Roses and Lavender Fields Forever

tea roses
Roses roses roses

I have been planning a garden of lavender {fields?} and roses.
How lovely is that?
The “lavender fields forever” gradually planted {and with GREAT hopes}…

lavender and allium

Outside my backdoor and a completely different point of view ~

Back-40 “Garden”, as seen below…

wild garden of back 40
Back 40 garden

wild little tea rose

Dreams of lavender fields forever….

A perfect spot.
The rising sun,
a gravel patio crunchy beneath my chair,
a small table,
the air sweetly scented.


I have a few tea roses and many English and floribunda roses along with some wild roses from another time and their unruly cousins.

While tea roses are not my favorite for their long spindly stems naked of leaves, some possess the most gloriously scented flowers.
Those long stems beg to live in my cutest bud vase.

bedside roses

Often they are on my bedside table until they drop their petals, still luscious with scent.

After a neglectful few years,
some of my tea roses have been in their pots so long they have burst out the bottom and rooted in the soil beneath.
Poor dears… none have succumbed to my neglect….yet.
This is the year they will be moved to their rightful places!

Garden gnomes willing…

pot bound roses
Stuck roses!
Queen Elizabeth tea rose flower
Queenie aka Queen Elizabeth- grandiflora at 7 feet!
grenada tea rose
Grenada at dawn
Sea Shell tea rose
sweet bud of tea rose “Sea Shell”

Do I have my work cut out for me….
That is a statement not a question.
And so it begins…

To be continued…….

Wanted: gardener(with strong back) for occasional very hard work because I have the hardest dirt on the planet.

If wishes were fishes, pigs would fly.
So say pigs… I hope not after living next door to the barn housing 124 fine swine!

Ah, the stories I could tell~

©2007-2016 Text, Artwork and Photography by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.


23 thoughts on “Roses and Lavender Fields Forever

  1. Love your photos and hope you end up with beautiful lavender fields.

    1. hi karen and thank you so much. and please accept my apologies for not posting this sooner. my connection was down … again. and i could not get on a secure line no matter what. i thought i WAS but apparently not as they are not here now. anyway welcome and i hope you will return often. i will come and see you asap. xx

  2. OH my gosh….look at the lavendar!!! I’m loving it. And I’m smelling it–mostly cuz I was JUST outside taking a whiff of ours.
    NOT so much as yours, but enough to give me a good whiff….and a good stalk or two to braid with ribbon. (yes, I know…..silly tradition, but there you have it!)

    And the roses are awesome! (I’m a sucker for other people’s roses since we don’t have a single one on the property. *sigh*) I kill the darn things–I think it’s the Iowa winters and planting them on the east side of the house that kill ’em but there you have it. I’ll just covet yours and the sisters–she has such awesome roses.

    Musta been an olfactory hallucination, because by the time I got to the bottom of the page, YEP…….smelling roses!

    MUST be having a reprieve from the pain crud, which is good…..I’ll hope it lasts cuz you sure have your work cut out for you with those ‘stuck’ ones!

    <– had back surgery already so SORRY!!!!….can't help ya out with the 'strong back' part.

    <– will watch and dream from the sidelines! 😉

    1. hi mel, i used to make lavender wands with them. have you tried that? you do need quite a few stems tho… and they last for years with essential oil. you put them between sheets in a linen closet or towels-wherever you want to keep away bugs and have that delish scent. ah, you can’t plant any roses? what zone are you in anyway? anyone can plant some as there are some tough ones out there for you snow bunnies! in the meantime, enjoy mine all you want! 🙂

      no reprieves unfortunately but am trying to stay on top of it without giving up. i hate it when i am blocked from doing anything because of afflictions of this skin bag as i affectionately call it. it is a buddhist term and a good one too. and as for the back surgery, well i’ve had two so excuses honey, if you are ever up here in the northern reaches of CA, i am putting you to work! but in the meantime, that bella is quite a plough horse! xxx

  3. Your roses are beautiful!

    1. welcome, redneckRosarian-haha, great name! and thank you so much. i see you are quite into roses too… and you must love the teas too. they have such a beautiful flower, i am quite excited to plant a few more, if ever we can get even this much done! 🙂

  4. I can smell the lavender already …. it will be heavenly!
    Incidentally, have you read ‘The Lantern’ by Deborah Lawrenson?
    One aspect of the novel is lavender fields and lavender perfume … you may enjoy it. I have just completed reading it for the second time.
    Aguja x

    1. hi aguja,
      it’s nice to see you have wandered back again… not that i should talk, i never seem to get out much anymore. no, i haven’t but did see it as i follow her blog after seeing it on yours. it sounded like the perfect read for me. and if you have already read it twice, that’s good enough for me. i wonder if it’s in paperback?


