In the Shadows I See Him Silently Approach … WARNING: Snake

tea and peter rabbit tea pot
Peter Rabbit, Tea and Me ~ Morning Rituals

Peaceful, warm, alone, meditative and delicious. I am luxuriating in the rising sun when something catches my eye. When “something” catches my eye, I now pay attention.

We have rattlesnakes that like to bask in the garden’s warmth and make themselves at home in mine!

Meyer Lemons
Meyer Lemon

Beautiful meyer lemons ready to enjoy.
I need to plant a few more of these.
And dwarf oranges.

Pink Jasmine
Pink Jasmine

Pink Jasmine. Their time is short but intensely sweet!


The thing that caught my eye is “hiding” behind my chair!

Snake in My Rocking Chair

You have to look hard because he is well disguised. When I first saw him, he was on the cement behind the chair. By the time I was back with my ever-missing camera, he was on the move…

Snake in My Rocking Chair

Up Up Up he comes…
Yes, I know.. I’m weird.
I am indeed, photographing a snake snaking his way up the back of my rocker.
For those of you squeamish about these reptiles, remember you are actually looking at your screen, not the real live snake.
And I am still alive.

Ribbon snakes are harmless.

Snake in My Rocking Chair

Bobbing and weaving, keeping a wary eye on that flashing thing in his face.

Snake in My Rocking Chair

“I see YOU”,
he says with a gleam in his eye…

Snake in My Rocking Chair

Almost there….
Snake IN my rocking chair as if he knows exactly where he’s going.

And where he belongs.
I wonder how many times I have sat right on top of him and he made a quick
get- away?

Snake in My Rocking Chair

We seem to be attracting reptilian beasts. They love the courtyard garden. Small but completely enclosed, warmed by the sun with plenty of places to hide.
Like my living room.
Last year we found a baby rattler under our couch in our great room!
If they are harmless and this one is, I leave them be.
I am not afraid of them unless it rattles a tail at me.

I love big snakes and watched for the infamous
King Snake(black and white STRIPES!) all last summer.
Alas he was never seen again.
By farmer’s account, he was 4′ long.
All I could think of was maybe he will keep the rattlers away, as rumor has it they will.
That rattler was a shock I have not yet put behind me.

All the really good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow.
~Grant Wood

Text, Artwork and Photography by L’Adelaide. All rights reserved.


13 thoughts on “In the Shadows I See Him Silently Approach … WARNING: Snake

  1. Awwwwwww……..he’s CUTE! I think you should keep him and name him!!
    (I would…..we had Thammy the Thnake for five years, a pretty rough green snake who happily lived in his humble abode inside the house….LOL)
    He’s a cutie.
    And I don’t mind them at all, obviously…garter snakes, bull snakes–the cute ones that aren’t mean don’t bother me. But alas and alack, because we live near jutting limestone hills and closer to the river than some, we get the occasional rattler which I do NOT much care for (go figure that one, too!).
    We don’t bother them, they don’t bother us–except when I go traipsing through the woods looking for flowers, interfering with their leisurely slither…LOL
    Trust me–I back away without a fuss. I understand it’s their turf and I’m good with being the visitor……far far away from them.

    I do wonder how many times you’ve sat on the poor fella. I mean, he can’t rightly SCARE ya if you’re planted atop of him now can he! 😉

    It’s a lovely snake pit!
    And the photos were well worth the wait.
    Yes, please…….I’d love a cuppa coffee.

    <– not much for tea…..LOL…but I figure you're accommodating! 😀

  2. I’m squeamish about insects – spiders, in particular – but I don’t mind snakes at all. Of course, having lived mostly in cities and in northerly climates as well, I haven’t had much opportunity to run into any for a very long time. This one who visited you is a very handsome beast and who could blame him for seeking out the most comfortable spot in your beautiful patio garden. Oh my, what a wonderful spot.

    Yes, tea would be lovely and the combined scents of meyer lemons and jasmine would be perfection indeed.
    much, much love

    1. me too as you can read in the comment to ron…i am forcing myself to not kill unless i must and went a whole summer without killing one and that’s saying something with the garden ones that are 2″ long we get in our house AT NIGHT! i was determined to make friends and i did until i didn’t .. 😉 xxoxoxo

  3. Hello dearest Linda~

    GORGEOUS photos! And I bet that Pink Jasmine tree smells HEAVENLY!

    One of my all-time favorite flowers are freesia. There’s a home next to where I do my grocery shopping in which they have freesia vines growing down their back patio wall and the smell in the Spring is AMAZING!

    LOVE the photos of the snake. And no, I’m not at all squeamish about reptiles. The only thing that freaks me out are spiders and palmetto bugs – HATE THEM!!

    Sounds like you’re enjoying a lovely Spring. Your home looks absolutely charming – so cozy, comfortable and inviting!

    Have a faaaabulous weekend, dear friend!

    Sending ya Reiki and love……….

    ((((( xxxx Linda xxxx )))))


    1. hi ron and it does…it’s actually a very large, overgrown bush!! a tree would be heavenly and it probably exists somewhere in the world. freesia is another one i love but i know it as a bulb here. fabulous fragrance… and so fleeting a bloom time. why i never bother with bulbs anymore.

      spiders freak me out too…geez, i detest the things and i am in the country and you are up in the clouds…you’d scream like a girl here in the middle of the night with some i have come upon when i least expected it or stepped on when i least… ugh. much love, xoxoxo

  4. greetings lovelylinda – just a qk note to let you know you are thought of – with much affection – off a bit right now for some R&R so to speak – lovely dropping by your gorgeous place here, as always –

    1. gypsy my dear, wherever are you keeping yourself these days? are you on that dastardly facebook now? my bet is a resounding YES! it’s ok, dear, we all go there at some point-except susan.:)

  5. hello sweet friends… i am out w/ shoulder issue + cannot type exc. 1 finger….ugh.. hoping to be better in a few days of no arm use. double ugh… i think it’s rotator cuff injury–yikes + seeing doc in week 😦

  6. I’m so sorry to learn you’ve hurt yourself. You know we do get to an age when it’s unwise to decide throwing the caber might be great exercise. I shall be keeping my fingers crossed (but not too tightly or for too long – incipient arthritis should not be encouraged) that you heal up even before the doctor’s visit. Please take care and treat yourself gently.

    1. hi susan, yes we do and we are! 🙂

      and i really laughed out loud at the caber remark…haha, i would think about that, being me. stupidly…. sometimes i swear i just do not know what i am doing!! and what is incipient arthritis or is that just incipient arthritis? well anyway, yes, i do get that quite often from a total lack of awareness… i do admit it. as for the treating me gently, well after today’s run-in with whom shall remain nameless, i have not been treated/ing gently. ah well, all in a days work. 🙂 xoxox

      1. Yeah, happily the incipient is just that and has been for many years – creaky knees mostly and I do love to curl up into a ball or the couch, chair, or what have you. Two minutes after I sit down I either curl up, or if I’m at my work table I double cross my legs. No idea why but it hasn’t affected the hands yet. (knock on wood) 🙂

  7. He/she is so beautiful. I love snakes and the way in which they glide; the anticipation through photography works so well, beginning with the peaceful cups and pots ( love that cup!) and moving on to reveal the snake.

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