Fall Tapestry

vineyard tapestryLight falls upon changing leaves
a brilliant tapestry she weaves~

Text, Artwork and Photography by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.


32 thoughts on “Fall Tapestry

  1. A very beautiful and original photo . Must be gorgeous to see this scene. Thanks for sharing. RLTE

    1. thank you silvia…it’s always nice to see you. take care and hope it’s warm where you are.

    1. hi violetski, thank you so much for stopping by. blessings…

  2. Breathtaking picture!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. blessings to you, wendy, thank you for your kind comment, as always.

  3. Holy cow……. See, I was about to lament that loss of ‘quilt’ back ground and then BAM!! You hit us with that brilliance and splendor.

    1. hey mel..
      thanks much..glad you like! 🙂 xox

  4. what a stunning picture, warms me up to see such colour on a cold grey day here.

    1. hi joss…hoping it’s not too cold up your way…here’s it’s blowing like crazy and pouring cats and dogs. no electricity half the day and night last night and i am getting tired of it… getting too old for this! take good care of you. xxx

      1. We had snow on the ground yesterday. Just a smidge but enough for us to look at each other and say “Costa Rica or south of France?’

        1. haha, how funny…totally would understand and i say the french one. 🙂

          1. next year, if all goes well. All is well, all will be well. so, yeah, next year.

  5. Do the grape vines really turn those beautiful colors after the harvest? It’s a beautiful sight.

    1. yes, they do! but only for perhaps a few days and if the weather is right…as in cold but not to….if that makes sense. 🙂 xox

  6. *waving from Philly*

    Hello dearest Linda!

    Just wanted to stop by and say that I’m back home and to read your most recent post.

    Faaaaaaaaaaaabulous photo! The colors you captured are beyond brilliant!

    What a beautiful sight!

    Hope you’re having a lovely week!

    ((((((( You ))))))


    1. hi ron-i just went to your blog but you aren’t there yet so i am glad to see you here. thanks for the lovely comment, sweet friend. i am hoping you are well and happy and at peace most of all. have yourself a lovely weekend back in the city and hope for you lovely fall/winter weather! ((((you)))xox

  7. Linda!!! the most colorful page I’ve visited in a long time.
    God made the first painting of October and November’s
    Sonoma Tapestry, and YOU have preserved it in spectacular paint

    1. steve!! i hope i didn’t make you feel guilty as i did whine a bit at not ever seeing you anymore. i am going to have to get your blog in my email to catch your occasional postings now as i am not on blogger much anymore and you are not over here. hoping you can now get on here without the sign in??? do tell please as i don’t know if my settings turned out.

      thank you for your sweet comment, steve. as always. xoxo

  8. Ohhhhh….! The brilliant color and elegant lines of this photo are so like your paintings! I especially like the compact little turning of the grapevines at the top of the slope. What beauty you are surrounded (and inspired) by! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family in the midst of all that gorgeousness.

    Sigh… 2 feet of snow here, – 18 C, and continuing to snow. With some free time on my hands, I’ve been finding long – awaited space for creative efforts. I recently downloaded Paper 53 on my ipad and am loving it…. Perhaps something you would enjoy as well. It handles a bit differently from hard copy, but there’s no setup or cleanup so you cab take it with you anywhere, pull it out on a whim and create! It won’t replace my love for messing with brushes, pens and paper…. Part of the satisfaction of art insists tactile nature…. But I’m hooked.

    1. hello sweet you… how have you been? I have lost track of you recently. thanksgiving was wonderfully tiring! difficult juggling so many food allergies and 4 grands but got it done with much help! it has been pouring here for 3 days and flash floods to slow them down on the freeway! 🙂 rather like it. I’m firmly ensconced In my bed today with a cold, etc but enjoy it immensely … how is your beauty of a new home, my dear? I’ve missed you! much love… stay warm too! brrrrr…

      1. i’ve been…. adapting. i’m looking forward to the day when i’ll live in the grand old house. @ present i have the rooms rented out by the month, and come every weekend to clean. the dog and i pull out the hide-a-bed in front of the big brick fireplace, start up a nice blaze and drift off wondering how we ever got so lucky. am happily planning yard renovations for next spring. heaps and mounds of flowers crowding the old dear’s petticoats! take care of yourself; i find the best thing for a cold is lots of naps and hot tea.

        1. good evening sweets…i didn’t catch back up here til now so you probably won’t see this. know i did come to say how glad i am to hear you are well and keeping busy, as always. interesting you are thinking of a b&b, seems perfect to me for you. i love the heaps and mounds of flowers and hope you get everyone. 🙂 xox

  9. I love all your colors- especially the first one. Perhaps, I’m just partial to pink

    1. I too am partial to pink but also all the rest… 🙂 thank you for your comment today.

  10. I am always impressed by your artistic works and inspirations, you are great!

    1. sydney, now lovely a comment you have left me. thank you so much.

  11. Your use of color is inspirational! I love it very much

    1. thank you for your kind comment. i do really appreciate it!!

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