Watercolor Dance ~ Wings #1

wings #1

I am calling this “Wings #1”. It is 8×9″ on Arches cold-pressed art board.
If it continues to please me, there may be a “Wings #23” before I am done.
And years may have passed.
Looking closely you may see the slight mark here and there of where I want to paint the negative space, bringing forth the birds in flight.

A painting’s birth is always contemplative for me.
I look for what can be; meanings, whispers, anything at all…
Dragons, birds, women, landscapes, animals, flowers, trees,
blood, tears, seeking within the imagery, meaning, struggle, a beginning ~
Mouth-watering color blends and blooms.
In seeking meaning, does it change each moment?
So random, fleeting… If not held more tightly than I am willing?
Each passing moment is new, never seen before.
Each passing moment changing…

I paint love~making of white paper slick with sparkling water
Intense hues merging, sometimes jarring upon my stage.
The juxtaposition, a marriage of opposites, showing up to make marks already inscribed upon hidden places in my heart…

I love the dance, the splash, the surprise.
Flowing to water’s siren song, watercolor glides into absorbent softness.
Their embrace, mesmerizing, shadows on a wall.
Images emerge seemingly random.
It plays within my mind.
Irresistible alchemy, the inner workings of mind within the magic that is art making.

I make meaning in this magic, continually striving for that orgasmic moment when all comes together as one.
Like a connection to something “other”, a “greater than I” energy,
the forces of all that is, within and without.

Is this an artist’s voice or a mad woman’s passion? Or is it, perhaps, both?
I care not either way.

Watercolor, for me, is being a child with a new box of crayons each time I drip my first glazes of paint on wet paper.
All jostling, waiting impatiently  to be used NOW NOW NOW!
They practically splash themselves
Like little girls in party dresses who cannot sit still but must run out and play with everybody that already ran outside.
The playground is my paper, slick, wet and waiting,
no matter puddles and reprimands.

The magic lies in a willingness to see nothing as perfect as it already is and risking for a glimpse of alchemy in it’s becoming something other.
Intriguing, challenging, beautiful colors sing with operatic voices.
The heart may break to find one’s blood upon the page.

Art is heart, mind and body coming forth upon the page, the canvas, the clay, the screen, the lover, the stage.
I paint experience, if only referenced by a glance
or blue shadows seen.
A dream…
A nightmare…
A glassy sea of pristine white water…
Picnics in fields of crows…
Pain, trauma, abuse, love.
An abstraction of one thought after another.

I paint because I am.

Text, Artwork and Photography by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.


20 thoughts on “Watercolor Dance ~ Wings #1

  1. Oh Linda ~ this artist’s statement is magnificent — not to mention the birth your gorgeous new creation, Wings #1! But really your words here took me away… should be published somewhere — really! I have never even held a paintbrush (maybe when I was in kindergarten) 🙂 ~ but everything you have so dynamically expressed here makes me want to… You keep living this bliss ~ swimming freely in your watercolor rivers ~ watching the alchemy unfold before you … This was fantastic my friend. Thank you and blessings this Sunday evening. Hope you are feeling ok ~ not my best day — upper-body a bit possessed today …. maybe overdid it yesterday. Regardless your post warmed my heart tons ~ xxoo Love , RL

    1. hi robyn, i thought i answered your kind comment here already but guess not. i am losing my mind. thank you so much. my words come from my heart, usually banged out with very little thought excepting checking typos. sometimes it works and sometimes very much NOT! 🙂

      i am sorry you had a bad day yesterday. so did i… i am off to doc today and hoping with the IV, acup. it will help. anything is better than where i am right now. gasping for air and in pain. ugh….i like the body being “possessed”, just now it feels too. xxx

      1. oh gosh sorry to hear this Linda — yes – do have to wonder if there is a voodoo doll out there on me — or body possessed? Can it be? If not how does this happen to some — lovely souls and not others? Wish I understood. Truly did love your post here ~ Wings ….. the vision gives me some much-needed hope 🙂 xo R ~ let me know how it goes today — I too breathing issues – but think different as mine from scalenes crushing neves/ear tubes/vessels… only thing that helps is very intense self mutilating body work. Not very fun…. Will try to go with flow though – you do too! Love to you!

