Bees Bumbling in Blue Sage

bumble beebumble bee

bumble beeBumble bees in the Sage.

1,349 photos taken of these lumbering bumble bees for just a passable few but aren’t they cute?

Text, Artwork and Photography by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.

Though I am often in turmoil,
there’s still deep in me,
despite this,
a peacefulness and purest
harmony and
~van Gogh


9 thoughts on “Bees Bumbling in Blue Sage

  1. BeautifuI colors! I just love bees. ~ Wendy

  2. Good morning Linda~

    Faaaaaaabulous photos! OMG…the little bumble bees are adorable!

    And it’s funny you posted this today because I was out taking photos of flowers yesterday and spotted HUNDREDS of bees! This must be BEE SEASON or something because they’re everywhere!

    Love the quote from Van Gough!

    Happy Wednesday, dear friend!

    ((((( You ))))


  3. Busy busy bees, lovely blues!

  4. It was totally worth it. Such a treat. Thanks. xxoo

  5. *laughing!!*

    Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who takes a bazillion photos and settles for three…..or four. And then I don’t destroy the bazillion–cuz maybe they can be salvaged/cropped/used another way! LOL I have photos up the whazoo! Darn good thing digital happened and it ain’t about 35mm film!

    Last night I took over 50 of the hummers and ended up with three that I was satisfied with. Yes, I still have the other 47!
    Creature of habit.

    And your bees? Delightful in the sage! I’ve snapped a few dozen of ’em myself–on buddleia’s and other assorted flowers. Big fat HAPPY bees!
    I really like yours on the blue!

  6. They are lovely. And that’s as close as I like to be to a bee.

  7. I thought that I took a lot of shots but never anywhere near that many. That is truly the artist in you. Lovely.

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