“Rise Up Now, Come Away.”

Eagles Flight at Dawn

Hurry, Hurry

How could the soul not take flight
When from the glorious Presence
A soft call flows sweet as honey,
And whispers,
“Rise up now, come away.”

How could the fish not jump
Immediately from dry land into water,
When the sound of water from the ocean
Of fresh waves springs to his ear?

ocean waves
How could the hawk not fly away,
Back, back, to the wrist of the kind
As soon as he hears the drum
The king’s baton hits again and again,
Drumming out the signal of return?

How could the Sufi not start to dance,
Turning on himself, like the atom in the sun of eternity,
So he can leap free of this dying world?

photography sufi dancing

Fly away, fly away, bird, to your native home.
You have leaped free of the cage,
Your wings are flung back in the wind of God.
Leave behind the stagnant and marshy waters,
Hurry, hurry, hurry, O bird, to the source of life!


eagle tree photo

I have loved Rumi since I first read his words years ago.
I offer this to you with hopes your day is filled with freedom from care.
A day filled with moments of quiet joy.

For me, this blog is a place of sharing the sublime and the silly,
a place of connection, a place of Spirit.
A place of solace, warm friendship, a place of like minds.

My gratitude to you for being here, reading my rambling words and sharing your thoughts with me.
I deeply appreciate all that is so freely given.

Namaste’ from me to you ~
Have a color~full today!

purse of rainbowsMy favorite purse that goes with me everywhere…
Peruvian, hand crocheted and small.


22 thoughts on ““Rise Up Now, Come Away.”

  1. that purse so suits you. I love Rumi, there is such wisdom and grace in his words. Blogging and the community within has brought much joy and wisdom to my life. Namaste.

    1. good morning joss 🙂
      thank you for enjoying my lovely little purse. i am always on the look out for others but never have found another that quite matches this one for fun. thank you for gracing my life through this journey. xox

  2. Linda, your blog truly is an inspirational one. I feel as if I go way off when I read what you write, read Rumi’s poems and that beautiful purse is truly gorgeous. Nameste, RLTE

    1. silvia,
      thank you for your kind words. they are so appreciated this day. glad you too like the purse. i have no idea why i included it but thought it was fun. 🙂

  3. A bit like rlte–when I come here and read and see–there’s a sense of fullness and peace, a pulling together of the loose threads so the unraveling isn’t getting all the attention (if that makes sense….LOL). And there’s a sense of ‘community’ here–which happens on a few of the wonderful places that I’m graced to be able to visit.
    Well, all that and I just plain LIKE it here. *laughing*

    I’m more interactive in visits than in what I post on my own web log. I think it’s suppose to be that way for me….with others. *shrugs* Yes, I’m a bit of an odd bird. Perhaps the ‘fly away’ isn’t a bad bit of advice from Rumi (which, by the way, I researched and found translated writings on…..holy moly a LOT of ’em–some which made me scratch my head, of course….LOL).

    Gorgeous photos to accompany the words you shared here.
    I appreciate the kindness, but somehow I’m of the belief that I ought to be thanking YOU for creating such a lovely place where sharing isn’t just appreciated, it’s encouraged and embraced.
    THAT, my dear–is a wonderful gift to give to others. (‘specially if they’re witchy, like me! LOL)

    Blessings to you and yours.
    I do hope today is a ‘breathe easier’ day for you.

    1. hello mel,
      i am so happy to have found you thru sweet ron’s blog. we are lucky girls, aren’t we? 🙂 i am glad you like it here. i try hard to make it fun, welcoming tho i have a very serious side i am always sort of hushing up. she pops out occasionally anyway! then i realize i don’t need to be quite so negative about myself. one of the joys of blogging is the opportunity to see yourself thru the words of others, something different from everyday “real” life. you know?

      rumi is very strange but when i found out his “lover” and sometimes “God” was actually his teacher that he mourned for 25 years, it straightened some of it out for me. he was a very interesting man for his time. Hafiz was of the same era but his writings-translated-come across much lighter and more of our time. tho how is beyond me. 🙂

      if you are “witchy” my dear, you sure are a kind, white one..i think that’s the terminology anyway!! either way, i consider you a blessing of my blogging and hope we last forever. xoxox and i am breathing but not easier. health is slip sliding around a slippery slope but such is life on the wild side some days. xxx no worries, my dear.

      1. Ah but we’re all multi-faceted human beings–gratefully so. That’s how we were created! Gems….each of us! Right now, I’m a bit of amethyst in the rough. 😉 Albeit a witchy one! LOL
        Better for me this morning. It’s taken a good 36 hours to regain a bit of ‘normal’ with the purpleness. But yes–still witchy! I think if I can muster it, I shall make an ankle bracelet for the purple thing–clarifying for folks that it’s Halloween and NOT a Minnesota Vikings thing. Egads……I’m a Packers fan! Can’t have them thinking that! 😉

        Feel better….be kind and gentle with you.
        Slippery slopes require a bit of focus and diligence in climbing them….but you can!
        *sending hugs and prayers*

        1. i think i am a diamond in it’s dark sooty carbon phase. 🙂

          hahah, the purpleness… so it is with a large purple leg cast!! can’t really hide it. not a sports fan but get the idea! is that football? i don’t even know that.

          i hope to be one of these eras, days, years, lifetimes…who knows, mel. my health has always been one of those banes of my existence and let us say that the years haven’t exactly made it an easier to understand body in which i dwell. but i try to treat her well, give her warm baths and soft beds and de-stress on regular basis to prevent as many knots as possible. still, today is a day of not being so peaceful with this lot in life, as i gaze out my windows and see the inversion layer-smog-below. i’ve mostly lived in my room with the air purifier on non-stop for the past week. i want to take a walk but actually need a mask-make that a gas mask-to do it so think i’ll pass. not worth an asthma attack!! sending hugs and prayers back xoxoxoxo

  4. Thank you for this bit of Rumi. His words always reflect his profound love of God. This one is so beautiful. What a great way to start the day. Gretchen

    1. hi gretchen,
      i am glad you enjoyed this rumi quote today. it touched me for some reason. thank you for gracing my day, gretchen. xxx

  5. Namaste…
    to you my dear friend, may the day give you wings and bring you to a place of peace and warmth where you may find harmony in the day.