  2. Oh my. Your painter’s heart has expressed a oneness with my own. So beautiful. Breathtaking. Thank you so much for the soul echo. Paint on, Gretchen

    1. Hi Gretchen,
      when i saw your work, i felt much the same. thank you so much for your kind comment. and you too. xx

  3. i pingere ergo sum~I I think the thoughts behind this piece are divine. And the piece it self beautiful.


    1. benjamin, thank you for your kindness and willingness to “be there”. i hope i am also there for you. Namaste my friend. xxx

  4. ……wow……

    The work itself–gorgeous. And if there are 23 in the series, I hope to celebrate them all. But it’s the combination of the art and the artist that moved me to tearfulness this morning.
    I’m not an artist of the paper/canvas type. But that description of the children at the party…..I felt that. I FELT that. Chomping at the bit, anticipatory, set me FREE feeling–I felt that.
    There’s no greater gift of words for me than the ability to FEEL what’s ‘painted on the canvas’–and I felt that one.

    What a glorious piece. And I agree with Robyn–this one needs is a work of art. Poetic, soul stirring–it captured a piece of what it must FEEL like to face that paper and paintbrush, chomping at the bit to create and move what’s in…out.


    1. mel
      you are too kind…i am replying the other way so it may go at a moments no notice. thank you so deeply for your sweet comment. IT moved me to tears. i write from the heart, never by rote so this stirred my emotions that you felt in your heart how i feel in mine. blessings to you, sweet friend. xox

      1. I’m hopeful that the new day has arrived with restfulness behind, that the kindness of others and the efforts of the physicians has helped make breathing and thinking and BEING a bit more easy for you. Sucks to be in the other end of the spectrum, so I offer prayers and hope!
        New days are wonderful things. I’m hoping for a different experience today, following yesterday’s events. But I AM purple–a favored colour of all things Halloween. *laughing* It takes being ‘witchy’ to a whole new level!

        Chin up–clear the brain of all ugly thoughts….and remember folks who care about you are pulling for you and cheering you on. (I’ll do likewise, of course……in purple!) 😉

  5. Linda, frequently I admire your writings (ALWAYS you art!). THIS post however, I had to copy, save for future
    reading and study–it is SO GOOD, Babe! Almost like a condensation of a PHILOSOPHY OF ART!
    Thank you.
    Love and PEACE!

    1. steve, you are too kind but thank you . it warms my heart that you feel this way about my little words…. as i said to mel, they come from my heart so am moved it touches yours, sweet man that you are. be loved to day. xox

  6. “Looking closely you may see the slight mark here and there of where I want to paint the negative space, bringing forth the birds in flight”

    Yes, I did see that! And what a beautiful piece!

    Linda, this post is truly divine because you speak from the soul of what it means to be an artist or any creative person.

    People who are not this way, find it difficult to understand why creative people do what they do. Or how they do it.

    You summed it up perfect….

    “I paint because I am.”


    Have a wonderful Monday, dear friend!


    1. thank you ron, you will notice i mention the “stage” as well as i think that too is art. anything creative is art so when someone says, “oh i am not…. ” i just say but LOOK, yes you are. thank you, kind man, for your always generous remarks. and your sensitivity to my thoughts. you “get” it. and for that i am filled with gratitude. xox

  7. This was beautiful. The painting has a magical elegance, and the words sent a twitching need to paint through my fingertips.

    1. hi kate and welcome,
      thank you for your kind comment. i am glad you are now twitching to paint. 🙂

  8. I do not have the words to express to you how beautiful and moving that poem was! Wow.

  9. It has occurred to me much more often than once that the spirituality of your paintings is in equal balance with your poetic voice. Both together make a sublime panorama of the depths of experience that shape our lives.

    Very beautiful and very true, my dear friend.

  10. so beautiful……

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