A Day Without Laughter …

This, in my humble opinion, is a perfect way to start the day.

Especially if you are going to the doctor instead of shopping for 3 pairs of shoes. . .

cashmere_sweatersAnd a cashmere sweater…

french linensA French lovely or five…


Perhaps do a little redecorating?


Something beautiful just because….

murano beads

Murano glass beads perhaps?

Beautiful distractions can be the stuff of mental health!


If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
Katharine Hepburn


11 thoughts on “A Day Without Laughter …

  1. Yes, a million times yes. May your appointment(s) be helpful, like a cashmere sweater, 3 pairs of shoes, something for redecorating, 5 French lovelies, something beautiful just because and those colorful glass beads.

  2. Beautiful things as you showed are highly curative. A good thought. You are very creative.R;te

  3. Okay…….I’m skipping on the tights (mostly cuz I come complete with one purple leg already….LOL) but the rest, I’m ALL about. Perhaps a ‘detour’ is in order? Maybe the brave ladder climber can be convinced–or, as is the case in this household, maybe it’s already planned! Happens in this house…..kinda cool that it does, actually.
    Well……..pfffffftttt to doing the responsible thing and showing up for the appointment. (k…….don’t listen to me, I’ve been hangin’ around with Hepburn who really DOES have the right idea!)
    Tough it out, show up…and hold the driver ransom until you DO get that detour, I say!

    The colours are phenomenal. Even the muted ones are gorgeous in the photos. Makes me wanna do some shifting around of ‘stuff’ to get a change of scenery going, even if just in my small spot of comfyness. (which might work–cuz it’d give me a project dontchaknow!)
    I hope for good things at the appointment. And for blast of sunshine in the day–light and warmth does wonder for the soul and attitude. (we all have those days…….most folks are praying more for the hubs-band than for me, truth be told…..LOLOL)


  4. It’s good to hear you’ve been out and about, I hope your doing ok.

  5. Linda, I love the photo images that you shared in this post – especially the one of the sink!

    What a colorful and bright post!

    Wishing you well at the doctors office today, dear friend!

    (((((((((( You ))))))))))


  6. So gorgeous a post Linda ~ to find the beautiful things to focus on that lift us up and help us see the color and the light that is life. Medicinal I agree. The Murano glass is gorgeous. Hope you are hanging in … has been rocky here — and getting ready to leave town by weekend for medical trip I told you of. Sending you love and hugs, and thank you for this bright post today~ RL

  7. dear lovelies,
    well…it’s now after 11pm and i’ve had a terrible day of testing for heavy metals with drugs. actually it’s been two days of it. so am just about half dead and thus haven’t been able to get on here and speak to anybody who was kind enough to leave me their thoughts. please forgive… i feel like i am saying this far too much of recent weeks. ah well, keep on hanging on here i guess. tomorrow WILL be better as it simply couldn’t get any worse as it is tonight. one thing after the other for days on end has made this woman a very dull woman. xoxoxo with hopes for tomorrow.

    btw, in case you’re wondering how this post was already done. i am finding i have to do that now because if it do as i used to and just write one whenever, there’d not be too many posted. so that’s for those of you who are wondering, as i probably would. 🙂 k, good night. i shall go brush teeth, rub on pain cream, and continue watching this lame show called ‘love it or list it’ and dustin and naomi are fighting over what they’re going to do…oh it’s leslie. sorry. leslie. good night fare thee well, sweet spirits.

  8. Ughhhh…….one thing after another SUCKS. And I’ll be hopeful that life will run out of ‘another’ fairly soon. And let’s hope that the tests provide some sort of answer so things start looking and feeling different for you. It’s not pleasant to get to deal in all this (understatement!) and I’m sorry life is doling you out a pile of it right now. Lemme say SUCKS one more time!

    Hang on to the wonders of the universe during slippery times, I’m told. *laughing* Some days I’d like to smack the folks saying that to me. And as much as I roll my eyes at the ‘G-d doesn’t give us more than we can handle’ line, as often as I’ve accused Him of confusing me with Wonder Woman–there IS some truth in there.
    Oh, and let’s toss in ‘that which doesn’t kill us’…..*laughing* Yes, I know, I want to toss things at folks who deliver that one to me as well. *handing over the Nerf Gun* FEEL free!! 😉

    Seriously–hang in there. Things DO get different. I wish it was in my timeline–but alas and alack, that power didn’t get handed over to me, darnitall.

    (((((((((((( Linda ))))))))))))))

    Oh–this morning I got the privilege of scanning for icky stuff on the computer. I’m adding THAT one to my list of ‘that which doesn’t kill us, doesn’t kill us’! *laughing*
    See, I’m keeping tabs on all this gunk for future reference. :-/

    1. mel,
      thank you for being there. i thought i ought to let you know i am very ill. the chems i took to purge the metals cause a rise in dopamine. of course, what goes up must also go down. i am very sensitive to dopamine and didn’t do my homework because i knew if i did, i’d not do it.

      i am now truly paying for my impulsive nature, shall we say? i am wasted, ill, half-dead, without dopamine of any kind that i know of. i certainly am not benefiting if it is squirming around somewhere inside my brain. i do not make it myself of any noticeable trace. hoped my usual dailies would help restore balance but haven’t felt anything good come of it.

      any of it.

      much love.

  9. (((((((((( Linda )))))))))))))

    Excuse my cursing, but dammit! That’s not a good thing, dearheart. Sounds like you’ve PASSED the sick mark. That’s not what any of us was hoping for.
    You need rest and TLC and something to jump start what’s not showing up for you on your own.
    Rest. Let the crap go and just try to BE. Things will turn out how they turn out–it’s YOU that you need to focus on. Be present for you, eh?
    We’ll send prayers and healing thoughts.
    And warmth—and loads and loads of love.

    Thinking about you. (((((((((((( Linda ))))))))))))))

  10. Gentle hugs to you Linda ~ Wendy

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