So long ago and far away… Is it?

Imagine life without violence, the hate, the war, death and destruction.
Blood shed for nothing but pride.

Imagine a world where we come together as one,
seeing each as equal, perfect beneath a bight blue sky.
The sun shines upon us all, we each feel the warmth upon our faces.

Equanimity, perfect acceptance, love without boundaries, prejudice, fear, hate.
Loving-kindness taken to the next step.
Compassion, understanding, breaking the cement of frozen hearts.

Imagine everyone without despair, hunger, suffering and now…
Make it so.



In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art.

It is the color of love.

Compassion is Consciousness...
Compassion is Consciousness… (Photo-ConnectIrmeli)

17 thoughts on “Imagine…

    1. thought so…great minds and all that…….♥

  1. A beautiful song. And with great truths. CHEERS TODAY. RLTE

    1. thank you silvia…hoping you’re having a glorious day♥

  2. Oh…what a lovely bit to accompany my morning coffee. I enjoyed the video. You’re right….so long ago. But! It all starts with me, today–every day.
    She always looked petrified, to me–I wondered how come that was.

    Yes, well…sun’s up and it’s snowing. I’ve every hope for a day filled with warmth and quietness while the snowflakes swirl about doing what snowflakes do.
    I’m hopeful things are ebbing for you and that you’ve great plans for the day (which include a bit of pampering–we all need a bit of that so we can get about the business of BEING the change we’d like to see).

    I sigh a lot when I think these thoughts. And I question the contribution I’m truly making. Is there more I ought to be doing–probably. And then I clicked on the beautiful flower and read the quote about compassion.
    Oh man…….I am in such DEEP do-do over that one word. LOLOL
    I keep trying, dangit! 😉
    Feel better.

    (marching orders for the day dontchaknow!—mine….LOL…certainly not sassing ya! Well–maybe a tad…..LOLOL)

    1. i think it’s the japanese female “look” in those days. now she doesn’t look anything like that. 🙂 no great plans here and it’s already 3 in the afternoon. just took me a long walk despite all my aches and pains…it’s a beautiful day so walked the fenceline-well one of them. so true on the pampering part. and guess what? i wrote you a really real letter last night and will pop in mail tomorrow. how about them apples? i’m so proud of myself since i couldn’t figure out how i was going to sit and do it a few days ago. don’t be too hard on yourself, dear one… we always are our own worst you know… yeah, a little sass is fine with me lady. as long as it’s not coming from certain people… 🙂 xxxx

  3. Lovely post dear Linda ~ & such a classic beautiful song — and if only …. as we imagine.
    Thank you lovely friend ~x RL

    1. Thank you, dear sweet Robyn~Might your day be joyous and healing. Sleep well(I hope!) xox

  4. a song that will resonate with me till the day I die, even on gloomy days like today. Be well.

    1. Joss, so glad you liked…it’s one of my favorites too. ♥

  5. Rest when weary.
    (just in case you forgot…..)

    *sending healing thoughts and prayers*

    1. thank you mel,
      in case you’re wondering [since i would be!] why i sometimes answer comments in seemingly random order, it’s because on WP, if you have a blog, you get your comments in the reader in a pop up when they occur and can click the ‘reply’ link to reply. i haven’t been able to do that til recently due to connection issues but lately it’s been working for me. unfortunately that means others like yours will be later than that because i can see immediately if someone leaves me a reply to a comment somewhere else[a conversation starter!! woot] or a comment on my own blog and click to simply reply. so you see, they make it much easier for the WP peeps.

      i just saw the big discrepancy here.. so will try harder to keep up now that i am keeping up a bit better. xxoxox hope that explains my randomness or lack of care. i DO love you, sweets! 🙂

      1. Oh pshaw–lack of care isn’t determined by ‘timeliness’ of a comment!
        If that were true I’d be up a creek without a paddle.

        I do hope the day was kind to you and that you had much joy in it.
        I’m trying to bond with the new (boring, but I’ll jazz it up) brace and we’re having a bit of an ‘issue’. LOL One of us will adjust and I’m afraid it’ll have to be me.
        And I’m CHUFFED that my letter arrived first! Hahahahaha. I wins! I wins!! 😀

        Sunshine, warmth and gentle breeze to you, ma’am.

        1. oh damn, I was hoping I’d beat you or at least it would get there in a “timely” meaning AHEAD OF yours! However somehow I knew it was not to be… we’re slower here in CA! 🙂 It was quite fun to see your real live hand put to page and i am quite glad i signed on to do it with just YOU as i couldn’t do more than that! and so lovely to read what it is you do in your “real” life-whatever that means…always have wondered about that phrase…peace and light to you, sweet lady!

        2. Oh pshaw–lack of care isn’t determined by ‘timeliness’ of a comment!

          LOLOL 🙂 ))) you crack me up!! xxx

  6. Just because the times were different then doesn’t mean we can’t still believe the truths John wrote about in this song. I think the time he Imagined is here all around us so long as we send one another our love.

    Much love to you, sweet friend. Keep walking that path and remember to greet the beings with whom you share your world.

    1. hello my dear, dying here… sorry to be late, i seem to be saying that lots lately. have this stupid body that seems to have a mind of it’s own these days. so i am not well again. thank you for your comment tho. i see them when they happen but cannot always open and type the laptop. or i’m on ipad or i lose connection. or whatever life happens …..imagine!

      i will surely remember and surely imagine as well. 🙂 xxxxx

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