Gray Days but Birds Bask in the Rain

If you have paid attention to the weather news lately, you know that we have had enough rain in Northern California to make us all consider building arks. It has been raining off and on for well over two weeks. We’ve already had our entire winter’s rainfall quota.

petaluma river to bay

I can see the Bay and many of it’s tributaries from up here in the hills. They all have run over their banks several times. I couldn’t help but think about global warming. What a mess that would be! I tried to imagine the valley being filled with water.

There is an El Nino in the Pacific however it was not “supposed” to creep this far north-west. Surprise!! I don’t think we’ve dropped below 58 degrees during these many stormy days. We are riding the pineapple express!

So why should birds fly away? I’ve got hummers  still pestering for sugar water in their feeders, jays, wrens, starlings, woodpeckers, quail, finches, cranes, crows, ravens, golden eagles and many different hawks… Of course we have many of them year round but their numbers dramatically decrease. I have a bluebird pair who must now be on their sixth clutch of babies. There’s so many bluebirds, I see one every time I look out a window!

white crane

Tonight as I write this, the wind is blowing hard. The sky was growing ominous at sunset. It’s been threatening to rain all day. It will begin tonight. We have winds up here that blow fast and furious with gusts over 60+mph. Because so many trees have yet to lose all their leaves, their branches become heavy when wet and fall onto the power lines. Thus we have also spent a fair amount of time without power. Then, with a loud bang, my washing machine broke but that’s another story… {planned obsolescence is at least part of that story.}

I have never experienced anything like this before and I am a California native. I KNOW the weather is changing but this past year will probably go down in history as being the strangest on record. Now all we need is a large earthquake to go with the “Mayan Calendar‘s 12/21/12″ scenario!

As I preview this finished post, the rain has begun to pour.

rain chain photo

In order to make progress, there is only NATURE,

and the eye is turned through contact with her.

Paul Cezanne


21 thoughts on “Gray Days but Birds Bask in the Rain

  1. The next 16 days should prove to be interesting that’s for sure. I hope you are well and haven’t flooded away. I too have noticed a great shift in our weather patterns over the past 30+ yrs my cherry tree still clings to a few remaining leaves and the roses are completely unsure of who to do. Pacific North Weat boy.
    Be well my friend

    1. I am at about 1000ft so no worries here. well, excepting the wind damage and loss of all power, including water. sigh…country living at it’s very best! my roses are still blooming but with the rain, they turn brown and mushy. poor dears…they are getting tired. you be well and at peace, benjamin. xo

  2. Linda, I like your photos very much. Thanks for sending them and telling us about your weather. I had not heard of that much rain. It is indeed a funny pattern of weather. Here in Western North Carolina, it has been like Spring. There is no sign of winter. We are at least 17 degrees above normal. i am not looking for snow, though. i have some small roses still blooming and some forsythia in town is still yellow. Best,Silvia

    1. hi Silvia,
      strange the weather, isn’t it? i wonder what it means…it’s this way up in canada too. i too have roses but with all the rain and wind, they look pretty scraggly now. i am hoping to get to painting one of these days .. thanks for your kind comment. 🙂

  3. I feel you pain Linda. At O’Brien near Shasta Lake the was 27″ of rain over 4 days. We are a little south of Shasta Lake so it wasn’t quite as bad. Arks for everyone!

    1. i don’t know how many inches we’ve had but don’t think it’s anything like 27″!!!! it rains much more up there tho…such a beautiful part of the world. start the ark for the next teeming drops since they’re “maybe” coming…who knows, they now are changing things … maybe, well, we can hope. and welcome!!

  4. Good morning Linda~

    Beautiful photos! That view of the bay is stunning!

    Yes, the weather is changing everywhere. As you know, we had a severe hurricane this year on the east coast, which is totally unusual for this part of the U.S. I’ve experienced several hurricanes living in Florida, but never in the north east.

    Right now the temperature is in the high 60’s and very humid. I keep asking everyone, “Is it winter or is it summer…I can’t tell!?!”

    It seems that fall and winter are becoming non-existent. And that’s sad, because those are my two favorite seasons 🙂

    You take care, dear friend. Be safe.

