Can There Be Privacy with Him Peeping In My Bedroom Window

turkey in window I must have clicked 274 times to get this one photo.  I am behind the bedroom window that happens to be clean…… enough ~  miracle.
A year later I assume it disappeared into the IPhoto abyss.

Today I discovered my Picassa setting of “Only You” is perhaps NOT “Only ME” because 647 views of pansies seems excessive?
I did discover my turkey photo!
But I am not pleased with
647 views of
my private pansies!

blue pansies
Blue Pansies ~

I love blue pansies. They grow wonderfully here until now. We are heating up in Sonoma County, CA.

Pansies like the cool of winter/spring. IF I am feeling ambitious enough to plant them in the fall, I get lucky.
Or they overwinter…

Usually it’s~
“NO, I am not feeling ambitious enough to plant a damn thing!”


20 thoughts on “Can There Be Privacy with Him Peeping In My Bedroom Window

  1. I live in New Hampshire and have about 50 or more turkeys that wonder around my apple orchard. I didn’t realize that they were also native to your area. Great photo.

    1. hi karen and welcome….thanks for commenting. as i said over on your blog, you have me wondering how/if you get any apples. we wouldn’t, that’s for sure!

  2. Good evening dear Linda~

    OMG…you had me giggling with your post title and then giggling more when I saw the photo!

    He’s a turkey Peeping Tom – HA!

    GREAT photo, btw! Both of the turkey AND the pansies!

    Ironic you shared that it’s warming up in your part of the country because here in Philly (and much of the north east), it feels like the winter we never got. It’s COLD! But you know me, I LOVE the cold so I’m enjoying it!

    Have a glorious weekend, dear friend!

    Sending you a BIG hug of Reiki…..

    (((((((((((((((((((( You )))))))))))))))))))))))))


    1. ron, glad you liked….i had to say it, i just had to!! he IS peeping, dumb bird. finally it’s cold back east? weirdest winter/spring i think i remember. and it makes me nervous for our grapes but nothing to be done. have a good one too, my dear ron. xxx

  3. I had the same thought – Tom Turkey turned peeping tom. Bad turkey, bad joke.

    1. well as i think i said over on your blog, no eating this little-no big guy. he’s not fit to eat, i am very sure about that!! thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!

  4. Is Tom a ‘turkey’ or a pansie? NO, he’s a Peep! Wondering if he’ll make it until Thanksgiving. My guess is NOT! There is a dinner in his future and it ain’t HIS to enjoy. but it IS his to BE enjoyed. (Is there a hint of philosophy therein hidden?)
    Take care, Linda-Girl, enjoy these days of life anew–everywhere!
    Love and PEACE to you, Peep!

    1. hi steve, heehee, nope, not going to eat him. i am a vegetarian …. and even if not, i wouldn’t be eating him…he’s be as tough as shoe leather and stringy as can be. but he is funny. and so are you tho not a turkey by any stretch, my dear. thanks for stopping in tonight! xx ps-not so hidden, sweets. 🙂

  5. Oh what fun it’d be to wake up to that eyeball staring at you through the window. LOL That’s akin to my waking up to a cow’s face in my window and a hearty, happy “MOOOOOOOooooo!” LOL Yeahyeah……g’morning to you to Mr. Cow.

    Oh, but the pansies are gorgeous.
    So I can see why there’s 647 views! (yes, I realize the 647 views isn’t necessarily happy news….)


    I don’t WANNA be the one who tells you, but I feel compelled…’re showing up in my browser as:
    The site uses SSL, but Google Chrome has detected either high-risk insecure content on the page or problems with the site’s certificate. Don’t enter sensitive information on this page. Invalid certificate or other serious https issues could indicate that someone is attempting to tamper with your connection to the site.
    Be careful if you’re entering personal information on this page. Mixed scripting can provide a loophole for someone to take over the page. This content could be third-party scripts or videos embedded on the page.

    Now, I don’t know what this means, of course….LOL And I use Chrome, so it could be a google/wordpress deal?
    Or it could be that some of the scripting used on the page just isn’t quite where it needs to be?

