Bella…a g a i n!

great pyrenees-bella the big dog
a bella smile… or is it s smirk…. ? 🙂

I am trying something new.
Well… to be honest, i am trying most ANYTHING new!

Life being what it is and bodies having their idiosyncrasies, I fall somewhat short most of the time.
My dog does not ever fall short of being both charming and full of hell!
Fascinating that she does not give a damn what I think.
That’s rather a spiritual moment in itself!

acrylic painting

Text, Artwork and Photography by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Bella…a g a i n!

  1. This is gorgeous! You are amazing! =)

    1. why, good morning and thank you, you gorgeous whoever you are…. i am on the run to find out even as i pen this! you are in luck as i took my meds. X

  2. I love the painting…and Bella. 🙂

    1. thank you love and i wanted to hear your offering but have no bandwidth to spare and rarely do… you must tell me or where can i perhaps read it? i might need to send this to you….the thought occurs you won’t return!! 😉

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