    (((((((( You ))))))))


    1. Hi Ron,
      Yes, i would imagine you are missing the snow and cold of winter. as are others, like Mel! tho i think she’s had some freezing. hurricanes and tornados i have never been in and don’t want to be either. give me a good old jolt of the earth any day over a huge wind tunnel filled with lightening and limbs and tin and and and… i cannot imagine.

      high 60’s is really weird. seems very strange that we are almost upon Christmas! as for seasons, we don’t really have them so … just need to stay a bit dry… and having this large white dog is a real party!! i am sure you might imagine. someday i will take some photos when i am not mad about it. 🙂 xoxox

  5. *laughing* Himself was out putting up lights in a t-shirt…..IN DECEMBER. *shaking head* Not that he was complaining one bit. I assured him that will change drastically, and probably within a few days. SURE enough–we’re gonna be in the 20’s next week. But we’ve been spoilt with the unseasonable warmth so far, so everyone will be insanely dumb when the snow actually hits…….and then we’ll whine cuz we have snow–this after whining that we have no snow for a white christmas. Crazy–but true!

    I can deal with the unseasonable warmth, but that ‘dry’ deal…..scary stuff. We need the moisture–but no, we don’t need 27″ in four days! Yikes! We’re a crop growing state and we got hit this past year. So–feel free to send a bit of that moisture (in whatever form you like) this direction!
    In the meantime, we’ll just shake our heads and wonder zackly how this is going to go over come spring planting time. *laughing* Bit of a challenge living in the moment, doing that, huh?! Can’t control sick’em…sure wish I could control a thing or two–but I wouldn’t wanna rule the world! (most days…….LOL)

    Very cool photo of the white crane–and an amazing shot of the waters in the valleys there–bit frightening actually. And how inconvenient to lose power AND the washing machine. Ugh…. I’m guessing a jaunt to the laundromat isn’t zackly an easy deal. (I wouldn’t even know where the closest one was around this wee town….LOL)
    Here’s hoping power lines are done being snapped and things settle down a bit.
    A bit of a ‘dull time’ might be welcomed by now.

    And pfooey that I didn’t get to see the birdies in the old tree. It just wouldn’t show up for me. Maybe it’s a secret tree!! 😉

    1. haha, human beans are NEVER happy!!! hoping you aren’t too cold yet back there…. it’s been so weird this year all over the world. Venice flooded again, the Philippines and it’s typhoon, it’s just weird. we are supposed to have some sunshine and i hope so…i’m a sunshine girl, i get SAD big time without my usual dose of it. and i haven’t had any sun in a few weeks with the holiday in the middle of this weather.

      since we’re farmers too, but grapes(and a few cows) not corn, we realize exactly the dilemma. weather is something we cannot control and after so many decades doing it(farming), you just accept the complexities that are the unknowns. but i shall send you plenty of the wet stuff anyway!

      hahah, nope no laundromat…no way….but i’ve been waiting since last weekend now and getting a little meager in the pjs and such. the repair guy is coming on friday afternoon….so i’m happy but i hope he brings his parts so he can FIX it. i do NOT want to buy another one right now. i cannot afford it unless i HAVE to. so keep that in mind too while i send you some rain. linda doesn’t want to have to buy another front-loader! YIKES!!!

      sorry you couldn’t see the tree…it happens so come back and try again.:)

      much love to you, girlie.

  6. Love the birds, Adelaide. I do hope the rain stops for you soon. The weather patterns are crazy right now. My washing machine did the same thing except it flooded first, which was a mess to clean up and caused its own problems. Now I have a new one but the hoses made awful new rubber fumes throughout the house, so I got the plumber put the hoses from the old washing machine onto the new one. Problem solved.

    Stay warm and dry!



    1. welcome miche and thank you for leaving me a comment too. glad you love the birds. i do too. mine didn’t flood as it was draining and spinning at a million miles a minute and bang… dropped a few large heavy things underneath it, husband had a look and well…. the rest is still history waiting for friday. VOC’s make me very ill so think that’s a very good idea. never thought of it either-brilliant idea.

      take care, stay in the sunshine if possible. 🙂

  7. You may be having far too much rain and wind (have you read about atmospheric rivers?) but your photographs are making me homesick for the west coast and Northern California in particular. We have pigeons, seagulls, blue jays, and crows – not that I mind them but I do miss our hummingbirds and your crane is a wonder.

    Take good care and don’t forget to wear some decent rain gear when you step outside again.

    1. hi susan,
      yes i have heard of the rivers and think it’s a perfect description based on what we seem to get here during the stormy season and really, all through the year except summer.

      ah, i am sorry you feel homesick! can you believe that crane capture?? he was very brazen and wandering around the lawn as if no one was around. i took this before we got big bella tho…hahahaha- bet you wondered about that. and what is “decent rain gear”? haha! it’s so warm, i could go out in my pj’s and i do. and maybe a shawl…wear lots of shawls and hats.

      xoxoxoxo and keep warm up there.

