A Body Falls Apart Not in Black + White

© country woman paints - heart soul“heart woman”
a self-portrait sort of, colored pencil

The story behind this blog post’s title I shall save for another time.
Let us say I never treasured my spine quite so much as now.

colored pencils
sand pail of colored pencils

Text, Artwork and Photography by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.


23 thoughts on “A Body Falls Apart Not in Black + White

  1. What a beautiful colours! Lovely!

    1. Violetski, thank you for your lovely comment.

  2. Linda, your artwork continues to AMAZE me! You always use the most vibrant and stunning colors in your work and invoke so much feeling and emotion! You’re artwork SPEAKS.

    “Let us say I never treasured my spine quite so much as now.”

    I so hear you because I know through practicing yoga, the importance of our spine. It’s through which Universal energy flows. I have a visualization that I use when practicing not only yoga, but also when I meditate. I visualize a beam of white light coming down from the sky, entering the top of my head and then moving down through my spine. I take long breaths; envisioning the light moving throughout my entire body. Afterwards, I always feel more balanced – mind, body and spirit.

    “If you have two,
    how do you do it without losing your mind?

    Do tell…”

    That’s why I combined all three of my blogs into one. It was just too much having three. I’m not telling you what to do because we all have to do what we feel is right for us individually, but I sincerely think you could do the same with your two blogs.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, dear friend.

    Sending you a BIG energy hug…..

    ((((((((((((((((( Linda ))))))))))))))))))


    1. hi ron and thank you for your kind words on the drawing…i love color as everybody knows so it comes rather naturally to splash it everywhere. my spine is falling apart, my friend, and thus i can only wish i could do yoga again…not right now anyway.

      as for the two, i am probably going to have to combine them into this one. tho i was looking and i have a completely different readership on the other one so… what to do… xoxox

  3. I love the color and energy you always put in your posts. The blogs that don’t post everyday are my favorite (like yours). I love chocolate but if I ate it every meal I just might get tired of it. I have several blogs that are all so different and have different followers. I just don’t try to post too often. I think you are doing great!
    ~ Wendy

    1. hi wendy,
      thank you for your kind words on my posts. i agree that the posts that go up everyday on some are looked over by myself as well. i like it when someone who is a favorite posts every few months even…. otherwise it becomes too much an obligation i think. who knows… we all like different things. i know for sure i can’t keep this up!!

  4. This is beautiful with its color and movement. I’m glad that you have the short respites in which to draw.

    1. hi lisa,
      it’s always so nice to see you here. and thank you for stopping by and your nice comment. yes, thankful for that tho this was done laying in bed for a week or more. xx

  5. I love your pail of colored pencils, especially the fact that some are face up and some, down.
    I also have two blogs and am thinking of combining them and yet, have not done so up to now. I just don’t know. One is more personal, one is more wellness oriented and yet personal as well. What to do?

    1. hi joss and welcome over here,
      haha, it hadn’t even occurred to me about the ups and downs of the pencils but then i looked at the photo and they are all wonky and used up and such. that’s pretty much the way it is i guess. 🙂

      my blogs are quite similar but i say less on the art blog because i am posting my art. not much else to say usually but i cannot keep doing both so one will go and this one is much more read. thanks for your suggestions. xx

  6. I loved this drawing now and when I first saw it. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling any better – you know I’ll keep on thinking about you and sending good wishes your way.

    Until I write another Adventure I only have one blog and for the time being that’s enough. You take care.

    1. hello dear susan,
      thank you for your kind thoughts, my dear…and i do appreciate you keep me in them!! 🙂 Yes, i am taking care…lots of care. things are coming along and i like the PT so that’s a start. we’ll see… xxx

  7. I have one blog, and one Face Book page, and I have lost my mind, thank you.
    Whatever I do, there is a price to pay. Sometimes that is a bargain of satisfaction. Other times, the pain of loneliness, sleep deprivation, tiredness, make the cost of being human rather high.

    I wrote a ‘lengthy’ comment on your other blog–so when YOU become tired writing two blogs–HA! Whoever reads them and responds regularly (as I don’t–grin!), shares in the price. But from OUR view as readers, commenters, it is well worth.

    1. steve, we talked already so…. xoxox

  8. Good morning, Linda. At this point in life there are no “shoulds”, don’t you think? Blog away, or not. I have my gardening blog, Twitter, a genealogy blog, a new Facebook fan page, Facebook personal page, and publishing site to keep up with. I post when I’m inspired. Period. I never posted more often than once every ten days on the gardening blog, and it became one of the “top gardening blogs on the planet.” I’m posting less now, but it’s the only way I can keep it fresh and real. And isn’t that what it’s about? Blessings on your back, my dear. And many thanks for the beauty you continue to generate into the world. And that is what we see and love here. xoxo

    1. kathryn,
      it’s so nice to see you again. i went by your blog back a month or more ago and you had not posted… i know you don’t often but assume you do plenty of writing!! and from this, you certainly do! keeping it real is what i am about so whatever it takes is what i will do.

