven’t watched the video yet, but wanted to see your painting before I left this morning…will come back for the rest. Glad to see you’re painting!

  5. Your paintings touch my soul. I am suddenly connected to your suffering. Your pain must be a hidden gift….otherwise why would you have it. I would wish for your peace though.

  6. From the souls of winged creatures, an angel transforms. How wonderful–I adore the colours and applaud the catharsis. She needs to stay in her brilliance–center stage in a prominent place where she can fly free and be adored. She’s brilliant–absolutely brilliant.
    Hauntingly beautiful music and I recall the painter from earlier posts. What gorgeous eyes Jeanne possessed…I read at the link and I’m amazed that he managed to disguise the disease(s) he battled for so long. What a tragic story for the couple and for their surviving daughter.

    I know about being in the middle of a cornfield in the blazing heat of the summer. It’s not particularly easy to keep moving when you can’t see the fence line and you have no clue how close you are to getting out of that mess of stalks and leaves that cut at you. (they really do, btw……stupid things….) The trick is to stay the course and keep moving…..even when you won’t want to and can’t see the end nearing. Stop, rest in the buggy shade, get up and keep moving. Now, I know that’s not exactly a poetically stated thing. LOL But having gotten lost in a field or two (literally and figuratively!) there’s something to be said for persevering anyway. One foot in front of the other, row by row…..there’s a fence there somewhere! (which is why wandering a bean field is so much less scary–darn that we have corn, huh….)
    (can ya tell I’m a rural kinda gal?! LOL)

    I’ll consume more coffee and become a bit more poetic–but the concern and desire will still be the same. You and I don’t have to see the fence to GET to the fence…….we just have to persevere a bit at a time and rest when weary……and then push on a bit more. You can–and already are. I’m just here boring you with my corny euphemisms. ­čśë (pun intended!)

    Rest. Listen to lovely music….let the body purge that crap and rest some more. Hang on and keep muddling through, a bit at a time. And rest some more.
    Rest, muddle, rest, muddle.
    I believe in simplicity.
    And I believe in YOU.
    *sending hugs and prayers*

  7. I’m so glad that you splashed your wonderful paints to create this magical vision. It’s beauty comes out of your pain. I’m sorry you were unable to sleep – good morning and I pray that sleep comes to you as a wonderful little nap.

  8. Linda, So sorry to read of your latest physical troubles, and the toll they are taking on you mentally and emotionally, as well. The painting which seems to emerge from your process, and from your pain, is amazing. An angel from the mists. A being of light glowing through the surface as if through pearl or abalone. I hope you receive blessing and rest and healing.

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