Update – Hot Air Ballooning in the Fog ~ Just Another Summer Morning

Big Balloon, Summer MorningHot air balloons never stop amazing me even though they drift by often on summer mornings.
This morning these intrepid travelers had a cold ride with that coastal fog they could not avoid.


After using husband’s camera yesterday because mine said “card full” and I had no idea what that meant thus grabbed next available one…his. I proceeded, as always I do, to think “I can do this…” and really couldn’t very well without much fuss and bother BUT I am now back with one photo of 2 dozen – most didn’t make it- of the high flyers IN the fog!


I thought it rather fun…
hot air balloon in the fog

Do you think they minded?
Now do you think they minded?

  Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake. ~Thoreau

Text, Artwork and Photography by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.


12 thoughts on “Update – Hot Air Ballooning in the Fog ~ Just Another Summer Morning

  1. Wow.

    HECK no I don’t think they minded. With a view like that…..all the better with a bit of fog to lift and reveal the awesomeness they were missing.

    Very cool.
    I wonder if they’d consider tethering near the red roses and dropping water balloons if they even THOUGHT about it.

    JUST comin’ up with solutions to the cow muncher issue! 😉

    1. HAHA!! cow muncher issue made me laugh… thank you very much!!

      I have a couple of photos of them IN the fog that are rather funny…maybe I should include them. 🙂 I think if they’d just get a little closer, the cattle would split in a split second. 😉 maybe…. 😐

      1. Hahaha….lost in the foggy stuff. They mighta minded for a split second or two, but I’m still thinking it woulda been cool upclose and personal with the stuff. I’m sure it took the wrinkles outta their clothing–so it has it good side!

        Oh, I highly doubt the cow munchers woulda given them a second thought, way up there. They’re too busy munching to look up. Silly things……

        1. Mel,
          you are hysterical! thanks for the AM giggles!

  2. Good morning, Linda~

    Beautiful capture!

    No, I don’t think they minded at all. Me, being a more cool weather person would have LOVED it! What an amazing view that must be from up there!

    Thanks so much for sharing, dear friend. One of these days I MUST take a trip to where you live because it looks absolutely stunning!

    Have a glorious Sunday!

    ((((( Linda )))))


    1. no, i don’t think so but i would as it would be very cold up there. like i said to mel, i need to post the one with them IN the fog…just gives a perspective. 🙂

      and i hope you do make that trip ron, now that you are aloft again. no excuses anymore … well, maybe that’s not quite so but i hope you do. hoping you aren’t cooking or blowing away back there…and having a good one yourself. xoxox

  3. I’ve never been in a hot air balloon, but I think they are like butterflies – beautiful! Mel’s water balloon idea was definitely funny…

    I think the fog added mystic to the photos.

    ~ Wendy

    1. hi wendy…
      i haven’t been either nor do i want to be as i am afraid of being high in a wicker basket at 1000ft above the ground in a dangling from strings to a very big balloon filled with fire and hot gasses. that’s all… 🙂

  4. The balloons in that misty blue sky really do look very cool and the valley does look beautiful in the distance.

    CR over at Little Bang Theory attended a balloon festival in western Massachusetts last week and actually got invited to ride in one along with his cameras. I wouldn’t do it either but the pictures he took are really worth seeing.

    I’ve been visiting his blog for just about as long as you and I have known each other. His skills as a photographer have improved enormously over those years and since he was laid off his job as a highway/bridge engineer I’ve been glad to know he’s been selling some of his pictures locally.

    Take good care, my dear. One of these days I hope to come up with another post but meanwhile, I visit.

    1. I’m on iPad so will reply later when i can type if I can… I can;)

      I went to his blog … beautiful photos but can you imagine? just look at the “basket”!

      warning… I have been given 2 awards and must pass on so you are getting one! so there. do whatever you want with it..one asked for 15!!! bloggers to pass to ! hmmmm … says I.:)xox

    2. ok now it’s late and my head is pounding from trying to talk to son from sing sing. anyway i enjoyed those photos of his but NEVER do i want to be in a wicker basket high in the air dangling from a balloon by strings or ropes or whatever. we’ve had them crash into our fields before-they try and set them down gently and not burn the place down at the same time. kind of funny really… 🙂

      ok, i think i will see if those silly olys are doing anything tho it’s already late here. maybe i’ll not… they have been so lame. and so commercial but big surprises. xoxox

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