White Cranes Blue Moons ~ Happy 2013

watercolor cranes and moons

Artwork by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.

May you be blessed~
Know what you seek~
Treasure what you have
And good things find you~

Their wings enfolding Peace.

love from L’Adelaide

23 thoughts on “White Cranes Blue Moons ~ Happy 2013

    1. thank you linda and the same to you, sweet lady.

  1. Gorgeous.
    The words, the sentiments, the painting. I adore the cranes amidst the brilliant blues and reds. Just gorgeous!

    And all the best wishes–but that’s an every day deal. No matter what!
    *hugs for you and the pup*

    And yep–prayers for healing!

    1. hi mel, hoping you are doing ok? i was hoping for a tiny update! prayers for your healing, i am ok now just not going for a walk with big girl on her leash just now. 🙂 xox

      1. *shrugs* After two full days on the couch–definitely self evaluated myself as (g’head and be surprised!) OVERDOING! Very much manageable when I’m off the crutches, not trying to make beds and do dishes. *ahem* That being said, I have to admit to being a bit ‘televisioned-out’. *sigh* I am NOT a television kinda gal…..ever….. Laptop….I’ll try to remember to haul in the laptop–or get a lap project going….something! OH my gosh I am NOT a television kinda gal.
        Just a stupid broken leg needing to heal–obviously on its timeline and NOT mine! *sigh* But I’ll attempt to stay grateful for the decreased pain and the increased understanding of where that’s stemming from. And I’ll settle in and do less in an upright position. *grumbling* I do NOT do ‘down’ with an ounce of dignity and grace. Not even a half an ounce! :-/
        Thank you for asking…and thank you for letting me whine. LOL
        Now THAT–I’m good at! LOL

        1. ah, i see now… you make beds and do dishes and and and while on crutches with a busted leg. mel that just isn’t smart, dear heart. hear you on the tv..how about netflx-catch up on the movies you never see? and the laptop.. of course. big relief that things are fine you are just being “you”. 🙂 xxoxoxoxo

  2. A very, very beautiful painting. Love the colors and the words. RLTE

    1. hi silvia and thank you. have a great new year!

  3. ““May the divine within me know the divine within you.”

    Same to you, dear friend!

    Faaaaaaaaaaaabulous painting!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

    (((((((((((( You )))))))))))))))


    1. dear ron, happy new year to you too, dear friend. and thank you, as always. xx

  4. Stunning photo Linda ~ Divine in it’s essence and energy … a beautiful way to open the the new year ….
    Much Love to you dear one ~ RL

    1. hi robyn, hoping you are having a lovely day today. thank you for your kind words and much love to you too. xx

      1. Thank you Linda ~ and forgive me as I totally realized this was a painting ~ and that i used the word ‘photo’ in error this morning ~ Truly beautiful – and hope you are doing well today too!! ~ xo

        1. hi robyn and please .. no worries. no, i didn’t catch that 🙂 but if i had, i would have realized you just had a typo moment. i do, alllll the time. xoxoxo

  5. Lovely watercolor and equally lovely words, Linda!

    Beautiful Blessings for 2013 ~ Wendy

    1. wendy, hi and happy new year. thank you for your kind words as always. and blessings to you. xox

  6. Of course, I like the cool design, the color the words poetic, and how fitting a start to a new year it all is.
    I love, though–and was just reading (again) about the wild-life surrounding your own life. You wrote, and I like this line!
    “There is so much wildlife on this place, it forgets to act “wild” much of the time.”

    Anyway, I just dropped in to wish you a *W O N D E R F U L* year, free of pain, full of inspiration, and please continue your sharing, giving, of yourself…with and to your Peeps!
    Love and PEACE, Linda!

    1. ah steve, you are such a big old heart in a hug… thank you sweets. i do not remember writing that but it’s true. i’m glad to see you because as far as i know you still aren’t blogging. and i’m not on fb. so happy 2013!!!! have a wonderful, healthy and happy year. xoxox

  7. Such a beautiful painting inspires a remembered poem:

    O world-ignorance,
    You have shackled my feet,
    I am free.

    You have chained my hands,
    I am free.

    You have enslaved my body,
    I am free.

    I am free because I am not of the body.
    I am free because I am not the body,
    I am free because I am the soul-bird
    That flies in Infinity – Sky.
    I am the soul-child that dreams
    On the Lap of the immortal King Supreme.

    1. ps: It was written by Sri Chinmoy.

      May happiness follow your steps closely and may Bella stay by your side – unleashed.

      1. this is lovely, susan….it’s so perfect for what we are……i am not sure what the immortal king supreme signifies excepting god but it’s lovely without every answer. 🙂 and bella must be leashed. it is a big ranch without fences much and she would roam far and wide… and she’ s not really a dog, she’s a human without any good sense!! thus she would get lost…

        much love, my sweet susan. linda xoxo

  8. I have just ‘stumbled’ into your blog because you liked one of my posts. Your art and words are beautiful. Soul washing. Heart gladdening. Thank you.

    1. dear Gretchen,,
      how lovely of you to leave me such a gift today. your words wash over me like water. i thank you and look forward to getting acquainted! xx

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