    1. dear benjamin,
      thank you so much and namaste’ to you as well… may your day, i know is hard, be free from as much pain as possible. i appreciate your kindness and concern. it warms my heart and is very appreciated. thank you deeply. xxx

  6. Thank you, Linda, for adding some bright colors and soothing words to my day! I am missing the sun since it’s been gray skies around our place for a few days. My heart is not gray – so I’ll rejoice in that… 😉

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. hi wendy,
      glad i could send you a bit of color and light. and words…glad you liked them! xo

  7. Oh Linda, this post is absolutely DIVINE! Both your words and images are both uplifting and soothing. That first image of the birds is WOW! You live in such a stunning area of the U.S. – it takes my breath away!

    I used to work with a young lady who adored the teachings of Rumi and she bought me one of his books several years ago, which I used to read every week. I would randomly select a page and read it, and it was so ironic because it would always be something that I needed to hear that day. I need to find that book and start reading it again because I got a lot of his teachings.

    “My gratitude to you for being here, reading my rambling words and sharing your thoughts with me.
    I deeply appreciate all that is so freely given.”

    And I deeply appreciate YOU for being here, dear friend. So thank YOU! It’s a joy to visit your precious and lovely space in cyberspace!

    Can you believe you and I have been blogging together now for almost 5 years????

    ((((((((( You ))))))))

    X ya, Linda!


    1. hi ron,
      glad you liked and has it already been 5years???!!! wow, time flies…

      rumi is cool and hafiz is too…check him out if you like rumi. i think you might even like hafiz better, he has a sense of humor!! 🙂

      much love and light to you, dear ron! xoxox

  8. The grandest forms of active force
    From Tao come, their only source.
    Who can of Tao the nature tell?
    Our sight it flies, our touch as well.
    Eluding sight, eluding touch,
    The forms of things all in it crouch;
    Eluding touch, eluding sight,
    There are their semblances, all right.
    Profound it is, dark and obscure;
    Things’ essences all there endure.
    Those essences the truth enfold
    Of what, when seen, shall then be told.
    Now it is so; ’twas so of old.
    Its name–what passes not away;
    So, in their beautiful array,
    Things form and never know decay.

    One of my favorite verses from the Tao te Ching.

    Your choice of Rumi poems was a beauty. Naturally, I was reminded again of my dear sister/friend Quadr Bibi who was called to that mysterious destination sooner than either of us expected. Thanks for the sweet and lovely images.

    1. wow susan-i want to really study this! it’s very beautiful… i am so happy you enjoyed the photos i shared. it’s always nice to know they touch the heart. thank you for sharing this lovely piece of poetry. much love to you, dear friend. xox

  9. Dearest Linda ~ thank you for sharing this lovely post ~ and Rumi piece. I have several of his books and adore most all he has left us with, though have never seen this one. I will remember it now always as you have paired it with such vivid magnificent images…. I used to spin a lot like the sufis do ~ (long story)… Like you I treasure our blogging community ~ for those who do not know or understand it, I feel sad for. I love your crocheted purse.. it is a rainbow of joyful strands of yarn ~ and especially appeals to me because it is light-weight. I hope your day flowed well today. Sending lots of love ~and easy breathing energies — Robyn

    1. hi robyn-
      this is from the translation of andrew harvey and i believe it is new. i’m not sure… i get it online in email thru tricycle. really, you used to spin? i have no idea how they or you have the strength to do it?! i would love to hear the story someday, robyn! love my little bag, she’s perfectly perfect in all ways and i’ve never found another like her. i hope you are feeling better too, my dear. and if not, that you will soon. many blessings…xx

      1. Yes – there are a few Rumi pieces out there by translators I’d not known… of course most known is Coleman Barks. I once did a post by another translator – you might enjoy it…

        oh the spinning ~ it was just something i did since childhood before I know was a sufi was 🙂 ~ yet it’s interesting that I found a very meditative quality in it even then. So when my pain began – i tried to go back to it — but these days don’t think i can tolerate. This week has been especially rough– sleep is completely absent. Never ever had to resort to the amount of ambien pills i am taking at once now. ..in addition to muscle relaxants… no meds all day and then night it is a disaster…. Yes – can see why you love your beautiful purse — she is so pretty ! Love to you Linda ~ hugs , Robyn

        1. robyn, i am so sorry to read how much trouble you are having at night…i too use ambien but have cut it back just a bit, about half the pill but it took 6 months of taper to get there!! i’ve been on it for 15yrs tho…. you need to use what you do to sleep, it’s so important for health and healing… i feel for you and have one hell of a week myself. we are on separate coasts or i’d be wondering…. i think japan’s radiation is moving this way personally. so many CFS sufferers are much worse in the bay area. oh well…such is life i guess. take care, sweets, so glad to have met you! much much love to you.

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