Geraniums Mean Early Summer


Live purely.
Be quiet.
Do your work with mastery.
Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds!


11 thoughts on “Geraniums Mean Early Summer

  1. Linda, my dearest….BEAUTIFUL share today!

    That photo is just lovely. The color is amazing!

    Love the Buddha quote too….

    “Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds!


    Hope all is well and that your shoulder is healing…

    ((((( You )))))


    1. ron, hi and thank you for your, as always, nice comment. glad you liked the buddha quote…so do i! 🙂 and the shoulder, now that i am OFF the pain med, is actually starting to feel better. think i was re-injuring it before perhaps…. xxx

  2. oh they are so pretty
    and the blue rim of the planter is a perfect frame for them

    1. welcome dianne… and thank you for your comment. i liked that pot too as it turned out in the photo. of course i like it without too :).

  3. That’s beautiful and so are the flowers in your picture. Here’s one for you that I’ve loved since the first time I read it:

    Be a bud sitting quietly on the hedge.

    Be a smile, one part of wondrous existence.

    Stand here. There is no need to depart.

    – Thich Nhat Hahn

    Much love xxooxxooxoxoxo

    1. well i wrote this once, it disconnected AGAIN so now will try again. each time that happens, my comment gets shorter as my patience wears thin. firefox has helped but not too much. anyway thank you for this lovely quote. i always love his interpretations and writings. hoping the apt hunt is coming along. i will write soon, when i have a reliable connection again. if ever…. :/ xoxoxo

  4. beautiful photo, Linda. Thanks for visiting. The marbeling is easy and fun, I can give you a few ways to do it…one is to put oil paint that has been turned inky by the addition of turps onto a flat pan of water. Just dribbling a few colors, or a lot and then carefully laying paper (smaller than the pan size) onto the surface of the water for a few seconds. Carefully lift paper by opposite sides to keep the color from running too much. A little running can be fun. Let dry for a few days and then use for whatever you want. Pretty messy and a bit smelly, but the odor does gas off if the papers are left somewhere vented or outside to dry. The other way is less toxic…use liquid starch in the flat pan and dribble inks, preferably acrylic inks or fluid acrylics, onto the surface of the starch, you can then swirl the colors with a stick, lay paper onto the surface, make sure there are no bubbles by softly pushing the paper onto the surface. Carefully pick up the paper and let dry! The colors on both methods can get muddy after a few prints or additions of more color, use newspaper or newsprint , lay on the surface pull up, repeat until all the color is picked up and then you can reuse the same liquid by adding new colors! There is also a method of using old fashioned canned shaving cream, not the get type, and using it instead of the liquid starch. You lay the paper on, pull off and then use an old credit card to scrape off the shaving cream, leaving behind the colors you had dribbled and swirled over the top of said shaving cream…should smell nice..but you do have to replenish the shaving cream more often.
    Have fun with the grandkids…let me know if you have any questions!!

    1. not the gel type of shaving cream I meant to say!

      1. hi kay, it’s nice to see you again. and thank you so much for this. i will need to email you about the starch thing as that would be best for little kids. no oil paints around here anyway but lots of acrylic. this sounds like fun and something they can do with me now that they are getting a bit older. the youngest-who will NOT be doing this is 2.6 but the others are 5-9. perfect! xox

  5. Oh…..just beautiful.

    And I like the other shared here. Both are ones I need to burnish on my brain that works overtime into….other thinking.
    And the lovely flowers–I’m certain it’ll be an early summer. I have buddleia’s in bloom already–and the darn potted things are out of control, standing taller than me and the Brit (who ain’t that tall that he can brag about it….LOL).
    Oh, all of it’s just lovely.
    And I needed some lovely in my day, so thank you.

    1. hi mel, i hope you will forgive me i have not been over many times lately. my internet is very sketchy and seems, will be the natural state of existence as the satellite provider is apparently overloaded with clients thus knocks me off rather constantly. it’s very aggravating. i am going to have to start composing comments offline! i have lost three here so far today and had to retype them. so am copy/pasting them now. argh… but so happy you enjoyed my sweet little geranium. he doesn’t get very big but he’s showy! hoping all is well “enough” in your world. betting not so fun right about now… stay well, my friend. can only go up, is something i often remind myself of…. at least, i usually think it will. 🙂


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