  8. I have heard about all your rain. Uprooting trees, reminds me of Hurricane Sandy in the east, when so much rain (and of course wind) did damage they’re still reeling from. Take Care

    1. good evening….
      wow, what we have had is tame compared to that terrible Sandy. those poor people are still digging out of all that muck. i don’t think they will ever really recover and then there’s the ecology of the place. amazing really that it-sandy- came up so far north. really strange stuff happening!

      thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. xox

  9. the crane looks like, he too, is wondering what’s going on!

  10. this looks like paradise to me though the low land must be just saturated with all the water…. we’ve had a perfect summer, with perfect temperatures and exactly the right amt of rainfall for local grain and hay farmers – record harvests for some – after a record breaking mild winter prior to it….. but now we have more than 4 feet of snow already…. and, if you go by the calendar, it’s not even winter yet. been shoveling sidewalks several times a week since before Halloween. we’re expecting minus 30C any day, and still more snow. sigh. it’s a bit much, even for northern alberta. yes, i’m a whiner. stay dry, in your pj’s, shawls and hats. may the washing machine gods smile upon you when the repairman comes today. i have a 30 year old machine in the ‘new’ house – an old maytag that looks like it’ll live forever (or so i hope). the former resident was a little old lady who lived alone; i don’t think it saw much hard use.

    i wondered about the crane too, with Bella in the yard. i don’t imagine she’s much of a deterrent for birds who prefer the treetops, though, like your bluebirds :0)

    1. my gawd, that sounds like i would die in it. much much too cold and i don’t know how to do celsius or spell it. that’s right? hmmm….4ft of snow is so much already, it’s like everything, no matter what it is, has been extreme. we had the best harvest in 12 years and i am afraid it will now be another and i’ll be dead before then…maybe. i don’t think we went above 100 degrees more than 5 days all summer, very unusual. we had some heat mid/late october and that was it. and it almost killed me but another story. i think i wrote about it in one of my hot house flower posts. look in archives during that time if you want to grab a hankie too. 🙂

      i am praying to washing machine goddesses as of last weekend when she quit with a bang….drama queen that she seems/wants to be. so many needs…sigh.

      {“yes, i’m a whiner. ” ME TOO!! big surprise…}

      {“stay dry, in your pj’s, shawls and hats. may the washing machine gods smile upon you when the repairman comes today. i have a 30 year old machine in the ‘new’ house – an old maytag that looks like it’ll live forever (or so i hope). the former resident was a little old lady who lived alone; i don’t think it saw much hard use.”}

      i had a new maytag in 1975 and that thing never did quit but got so grimy after 3 kids and rancher, we dumped it for another after about 20yrs and they never did last that long again. the first lasted over 20 years of almost daily use. they don’t make them that way now and i was reading about my fancy schmancy Bousch(sp?) and it’s about 8 YEARS!!!!!! omg, had i thought to think of it, i would have checked before plunking out my grand-i pray that grand bought the dryer too but….oh well, now it’s repairman(ross) we are on first names with and exchange xmas gifts…another story, my dear.

      stay warm with fires stoked, pantry stocked and you well shawled as well. much love and peace and lovely sweet string music. it’s good to be seeing you again. i shall come over for a visit since i don’t have you on my reader on WP. i love WP, have i told you that yet? 🙂

  11. “repairman(ross) we are on first names with and exchange xmas gifts…” it’s not really funny, except in a black, twisted way, but i’m still hooting with laughter.

    been surfing for half of the day and must make draperies for my dear old house’s elegant living room, so must be off. all i know about Word Press is that i somehow made an account in order to post here. not really bright in that zone…. yet

    be well, dear color candy maker.

    1. glad you did=make an acct on WP so you could post i.e. comment. wish more on blogger would do that because they get mad about the sign in otherwise and so most of my blogger friends are no more…sadly i cannot wine and dine them enough. just the loyal few but that’s all one really needs.

      ross, speaking of loyal, well we pay him, is here now and banging and whizzing around and i still am in my bed doing absolutely nothing but being sort of sick and needing to take a bath….or shower…one way or the other i must wash my hair anyway and some pj’s since i haven’t got a machine and it’s not looking good. i guess i could wear some clothes but not to bed…i’m too much of a comfort-freak i think……i love my nice flannels….OK, i am OUT of here and into water. xoxoxoxo and glad you had a giggle. 🙂

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