    OR… could be that I don’t know what in the world I’m talking about. LOL
    I shall ask the girl that I put through college!! She understands all that ‘stuff’! 😉

    1. yes, please ask the girl that you put through college, mine quit as of now… i have no idea and you are the first. i have heard some browsers but who knows which – i ignored as no one said anything but it does concern me. on my end, much of my problem has been a “security issue” too but not this. rather the “browser c annot connect. please check setting……..” and others. i think it’s google’s chrome browser. i will certainly find out today as i have a bit of leeway with my connect i think…famous last words. i do have security settings on here that i had changed yesterday. maybe i should change them back as you didn’t see this before today right? i think i made it LESS secure by trying to make it less tedious with sign-ins from other than WP…. sigh…. sometimes…. when i finally have all these answers i will have gotten tired of blogging!! xoxo

      glad you liked mr turk. isn’t he something. what a stroke of luck to have captured him just as he peeped up. today i caught big girl-dog-climbing into empty water trough fountain and it’s looking good for the blog. that’s always fun!! so you’ve got cows too??? i didn’t know you were on a ranch/farm?

      1. YEAH!! All gone now!
        Wow…..that was weird. LOL Maybe it was me.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if it was me!
        NOTHING surprises me…..k…..about the time I say that invariably, something does! LOL

        1. thanks mel….i am still having problems with my internet conn. but that’s not anything to do with anyone else to this is a relief. thanks for popping it! xoxox

  6. Linda – can you send an email contact to – as soon as possible??

    Love the flowers, so very beautiful! x

    Thank you for commenting in my blog.

  7. Glorious pansies, my dear! I love them, too but they don’t seem to last long in these parts. It’s not every day one sees a pansy-loving turkey!


    1. hi gina, i hoped i would lure you out to my place today! thanks for stopping by, it’s always nice to see you. i will get back over soon to comment on that wonderful post. what fabulous artists you post! i can see why you chose him. well, i will save it for now. 🙂 AND every turkey adores pansies, EVERY SINGLE ONE! xxxx

  8. Sorry it’s taken me a few days to get back over here but once again the journey was so well worth the wait. Your turkey really is an unfortunate example of the avian species, isn’t he? Nevertheless, I bet he’s supremely attractive to the lady turkeys in the neighborhood and everything in creation was made for a purpose even if some bits aren’t immediately apparent to us who lean toward a different aesthetic.

    The pansies, on the other hand, are very lovely. They were my Grandfather’s favorite flower of all he had to choose from in his wonderful English gardens. Yes, he was a stonemason and a gardener – built a church but never went in even though he brought flowers for every service. I took his view of Christianity as my own from early on.

    I hope you are well and that the long time sun shines upon you.

  9. good veery early morning here, sweet susan… isn’t he unfortunate but then aren’t so many birds strangely marked and/or colored. the turkey is very intelligent however, something that might set him apart. from what i have seen of his ladies, none are interested!! and the turkey boys seem more interested in EACH OTHER! very strange! i do lean to a different aesthetic.

    the pansy was my grandmother’s favorite. how sweet. maybe they might have been lovers? i am a romantic. i love his view of Christianity and so many just like that. for most, i believe worship of the Divine is a private matter. sitting in pews, singing strange songs led by an off-key organist is not my style ….ah the stories i could tell…but won’t! his offering is very touching and speaks much of his character. now i see where you come from … a little bit anyway! i certainly see why.
    xoxoxo and guess what? i am off to bed…….xxx

  10. Hahahahaha…….no ability to comment on the one that’s up, lamenting the loss/misplaced 10 photos–so I thought I’d chuckle here and let ya know ‘close but no cigar’.
    Oh…it’s been sooooooooooo long since I’ve enjoyed a good cigar, too, dangit……….LOLOL

    1. hi mel… hahaha blawk… i am getting fried with my slow connection that keeps dropping me. i am ready to toss this stupid puter into the dam.

      and now you CAN comment on that little thing so don’t know what that meant as it should have been OK….given yesterday, i think the stars were misaligned or something. i’ll take a cigar too…been a long time since i dug out my pipe too and that cherry tobaccee…. 😉

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