Red Sun Dips into Lavender Mists

sunset rain coming
Sunset rain coming

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From a lavender sky into misty fog rolling over distant hills,
a red sun disappears.

 Thirst drove me down to the water where I drank the moon’s reflection. ~Rumi


11 thoughts on “Red Sun Dips into Lavender Mists

  1. Linda…I have finally found your WordPress blog and it’s wonderful! Love the sunset photos and I know what you mean about capturing the real color. I have the same problem with sunsets and hot pink anything. My camera just doesn’t seem the same color I do.

    I hope all is well with you.

    1. hello teresa…and welcome! i thought it was easy to find me but now i am beginning to wonder as so few have ventured over from blogger. do you mind telling me if and why it was difficult so i might fix it? if it’s fixable… :/

      thanks for your kind words… i didn’t think you were blogging anymore excepting the photo link and since i am not participating, i felt like i had nothing to say… i will need to come out and see your blog again!! and PLEASE come back again!!

  2. Wow……. What a fantastic show you had!
    And, even if it’s not accurate in colour–still awesomely brilliant!

    Well done. Musta been tough to pick our of those 128. 😉

    1. hey mel…
      thanks so much and yes, it was and no, there weren’t exactly 128. 🙂 maybe more like 58… i take so many photos, i’ve crashed my computer once and need to once again download them to a hard drive… and haven’t… maybe right now but no..the dog has a bit of a “runny problem” and is quite a mess on all that fur… damned if we didn’t put off that clipping she needed so badly and really REALLY paid the price… i could blog about it but suppose there’s a boundary there somewhere. 🙂

  3. That’s a lovely little series.. almost like being there 🙂

    1. i am so happy you like… i felt like it almost looked like it was moving…like those old-fashioned animated pages you moved through so they appeared to move? anyway thank you, my dear…i must retire. xoxox

  4. A perfect, pastel-watercolored sunset!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer and welcome to my new blog…i hope you come again! xx

  5. Hello Linda!

    WOW….these shots are absolutely STUNNING!

    The colors you captured are amazing! Took my breath away!

    I adore sunsets!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear friend!

    ((((( You )))))


    1. hi ron…so glad you are home!

      thanks for your kind words, i do appreciate them. this came out a little wonky because i didn’t keep the camera in one place as i was standing on a wobbly bench to take them(to see over deer fence…) have a good weekend ron! xxx

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