      thank you for your blessings, kathryn. i appreciate them. and for your kind words. xox

  9. I did an internal battle about where to post….not that I don’t feel welcome to post in either spot–I most assuredly do. You make folks feel special–which, in and of itself is a gift.
    I live in the same world you do–but I don’t always bother to steal those few minutes/hours to just BE, doing something I love. I do play on a regular basis–which I do love to do. And I do spend time working with others who need a bit of love and direction…..k…….maybe I steal that BEING time more frequently than I thought? LOL

    I’m one of those ‘frequent fliers’ on the web log. But I’m a selfish Sally….LOL….that’s more for me and about me than it is about anyone else. I’m graced that a few folks actually drop in and bother to read/have a look around. LOL Truly, it was started as a connectedness with folks who were interested in Mel’s world–and I needed to keep a place where I could just be where my feet were. I just kept at it cuz it works for me. And I’ll keep at it cuz it continues TO work for me. LOL SEE….I truly AM a selfish Sally! 😉

    You’ll decide what’s right for you and chase that. Look at what you created with just a bit of time and a desire to chase with a bucket of colour!!
    And I adore it. I don’t know if it’s just me–but there are multiple women in there which, in reality, is true for all of us, huh? And of course I love the colour–it’s a part of what makes it distinctively YOU.

    But I gotta tell ya…..back issues suck. Degenerative spinal stuff sucks…getting to be this age is a celebration–but parts of it just plain suck. So we grieve what we lose and celebrate that we’re around to grieve the losses, I’d guess. And until the Big Guy gives me the ‘yup–done with ya now’ message, I’ll just keep remembering that there’s purpose to being here–and it’s good.

    (((((((((((( you!! )))))))))))))
    Yes…..I’m wordy! LOLOL

    *sending healing, peace-filled thoughts*

  10. Good morning, Sweet Mel,
    I am sure you have your many moments of fun, bliss, PEACE. You could not be the woman you are, the woman I feel, if you did not have a firm grasp on who you are!

    There ARE many many ME’s in that drawing as it made it’s way to the surface over the days I worked on it. And the bucket of pencils is just a part of the whole bunch of them!!!

    Degenerative Disc Disease is no picnic but I have been dealing with it since my neck was fused in 2003. That’s a while to get used to it. The fear of needing yet another surgery~#3~is always there when your reflex goes away and your foot won’t work. Such is life however as these human bodies we posses are not meant to last but rather we are meant to use them up to the very last drop!

    A wonderful woman who passed away last year taught me that. An amazing artist with a soul filled to the brim with love and sheer force to live life to the fullest. I knew her thru this medium as well as her art and felt her energy as if she lived in my home, which she does as I have a few of her paintings. 🙂 I am a very fortunate being as I have some wonderful friends via our penning away on our keyboards!

    Thank you for your many healing thoughts and prayers… I feel them everyday and send you mine as well. xoxox

  11. Marcella Rousseau September 8, 2012 — 6:27 pm

    I’m sorry to hear you have degenerative disk disease and sorrier to learn that you had neck surgery. In my mid-30’s I was told I needed surgery (L-5) and if I didn’t have it I would be dragging my left foot around. Well, call me stubborn but I didn’t want to have the surgery. It took me a long time, but I eventually gained strength in my legs, abs, and everywhere else through exercise. I’m 65 and I don’t have any leg or back problems anymore and haven’t had for years, decades. Disk bulges can heal. Do your research before you allow them to do any cutting on you Linda. Patients whose x-rays looked like they had compressed nerves and had back pain, compared with people who had no back pain yet x-rays showed that it looked like they had compressed nerves too. There is no explanation for that. Surgeons do what they do best: surgery. Just do research to be sure you know what you’re getting into.

  12. Thanks Marcella,
    I waited almost a year before having surgery both times. I am an holistic medicine practitioner and surgery is never my ”go-to”. however we do what we need to do and my fusion was a success, if not hardwon, and i have not ever regretted having it. the 2nd one was a bust however and thus i refuse them from now on unless i begin to have symptoms of EQ etc.

    as for mri studies, they are only able to see 70-80% of what they need and then that depends on who’s looking at the scans. even then they cannot see much of what they need but they are often better than xray that only sees bone and rarely tissue damage in a minor extent. however they are sometimes what is necessary to rule out tumors, etc., as was my case.

    i have been at this for many years and have always been the researcher-most docs are not crazy about that quality but i have one who is. i am working with a PT and have some hope it will help with the sciatic /pudendal nerve entrapment[i have not discussed much of my medical history.] otherwise i am stuck for the time being. botox and surgery have come up but no to both at present.

    i meditate and believe healing comes first with the mind and am making progress in that. i might share it as time goes by but for now, thank you for caring. i so appreciate it. xx

  13. Marcella Rousseau September 14, 2012 — 6:29 pm

    Yes, I believe in the mind/body connection. I came across this post which I thought you would find interesting: http://zedie.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/gel-stretches-to-21-times-its-length-could-replace-cartilage/

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