      1. Yes, It’s in paperback … and it is in the USA, too.
        I am off to Ireland at the end of next week, so if you don’t hear form me … I am away playing the bodhrán!!
        Aguja x

        1. You live such an exciting vagabond life…i am envious and wish i could travel!!! you must be a musician and attend faires, theatre, something? and i remember the bodhran being a difficult instrument too…isn’t it?

          well happy trails, aguja, be safe and i will buy the book. it sounds like a wonderfully escapist sort of read. 🙂

  5. Just seeing these pictures of your beautiful roses makes me almost wilt with envy. Roses grow here but the winters are far too harsh for them to do well so the ones on display in some beds at the Public Gardens are spindly, sickly looking specimens compared to the ones I knew in Portland. I couldn’t grow them myself because my only garden was an east facing low balcony that lost sunlight shortly after noon. Roses like to bask in the sun and the poor babies I’d planted that first spring were brave but suffered the ravages of aphids and blight. After that I went to fuschia which were soon discovered by our charming hummingbirds. They were compensation enough and there were roses everywhere for me to gaze on and sniff when I walked. I know that scent so well and can imagine the fragrance just looking at yours.

    Lavender is a whole other treat and I hope your dream of fields comes true ♡

    1. susan, hoping you recovered from your wilting as i wouldn’t want you to feel so wistful… i am sure there are merits to living there and you shall find them this season. portland is a lovely home, a beautiful, captivating city and also a wonderful place to garden and wander them… i don’t really blame you but what to do?

      i went to doctor today and got bad news about my shoulder. it is the rotator cuff that is likely torn but may be a deeply impinged nerve or form of tendonitis… i have to have an mri when up to it. still recovering from w/d from pain med. not so fun these past few days-dazed & confused. sorry to be late to come back but hoping things have now turned corner after seeing my crazy doc with his potions, pills and needles. :)xo

      1. Hello, my dear,
        I recovered from the wilting even though I’ll always miss roses. A problem with long distance moves has always been one of leaving certain things behind for whatever unknown adventures might come. Truth to tell, I wasn’t what you’d call totally happy in Portland for the first two years and prior to that took a long time adjusting to living in RI when I first moved from Canada. Looks like a trend, doesn’t it?
        I’m sorry to hear it’s bad news about your shoulder. I’ve never suffered a tear but a long bout of tendonitis took a few years to heal and that was long ago. All I can hope for you is that the newer medications or whatever treatment your doctor has in mind work fairly fast.
        Take good care and please give Bella a pat from me (after you’ve smelled the roses).
        much love xoxoxo

        1. dear susan,
          please forgive…i’ve been rather ill as well as this shoulder is a rotator cuff issue so hard to type. bits here and there. i’m going to use the text editor and leave the same comment everywhere!:)

          i can’t read the whole comment from this screen so will hit this one and finish on the other page if i can. oh, i also have had NO connect that is secure here. no answer yet and hours on the phone with apple tech support, the nice thing about owning one. xxx

        2. k, now i can see it all…interesting about your not being happy in new places but i would probably be the same. i am not a fast adaptor to change and thus still live in the same county i was born in. i am not a good traveller for the same reason…hate not being in my own bed, bathroom, etc. foods in restaurants make me sick, cannot win!! are you still moving? i am also sorry i haven’t been able to comment on your post i also couldn’t stay online long enough to read it all in my reader…not secure again…sigh….

          yes, i’ve had tendonitis several times too and it can take a long time but this is different..totally diff. pain issue and much worse when i move wrong, like nauseatingly painful…oyvey, very bad but cannot do an MRI yet because of the w/d from the patch. that’s been so fun too… you’ve just no idea or maybe you do.

          much love to you and i hope you come and read this too. xxxxxoooo

          1. Yes, I’ve come by to read it and have been by a few times waiting to see if you were well enough to post. I’m sorry about the pain you’ve been enduring – strange about it being so consciousness consuming when it’s happening but impossible to remember once it’s gone. I’ve often thought the human race would never have got to where it is now if women actually remembered the pain of childbirth. ‘Oh no, take your flowers and go. I’m not doing that again and I’ve told my daughter not to do it either’.

            I hope your internet connection is fixed soon. Now I’ll go back to the top and read your new post.

  6. Linda, theses shot of the roses are BEYOND stunning!

    OMG…I can actually SMELL them from here! To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the smell of a homegrown rose. All the ones you pay a FORTUNE for in a flower shop have no smell!

    I once grew a small pot of lavender, which I have no idea how I did it because lavender is not an easy herb to grow and I do not have a green thumb. Unfortunately, I placed it in front of a sunny window one day and the heat from the sunlight FRIED it to death. And I was so sad because I had that lavender for over a year 😦

    I adore the last photo of Bella. Holy cow….she has grown so fast! What a beauty she is!

    (((( You )))))


  7. Wow, so colorful! “Like,” in fact: “Like a lot!” We have a country house and a city house, so I appreciate your blog very much. I will “follow you!”

    1. hi martha,
      as i said on your blog, i do appreciate your comment. and thanks for following my blog. i hope you enjoy your time here!

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